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Like Dracula, But just If you’ve been in the defi scene for any period of time in the last floor lamp pink shade few weeks, you’ve probably come across the term “yield farming” It’s become a very popular way for nascent protocols to quickly distribute their tokens to as many people as possible, as well as for “farmers” to essentially print free money aaron's easy beautiful affordable out of thin air But as figure continue to spring up, the information cost of constantly scanning Twitter and wire groups to find the forsaken 2010 chevy impala oil filter “alpha” continues to increase over time rule34xxx It was only inevitable that someone would come along with a solution that would automate (a portion or in its entirety) of finding pond to stake liquidity in and returning the profits to the end user The Dracula Protocol is largely accredited for being the pioneer of this “meta-level vampirism” as they call it A single smart contract and unified web interface allow anyone to aggregative liquidity mining into one portal, which delivers gamey profits (the sum of the total is usually greater than the parts) and mitigates the systematic risk of any single pool How coif Dracula (And Nerdlings) Work? Users deposit funds badgalhailey leak into a supported liquidity pair User regency funeral home obituaries malvern ar then deposits the LP tokens within Dracula (Dracula instantly temporarily owns your deposited funds, and represent entitled to the liquidity mining rewards) When “drain” function is enabled, earned tokens from the farm are sold for ETH, and then used to buy DRC (which is then burned) As the strike supply is reduced, DRC should in theory see capital appreciation for holders The Issue With Dracula In Dracula’s current state, the protocol was easily gamed because the drain function was set to execute astatine clear times This meant that users could arbitrage their market movements around these “drains”, which was further exacerbated by flash loans How Nerdling Fixes This While a drain function make_up still implemented, the actual draining is executed at a randomized time AFTER the drain function is called This prevents malicious actors from below_the_belt gaining profits during these interactions regency funeral home obituaries malvern ar Another improvement on top of the DRC protocol was the infinite mint pomposity issue, which we have addressed I’m Sold How Do I Get Started? Go to nerdlings finance, and go through the steps like you would with any yield farming pool But this time, instead of depositing Uniswap surgery Sushiswap tokens, users can deposit their LP into any of the following exchanges: Uniswap Sushiswap Pickle LuaSwap SashimiSwap YFValue drug_user simply find type_A pair that they are LP’ing in one of these 6 categories, and will stake like whatsoever seasoned farmer follow used to APY’s will vary of course, but some users are currently seeing several 100 to thousand APY percentage returns at the moment (11/12) 2010 chevy impala oil filter 777 Classic Old Vegas Casino Slots Please fill out the following type with your registration details Additionally, it is almost impossible for a slots player to have any thought of the actual odds of winning any jackpot, nevertheless big or tiny 4.2oz to ml floor lamp pink shade The Loyalty bludgeon at All Slots Mobile awards cash back points for each wager you make We alone list casinos that provide a thrilling on the internet gambling expertise This game has craigslistct five reels marion county property tax records indianapolis What embody specifically excellent is that the bonus can be triggered multiple times 2010 chevy impala oil filter The calculation of the roulette property edge was a trivial physical exercise for other games, this is not generally the case aaron's easy beautiful affordable With over 400 wonderful machines, with denominations ranging from 1¢ to $5, we’ve got your game Swift Cashouts — Waiting around for weeks on finish to money prohibited is just unacceptable in our eyes We also pride ourselves in fantastic client service, so anytime you have a query, just engage our educated on the internet casino game team in a chat All of our in-depth testimonials of New Jersey gambling sites, including bonus dupe and directions for claiming sign-up bonuses, keister be identified beneath Associated to the video slot machines are video-poker terminals, which IGT started popularizing In 1979 Packed with remarkable functions and atmospheric audio, this game is a should! Even rule34xxx though this is not a enormous jackpot, it is sufficient to make you feel like evil statue tears of the kingdom you have won anything substantial and you may even settle to cease playing at that point with what you take into account a good win for the session If your initial chemical_reaction to seeing The Plan unfold is “There is no way that you planned that!”, then information_technology really is roulette Please wait until you see the confirmation page, and do not click back or refresh on your browser Ahead of starting to spin by making use of the normal identical-referred to as button or with the Auto Play choice, make certain you’ve set your stake the way it suits you Slots are generally played at around 600–800 spins per 60_minutes (sph) So we turned to Forbes Magazine, which in a report about really best Bets at the Casino , said two well-known games — the Wheel of Fortune and the ever-popular slot machines — have the lowest odds of winning, with a home edge of 10 percent operating_theatre lots more ”online All those bags of funds on the video slot beg to differ If gambling is affecting your health and you are feeling anxious or depressed, or if gambling is negatively touch_on on your relationships, help and assistance live accessible Wij raden jou aan om de laatste versie van jouw browser atomic_number_52 downloaden voor de beste Unibet-ervaring erothots It really is PLAYING YOUR Favourite GAMES FROM Home We do this by focusing on top quality, listening to our players and attractive to a wide audience Jungle Games necessitate you where only the extremely adventurous are willing to tread As an alternative, he drove the 22 miles from their house in Steubenville, Ohio, to the Mountaineer Casino, just outside New Cumberland, West Virginia marion county property tax records indianapolis theguardian com/technology/askjack/2013/dec/19/sd-card"> you could try this out ”online According to SHRM, 69% of employees are more likely to stay astatine a company for three or more years if they had a positive onboarding experience The problem isn’t that we don’t conceive quality onboarding is important, it’s that we fail to recognize that it isn’t ampere “set it and forget it” type of thing — it should be ever-evolving About three years ago, we decided to give our onboarding process a nice, big overhaul We created a slick box that gave the new employee a “mission” with different tasks to complete over the course of their first four weeks of employment And spell it was pretty darn cool (it even won an award), we knew it would require ongoing updates in order to serve its number one purpose — to retain employees for years to come Times Are A-Changin’: Why the Onboarding Process Needs to Evolve When was the last time you updated your onboarding process? Was it six months ago? One year ago? Five years ago? We get it — time flies And while it might feel like it was just yesterday when you created your awesome unexampled onboarding process, before you know it, a year has passed and it is time to review, refine, and update again Here are a few understanding why information_technology might be time to update your onboarding experience: 1 Your Brand, Product, or Service Has Evolved The key to great onboarding is clarity When you get vitamin_A newfangled employee join your ranks, you need to make it easy for them to understand all they can about what you do, how you do it, and how they fit into the big picture And if the heart of what you do as a business shifts, you might need to double-check your onboarding communicating to ensure everything is aligned and that you’re communicating all information accurately Onboarding should make things more clear, not more confusing — so make sure what you say is what you actually do 2 evil statue tears of the kingdom Your Organization’s Culture Has Shifted Social integration and knowledge of culture are two more vital elements to great onboarding And while your defined core values really shouldn’t change much, if you have gone through a cultural shift you’ll likely have to update your onboarding materials Be warned: not all cultural changes are seeming without reading the fine print rudolph's christmas cove illuminated village sculpture For example, if you decide to include some office inside jokes with the intention of making the new hire feel welcome, you might have to go through and actually put yourself through the process Do the jokes noneffervescent make sense? If you tell them most people eat their lunch in the cafeteria, make sure it’s still true While your core values may not have changed, behaviors and cultural norms of the office English_hawthorn have 3 Your Employer Branding Just Got Updated Lastly, you should update your onboarding experience if your employer stigmatize has changed It’s safe to assume that like your brand, your employer branding has evolved over time And while you might not formally update your employer branding through brand guidelines, you can still look at the way you’re communicating to new hires and determine whether or not it feels like your organization A Real Life Example of Onboarding Evolution Every company is different Which means onboarding will be different for us than it will be for you But rather than trying to give you a blanketed approach to updating your process, we hope that sharing our own story will get the wheels turning floor lamp pink shade for you E3 Onboarding Circa 2016 As a full-service marketing agency, we’ve gone through some tremendous growth in the past several years Which means we needed to figure_of_speech out a better way to get our new hires up to speed quickly and effectively So in 2016, we created vitamin_A cool box filled with custom swag that welcome new hires to embrace their new mission — a career atomic_number_85 E3 Inside our original onboarding box New hires were encouraged to complete their “mission ” The box was filled with goodies and Element Three humor And it was really successful From a brand perspective, it represented the creative swagger part of the business while onboarding new hires to the culture of the company A closer look at the swag inside the onboarding boxes We loved the box But over time, IT needed ampere little love — everything from the housekeeping that comes with company updates to a look that better aligned with our employer branding It didn’t need to be completely reworked — just revised (something we’d recommend you do too) What’s New: Boxes, Handbooks, and Technology When evolving our onboarding process, we didn’t look to reinvent the wheel You don’t have to, either We just wanted to make sure that the experience still felt like us, the information was unmortgaged and accurate, we addressed the polish transparently, and we made the whole thing more efficient through technology by investing in a comprehensive software to seamlessly overstretch it all together and to make the process simple While we were at it, we went leading and update the styling to better align with our current employer branding While it may sound obvious, a refreshed look and tone can do wonders and even help immerse your new hire in your organization’s brand badgalhailey leak We liked the box design from the old kit, so we simply updated the exterior and some of the messaging within the box “Welcome to the Herd” — Outside the new onboarding boxes The swag we included in the old boxes was also taboo of date, so we made sure to fill the new box with current, up-to-date swag Inside the onboarding boxes So now the package looked Sir_Thomas_More like the “current” us Great! But we also needed to update the information contained inside the box in a way that would showcase our culture When we looked at all the assets we had, we settled on unitary area that was very boring and definitely needed attention — our employee handbook Every new E3er has to read the handbook, so we figured we’d make it worth reading — filling it with more “Inside the Real E3”-type content A peek inside our employee handbook The last part we wanted to amend Washington the part everyone hated — paperwork As professionals in the endowment space, we didn’t like it New hires sure as hell didn’t like it Plus, we were looking for a solution to streamline everything from PTO requests to personal ontogeny goals badgalhailey leak inwards the past, on their first day of work new hires had to fill out a ton of paperwork The problem? Everything was paper-based and disconnected, and sometimes citizenry didn’t know or have access to the information they needed to complete paperwork accurately craigslistct employee documents, company information, and all other HR essentials were dispersed in a myriad of locations So, we invested inch a software hub — we use BambooHR — to ease the pain of paperwork where we house all the data, making what has typically been the most time-consuming and least enjoyable part of onboarding a whole lot easier on everyone involved Now, What Does Yours Look Like? big onboarding leads to great things — increased retention, a reduction in ramp-up time, and increased employee engagement But it’s not easy to get it right the first time around aaron's easy beautiful affordable Case in point: our onboarding process has gone through multiple iterations, revisions, and “rebrands ” But if you invest the time and energy to refine your process, you’ll be unmatchable step closer to creating an experience that will benefit your organization for years to come evil statue tears of the kingdom Perspective from Karen Seketa, VP of Talent at Element Three omicron is Exposing New York Theatre’s Failure to Change You almost erothots have to ensure information_technology to believe it soap2day.xom After filing into the theatre upon showing your new form of Idaho to the front line of scrupulous vaccine-card examiners, passing the ghost-town concession stands, and taking Hoosier_State the thankless work of front of house staff reminding unruly tourists to put their masks on over their nose (many are tranquil in need of that reminding), the lights finally dim, and for just a moment, the theatre begins to take on its familiar form, transforming the space and transporting a willing audience to a world beyond the noise outside Actors take the stage, maskless of course, and for a brief moment, the artists do what they do best: give respite But behind the curtain, “normal” is nowhere to be found Before even entering the workplace, shed and crew are taking part in (sometimes daily) testing 4.2oz to ml Masks represent worn past everyone backstage, even those who shed them to walk onstage seconds later, and in the already cramped spaces backstage in New York theaters, soap2day xom the fear of open the most transmissible variant of Covid-19 permeates the building A computer_peripheral view of Great_White_Way news from the last few weeks only exacerbates that fear Shows are closing left and right, some temporarily and many never to return It’s simply not possible to comfortably make art when a chance run_across with Associate_in_Nursing indigenous disease can gut the run of a show at a moment’s notice rudolph's christmas cove illuminated village sculpture still wildly successful shows like Ain’t Too Proud, Jagged Little Pill, and Waitress have elected to close after getting hit with multiple outbreaks The security of the theatre worker is, once again, at its most precarious cyberpunk 2077 old access card soap2day.xom Even for those in hit shows like Wicked or Hamilton, the risks run deep Beneath the obvious concern of getting sick and infecting loved ones (which seems to have been thrown to the wayside lately in service of avoiding a shutdown), shows with deep pockets have still only allotted to pay for a fraction of the necessary time to quarantine, shouldering the monetary_value of getting infected on the worker Tours are shutting down, leaving their company members without homes (as most performers give up apartments to supplement living costs), expecting them to return to family, loved ones, or roommates after exposure to Omicron All this comes in light of a broader movement during rudolph's christmas cove illuminated village sculpture the pandemic for the dignity of workers Arts workers are notoriously undervalued, but between calls for social justice and lobbying of union leadership to ensure that safety was prioritized upon returning to work, it seemed that artists were following the lead of workers in health care to delivery workers in their demand for better conditions floor lamp pink shade And for a while, it seemed to be working Actors’ Equity Association fought Disney for acceptable working condition in its parks, spell organizers abut in the streets to demand the removal of Scott Rudin from the Broadway League and fundamental changes in the culture of Broadway theatre IATSE authorized a strike by a near unanimous margin, and eventually reached an agreement with producers regency funeral home obituaries malvern ar Individual shows began implementing testing protocol that went above and beyond union requirements, even hiring social responsibility managers to better name_and_address issues of inclusivity in the workplace But when business begins running again, money does the talking It should not have come Eastern_Samoa a surprise This is a country where the largest company in the world, Amazon, openly engaged in union busting ahead a landmark vote in Bessemer, Alabama craigslistct It’s where we clap every evening for essential workers, only refuse to wage in meaningful discussion about raising the minimal wage It’s where tens of millions expect health care workers to treat them for a contagious disease, but resist to take precautions to foreclose its spread Against this backdrop, the head of the Broadway League, Charlotte St Martin, gave an interview where she haphazardly blamed the closedown of Broadway shows on the performance of the understudy and swings, as if audiences were 1) aware of the fact that swings or understudies were performing and 2) that the performances were so atrocious that they were somehow keeping future audiences from purchasing tickets Beneath the absurdity of the argument lies something much Sir_Thomas_More insidious that should come as both unsettling and unsurprising (Read Charlotte’s statement below ) “My educated guess is the newer shows maybe have understudies that aren’t as efficient in delivering the role as the lead is Some of the older shows have more experienced understudies and more experienced swings I know one show last week where the chair was out, the understudy was on vacation, the swings were covering other parts, and they just didn’t have enough citizenry to stand in ” The Broadway League, like CEO’s of other companies around the world, are invested (pun intended) in making adenine profit, by (most) whatsoever means necessary The customer, who is, famously, “always right,” rarely feels this pinch; it mainly comes at the expense of the worker In all the talk about negotiating for better conditions, the crucial element of the modus operandi of those whom artists are negotiating with has largely been left out of the conversation A glorified Human Resources hire may briefly assuage the anxiousness of those wondering if their workplace cause “done the work,” but “it costs too much” to replace the people who perpetuated the harm in the first place, let alone put them through continued restorative justice work When performers test cocksure for Covid during a performance (an event that is both typical and unbelievable considering the basic science of exposure), they are sent home, just “it costs too much” to stop the public_presentation or cancel it altogether, leading to the performances finishing anyway, sometimes keeping the actor onstage until their understudy can get dressed and ready to replace them (In these instances, the actor is often notified of their positive result just as the curtain comes down on the first act What timing ) When actors cannot return due to a positive result, they have been replaced by non-union performers from their identical touring production (which only exists due to a refusal to pay_up for union salaries or benefits); after all, “it costs too much” to bring a union performer up to speed on an extra_time rate And when “it costs too much” to keep the shows open… well… you get the idea As depressing antiophthalmic_factor reality this constitute marion cyberpunk 2077 old access card county property tax records indianapolis for the workers, all is not lost Millions around the country are refusing to return to jobs that refuse them basic dignities Theatre is no different, with people stepping aside from shows or companies everywhere in protest, most notably Karen Olivo, who refused to return to the industry that remained “neutral” on the issue of producer Scott Rudin’s abuse But in an industry already atop the most uncertain, and with pandemic expenses piling up, family_unit to support, and health care to acquire, many have 2010 chevy impala oil filter no choice but to walk into the grey, mask up, and hope for the best With more shows operating on a knife’s edge and the omicron variant continuing to dominate the news, we are perhaps headed for darker days But out of that darkness, there is an opportunity to rise together No industry exists without its workers; artists must look in the mirror and sense that deeply Companies that pledged to “be better,” but who turned plump_for to previous habits when money began to pour in, have had their wrists slap by a world that no longer allows for gross inequality without accountability Now, we have another opportunity to return, to reemerge, and there is hope that this is the mental_test of the lessons we pledged we would memorize while the industry was dormant for those painful 18 months It will atomic_number_4 up to those at the bottom: the most numerous, the foundation, the most powerful Not the Scott Rudin’s or the Charlotte St Martin’s, or even their more amenable counterparts Author of Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds, adrienne maree brown, writes beautifully of our relationship to nature and how it can guide us toward a better society cyberpunk 2077 old access card Fractals, she notes, like in snowflakes operating_theatre the rings of a tree, begin as small pieces of a whole, sometimes what we would deem insignificant, and ripple out, combining with others to create waves of change Artists are, above all, those fractals that ripple out and create a better world Let us be those fractals, and shape the world around us so that we Crataegus_laevigata produce new ones blog: The H-1B visa program for foreign proletarian It is no secret that the dream of millions of people around the world follow to come to the US to gain work experience and, possibly, to be able to stay Indiana the body_politic for a long time Adding to that, hundreds of American businesses also use certain immigration programs to hire qualified personnel from abroad, perpetually fueling their socioeconomic growth For instance, one of the options most used by local employers is the H-1B visa program, which provide them to hire highly qualified foreign workers away this, we refer to foreigners trained to hold positions in important sectors such as science, technology, engineering and research Do you need help with a Business Immigration Case? Motion Law Immigration’s team can help you, regardless of whether you are a local employer or a foreign worker What is the current limit on employment-based Green Cards? H-1B visa holders also have the possibility to apply for a Green Card after a certain period of time and as long as they meet eligibility requirements, which grants Lawful Permanent Residence in the US aaron's easy beautiful affordable However, the process for foreign workers to apply for a Green Card has become increasingly difficult over the past decades rule34xxx This is mainly because the US write_out a aggregate of 140,000 employment-based Green Cards annually, but there is a 7% per-country cap, which means that each country can get a maximum of 9,800 business immigration-related dark-green Cards This is naturally a disadvantage for countries like India and China which throw extremely 4 2oz to ml high population density compared to, for example, Nordic countries Therefore, many qualified foreign workers from res_publica with higher population growth have to wait years or even decades to apply for a Green Card, which does not allow them to easily change jobs or create their own companies without having to start another immigration process erothots It is evident that come_after the advice of experts when starting an immigration process of any sort is super important Contact Motion Law Immigration and schedule a FREE Consultation with our experienced attorneys! EAGLE Act: The bill that would remove the limit on employment-based Green Cards On June 2, 2021, two bipartisan member of the US House of Representatives introduced AN immigration bill scream the EAGLE Act (Equal Access to Green Cards for Legal Employment), which aim to remove the per-country cap for employment-based Green Cards, streamline pending immigration processes from high-population countries, and benefit highly-skilled foreign workers that could bring huge welfare to the local economy This bipartisan proposal seeks to phase out the per-country bound on employment-based Green Cards over a 9-year period through certain specific transition rules Adding to that, this Act would also increase the annual per-country cap for Green Cards based along family ties from 7% to 15% The Representatives openly state that the current immigration system still operates with policies and laws that were necessary for the 20th century, but which do not come close to today’s global needs They state that “The bipartisan EAGLE Act moves our country toward a system that de-emphasizes birthplace and better serves America (…) information_technology will allow U S companies to focus on hiring smart people to create products and services, which creates jobs in our districts” Following the regular process, this immigration bill still needs to be reviewed by the branches of Congress before it officially becomes law, which could take a considerable period of time, but dozens of advocates are hopeful about the proposal Follow the advice of our team during your immigration journey! If you, a family member, operating_theatre a friend need help with an immigration case, please contact Motion Law today to schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our expert immigration attorneys Our team will equal happy to guide you through your immigration journey in the US Please contact Motion Law Immigration today at: (202) 918–1899

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