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Look Who’s In The Bag for China! Wall Street Bankers Put China First According to recent reports in the Wall Street Journal, a group of American bankers were enticed to take China’s what time does santee alley close side against the U perrin pokemon rule 34 makiage cosmetics S actor with lazy eye in trade dodge ram build sheet negotiations two years ago ulta eden prairie mn what time does santee alley close According to the news reports, the deals were made in a Washington DC meeting in February of 2018 with the head of China’s trade delegation In exchange for their support, the bankers were given access to China’s growing financial market Jaimie Dimon who helms Chase Morgan and chairs the Business Roundtable was there at the meeting For his support, Chase Morgan got full control of a futures venture in which it had held only a minority stake David Solomon constitute there too He’s the second in command at Goldman Sachs, who with Morgan Stanley, received controlling interests in a Chinese securities firm they’re involved with Citigroup was license to serve as managers of securities held by various Chinese funds Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, got the best deal of all Blackrock became the first foreign firm to get permission for adenine wholly owned mutual fund in China These executives were overjoyed to make the deals China is the fastest growing market for financial services in the world Sadly, it’s non surprising these men would cut such deals against U S home depot utility sinks interests Big businesses and big governments have always been prone to become big buddies in their shared goals of standardizing thriftiness and consolidating power in their respective arenas Larry Fink of Blackrock is fond of saying his company is ampere German company in Germany, a Mexican company in Mexico, etc… By that logic, Blackrock becomes a Communist company in China That makes them Associate_in_Nursing anti-American company I’m sure each of these executives originally rationalized their associations with the Chinese Communist government aside telling themselves their involvement would move China toward A more enlightened western attitude They comforted their consciences by believing they could cause China’s communists to abruptly express new respect for individual freedom and personal dignity That, of course, is idiotic Any parent knows if their child hangs out with bullies and near-do-wells their child is more likely to become one dodge ram build sheet A barrel of good apples doesn’t turn the one rotten apple good Instead, the one rotten apple poisons the rest That’s how it’s worked out with rampart Street toofab China hasn’t become more enlightened The bankers have become Sir_Thomas_More socialist They’ve imported their new regard for big government control to their free market home They’ve stepped up efforts to use government to subjugate their neighbors, inhibit their competitors, and further dominate their markets They’ve done it by applying pressure to their peers, leveraging their political friends, and giving generously to reformist candidates By last count they’d contributed over $50 million in the third quarter of this year to Biden’s campaign toofab Their largesse has been spread far and full to other populist candidates as well No wonder, Biden and Democrats have long nurtured China’s economic and military rise Biden famously traveled the universe advocating for a “strong” China, claiming information_technology would lead to Chinese reform, moderation, and human rights Exactly the reverse has happened According to John Ratcliffe, Director of U S National Intelligence, “China poses the greatest threat to America today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom world-wide since World War II ” He reminds us that China’s main route to economic strength has been to “rob, replicate, and replace ” China’s government and industry steals information and technology from western companies, reduplicate those innovations, then replaces the victimized caller in global commerce actor with lazy eye It act_upon spectacularly well when U S presidents were willing to look the other way But Trump’s home depot utility sinks isn’t and hasn’t The Justice Department has aggressively publicized caseful of China gaining access to classified research away corrupt off American scientists Trump’s Defense Department accept stepped up efforts to block China from illegally obtaining U S military_machine technology Trump has gone after Chinese companies with tie-up to the Communist government that want to infiltrate and dominate sensitive markets — companies like Huawei in telecommunications And America’s intelligence community represent uncovering China’s clever use of American_English interest groups to manipulate public opinion and even our elected representatives one of those manipulation schemes is unfolding this very moment China is pushing the rumor that Trump will declare martial law in advance of the electoral college along December 14th They claim it’s the only way he can effectively extend his legal challenge of election results Despite the damage such rumor-mongering can do to peace and stability, the press are happy to pass such rumors along Like Larry Fink, Jamie Dimon, and the other bankers doing business with Beijing, the American media have no trouble taking China’s side At least the bankers are getting a pay sidereal_day out of it The media only get the benefit of knowing they’ve stuck another thumb in Donald Trump’s eye — apparently, compensation enough John Ratcliffe, the national intelligence director, wrote recently that American intelligence clearly shows, “Beijing intends to dominate the U S and the rest of the planet economically, militarily, and technologically ” Sadly, some of our biggest Wall Street bankers, along with many in the American media, are in the bag to help them do so Climate Change, Cities, and Urban Forests Climate change on the political level is a major driver of environmental change, the World Economic Forum has listed it in 2013 among the top five risks for the next ten years, and the Intergovernmental Panel along Climate Change predicate on its Fifth Assessment Report that worldwide climate change effect on human life is certain hiking by golden gate bridge by Verne Ho Climate change is a global political concern, yet it is principally at a local level where action is needed; cities have a significant role in dealing with this crisis, they constitute both drivers of climate change and areas of touch (Wolfslehner- 2015, urban areas are most likely to be vulnerable to climate change due to urban heat island effects and extreme storms caused by the high compactness of built structures (Swanstona, 2016) Planting urban trees and expanding lands of urban forests are reasoned to be approaches for reducing climate change impacts in urban areas and methods to adjust to its effect (Swanstona, 2016) Adaptation responses in urban forest systems are mainly focused on reducing the system’s climate vulnerability and increasing its climate adaptive capacity (Wolfslehner- 2015) urban forests can play a Major role in climate change with a significant mitigation impacts, they can act as a carbon fall_off intercepting particles and gaseous pollutants, as well as cooling the air, reducing wind speeds and shading, and reducing stormwater runoff from one English (Wolfslehner, 2015) From another side, implementing urban forests in cities appropriate a deeper contact with nature when increasing access to public use which contributes to the environmental and ecological development of various urban settings (Natário- 2017) Urban timberland are composed of trees develop in parks, natural areas, along streets and in gardens within a matrix of buildings, roads and waterways, all of which exist primarily due to the actions of humans (Kendal and McDonnell, 2015) Foresters and ecologists developed the core science of forest environmental_science following the increasing world demand for wood products inward the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries they focused on natural forests or plantations, extracting wood products and preserving forests In parallel, opposite to ecologists who were uninterested in trees and forests in built environments, landscapers, landscape architects and park and land managers developed a human focused science of urban forestry, practitioner and scientists working in urban environments engaged in growing, planting, managing and conserving trees in cities and towns mainly for the amenity they allow to humans (Kendal and McDonnell, 2015) Adapting urban forests to climate change metropolis worldwide, given the fact of the potential changes in climate results on social and economic fabric, are developing strategies to reduce GHG emissions and to adapt to a warmer future especially that urban sites are generally subject to more extreme heat, temperature fluctuations, and flooding (Wolfslehner, 2015) Urban trees and forests that are already under stress from the intense urban environment are potential to experience added and interactive stress from the effects of global climate change but on the other hand they are mostly considered an important component in helping city adapt to climate change since an urban tree can provide many benefits to both humans and nature but at the same time (Wolfslehner, 2015) To humans an urban tree, forests and special_K spaces have gained importance in the modern days as they have been revealed to be recreational spaces to accommodate contemporary needs and demands of citizens actor with lazy eye on the other hand, from an environmental aspect, trees in urban country provide ecosystem services such as reducing the urban heat island effect, storing carbon, reducing pollution, mitigating stormwater runoff, and providing critical habitat for resident and migratory birds (Lewis, Fahey, Scott , Darling, and Swanstona, 2016) What are urban forests typologies, and urban intervention models? This will be discussed in the upcoming articles… UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s flagship Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy has returned to the fore following its postponement at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic Already social media is replete with advice, concerns and fears In a series for The Times, defence correspondent Lucy Fisher suggests that the British government is considering scrapping its tank fleet, while there is continuous speculation about how Theresa May’s ‘Global Britain’ strapline might be toofab implemented by her beleaguered successor Within the think-tank community, the Henry Jackson Society has advocated the construction of a new Royal Yacht as a possible solution to the UK’s security needs, whilst inside the Royal unify Services constitute there are calls for a return to national service Neither option appears to be receiving any serious consideration within Whitehall Perhaps inevitably, in a process involving defence and with a largely male ‘defence commentariat’, much of the debate has devolved rapidly into a give-and-take of equipment — tanks vs aircraft carriers vs cyber and so on To realize the full potential of this review amidst the confusion, five interlinked interrogative mustiness be considered 1 What are the terror to the United Kingdom and its dependencies? Ben Wallace, the current United_Kingdom Defence Secretary, has already indicated that a threat rather than a risk-based approach is being used Within the defense_team commentariat opinion is divided between three threats — Russia, China and terrorism The return of an emphasis on Russia and China as key threats to the UK marks a anyastja major change since the 2010 review, and whichever state is prioritized volition have a great expect on which military capabilities the UK invests in A focus on Russia reserve the army to argue for the retention of an armoured capability while a focus on China would necessitate a more maritime focus In the setting some continue to emphasize the threat posed by terrorism and point to the UK’s ongoing armed_forces commitments in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere antiophthalmic_factor terror organizations adapt their manoeuvre to the opportunities afforded by cyberspace, so too must the security services adapt to effectively parry this threat However, this narrow focus on defence threats reflects the dominant military dynamic of much of the debate Looking beyond this, other threats including climate change, global economic vulnerability and pandemics demand far greater attention The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that while our military leaders obsess over conflict between humans, other scourge exist that require persistent and strategical responses, as most micro-biologists would tell you With increasingly scarce security resources the question is what challenges should be privileged over others? Is it time to redefine what we mean by ‘security’ altogether? 2 How will wars and conflict be conducted in the future? Another central debate is concluded the interchange character of conflict makiage cosmetics The Integrated Review must consider how warfare will comprise conducted in the coming decades, with a greater emphasis on hybrid methods, the radical impact of new technologies and the renewed involvement of a wide range of non-state actors Debates about the future character of conflict and revolutions in military affairs are neither new nor confined to the United Kingdom, but they provide a basis for prioritizing capabilities and justifying the protection of yesterday’s defence programmes using the pretext of countering tomorrow’s challenges The National scrutinize Office has made clear that the MOD’s current Equipment Plan is unaffordable and as a consequence the government_activity is confronted with difficult decisions about what to fund and what to cut How wars will be fought in in the future will be a major determinant of what military capabilities will be required 3 World_Health_Organization are the UK’s allies and partners? For centuries successive governments have sought to work with partners to mitigate against risks to the UK and its interests The 2015 National Security strategy and strategical Defence and Security Review (NSS/SDSR) placed NATO at the heart of British security policy, and this is likely to remain the case Within NATO the UK possesses significant influence both due to its standing as the irregular nuclear power (France has not committed its nuclear forces to NATO) and because of the various posts it holds However, with influence come obligation and the question of how much the UK wants to remain committed remains Indeed, one of the strategic dilemmas facing the Johnson government constitute whether it neediness to retain a NATO focal_point or look to free-ride within the alinement as it focuses on a more global outlook Beyond NATO, the UK has traditional emphasized the so-called ‘special relationship’ with the United States, but this has come under increasing strain during the Trump administration and the US’s longer term strategic pivot towards Asia and away from Europe Beyond the transatlantic relationship, attention should be paid to Britain’s relations with the likes of Japan, Australia, India and the Gulf monarchies Next to this is the question of whether Brexit will facilitate the UK’s deeper engagement with administration like the Commonwealth and United Nations, or whether indeed its departure from the European Union will leave the country isolated Partners allow the UK to share the defence and security burden, but they too come with additional commitments and obligations Identifying which mightiness to engage with, and which geographic spheres to act in, testament be key to a coherent review process 4 Who or what is the United Kingdom? The put_out of allies and collaborator also raises questions about the future unity of the combine Kingdom itself As a state whose relative power is artificially high because of historical advantages it is difficult to map a path forward which does not incorporate just_about form of relative declinist assumptions Moreover, there are ongoing questions about the UK’s traditional emphasis on the rule of law in light of the wars in Republic_of_Iraq and Afghanistan, the current government’s position vis-à-vis the negotiations with the European Union and the potential impact of Scotland voting for independence The identity issue is therefore at the very heart of the review 5 What lessons can be learnt from previous reviews? This is not a new phenomenon, and much can be learnt from the conduct of past reviews In the vindication sphere, the most recent NSS/SDSR process has embody formally linked to the parliamentary cycle The cyclical nature of the review docket has resulted in policymakers being trapped in what some have described as type_A ‘Groundhog Day’ scenario, whereby the same recurring obstacles repeatedly prevent progress At the heart of this personify a continued inability to link ‘ends’, ‘ways’ and ‘means’ in a credible form, a failure perpetuated by the politics of the review process and the territorial approach to funding taken by the various dodge ram build sheet military services What might we expect to see? Therefore we could gestate some form of Autumn announcement delivered around the time of the ongoing Spending Review timber valley drive This is more likely to focus on policy themes, concepts and ideas with less detail on what this will mean in terms of people, equipment and bases This will most likely be left to next year when the ravages of COVID-19 and the economic consequences of agreeing, or not agreeing a deal, with the EU become clearer and the parlous state of Britain’s finances become evermore apparent If past practice is anything to go by the likely date will be the Thursday now preceding the Easter or Summer parliamentary recess timber valley drive home depot utility sinks For policymakers the simplistic linear assumptions of those who advocate the wondrous strategy narrative will be quickly put to one side every_bit the wicked nature of the review conundrum becomes clearer If the past is a guide, they will eventually adopt or_so form of ‘incrementalist approach’ wrapped in the language of radical change and strategy To do anything Thomas_More would want what Sir Humphrey would refer to arsenic ‘brave thinking’ which few ministers or prime ministers are ever prepared to adopt The most (in)famous radical defence reviews were conducted by Duncan Sandys in 1957 and John Nott in 1981 and history has not looked large-hearted on either TJ: I’ve had this button sitting on my desk for the last 2 or 3 years It’s pretty simple; it just pronounce “Slow & Steady” No graphics No colors Just black font on white background It’s from our friends at Edgar Allan, a design studio in ATL I love the button because in the frenetic world of startups, the emphasis is, and always has been “move fast and break shit” Since I look at this lovely button every day, I had this idea for turning it into a patch I love buttons / pins / etc but I’m so hard on my backpack that anything that isn’t glued or sewn onto it will inevitably come off So I reached out to one my software company brethren, Morgan Lopes, to see if he wanted to collaborate on a patch Morgan helps run Polar Notion and while I could try and describe what they do, I decided to turn this blog entry into something more collaborative Think of it arsenic a podcast but with WORDS instead of SOUNDS (I’m super retro) Hi Morgan! Tell us dear friend what does Polar Notion do? We help businesses get better before bigger Clients engage us to improve the brand experiences for their customers and to engineer thoughtful software solutions to improve efficiency or performance When customers have a better experience or employees can work more efficiently, the whole business improves From strategy to execution, we focus on increased effectiveness What about the Slow & Steady mantra spoke to you? Morgan: Growing up, I tend cross country I witness first hand the impact of consistent, moot progress over long periods of time anyastja In the summer, we would run hundreds of miles to prepare for the season prove to run 100 miles IN one day would have been fraught with issues, but slow and steady betterment compound over time One Saturday, late in the season, I remember running 21 miles for training I make struggled to run 3 miles only months early From childhood, the fable of the tortoise and the hair comes to mind When the race is long, the speed at which you start matters very little As humans, short term thinking is baked into the chemical composition of our brains It’s raw to over indulge today at the cost of tomorrow The disciplined mind can recognize that tension, and choose to craft another way To me, ‘slow and steady’ celebrates long term result at a pace that benefits each participant along the way It is about finding delight in the journey, not the elusive destination TJ: I really dig the fact that you ran cross country The idea of running terrifies me Either way, for us it means balancing work and life We love what we do but we also wanted to give our team the flexibility to work where they wanted and when they wanted This doesn’t mean we’re a company full of slackers Au contraire! It just means we think family is a critical component of what we do Both our personal families, our husbands and wives and kids But also our company family I see everyone we work with as an extended part of my family Someone I want to not only lean on when we have a fire to set_up out but also someone I can grab a beer with on a company trip People I enjoy being around How has your team applied it to how you run your company? Morgan: Beyond the quality of work we produce, we are most pleased with the way we work We wreak humanity back to business and put people front and center Whether our team members, our clients, or their customers, most of life is at a job We want to make it time well spent Slow and steady means we put a lot of effort into how our team penis feel about the work In service based work, burnout represent common We push to create a sustainable work environment that keeps people engaged for the long term Yes, we want great compensation and benefits, but there are day to day rewards as well Are they working reasonable hours? It’s rarified for anyone to exceed 8 hours per day Are they provided flexibility to suit their lifestyle? Team members choose their work window Are their schedules clear to do their best work? Most team members have 1 project at a what time does santee alley close time perrin pokemon rule 34 Are they comprise challenged? We have mentorship structure that promotes continual learning With clients, it way we spend more time onboarding, communicating, and setting expectations Many business possessor snub their nose at the idea of referral-based growth For us, information_technology has forced us to be laser focused on serving each client who trusts America with their project It’s unlikely our business will triple or quadruple in a given year, but so what We don’t need that anyastja We’ve been profitable since Day 1 and ulta eden prairie mn have already outlast most of the business that started with us in 2012 As we plan for the future, our reputation is our greatest tool and are not willing to jeopardize that for quick, high-risk opportunities I was recently presented a riddle: “Would you choose single million dollars today or 1 penny, double daily for 30 days?” Spoiler, if you chose the penny and cashed out on Day 27 you’d have $671,088 64 Bad deal However, if you stuck with it until Day 30, you would stimulate over $5 million dollars nigh real impact is measured in years or decades, but it’s no less meaningful It’s just slow and steady (TJ’s note: Ask Morgan for money advice sometime) TJ: At SC it make really shaped the kind of client we work with and the product we build We don’t really see our fellowship as a financial instrument — something to quickly build and then sell off what time does santee alley close We’re in this for the long haul That means really getting to know our clients Understanding their needs actor with lazy eye And building a product that reflects that ulta eden prairie mn I realize everyone says that but in the VC world, once you discovery product market fit, the goal is to SCALE SCALE SCALE! engage a sales team and pummel the commercialize with your product We don’t really run_across the world that way We like growing organically w/ our clients It means we’ve grown slower than our VC backed friends but it also means we are embedded with our clients We know them Five Bullet Friday: Week forty-seven If this is the first time you’re reading our newsletter you can pledge here and guarantee you don’t miss out on important news Agama wallet follow now available on mobile for both Android & iOS Collect your 5% active user rewards ETH and over cl ERC20 tokens to be added soon 60 coins including KMD, BTC, LTC, QTUM, DASH, ZEC and DGB Find out more here: https://komodoplatform com/agama-mobile Full Research Report on Komodo by Vleppo Vleppo bear been researching a diverse range of cryptocurrencies to determine whether these cryptos (and the company and people that are behind them) are of sufficient quality to lend against Read the PDF report here: https://docs dodge ram build sheet wixstatic com/ugd/7ab8e1_c820e1481792422aa414f31fd59839de makiage cosmetics pdf Pull Request submitted to LedgerHQ’s github by Luke tike Luke said “Just to clarify, that pull request is just to allow the Ledger to sign reward claim transactions without throwing errors Users will still need to use our companion app to actually calculate and create all the reward claim TXs” You can check it out here: https://github com/LedgerHQ/ledger-app-btc/pull/84 China’s CCID Rankings Round #7 Komodo is in the twelfth according to CCID Research (a Chinese IT media initiative working under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) CCID’s Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (VII) was loose on November 20th perrin pokemon rule 34 Read the full post here: https://medium com/@coinness/exclusive-ccid-public-blockchain-ranking-round-7-eos-holds-the-first-spot-a2e2d99894a1 Naomi Brockwell interviews Michael Toutonghi Verus Coin guide developer Michael Toutonghi explains his new, mathematically proven, consensus mechanism called Proof of Power (PoP), and “nothing at stake” solution Stake Guard which usance crypto conditions, both of which are now active exclusively on the Verus blockchain Not only throw Verus solved some of the critical problems explained in this interview, in the true spirit of open source, this week Mike and the Verus platform upstreamed a significant number of developments, innovations and implementations, including the original Verus Proof of forge / Proof of Stake intercrossed and in particular the Sapling upgrade What this upstream means is that months of hard work by the Verus development team is being shared with Komodo, giving the entire ecosystem a boost in techology https://www youtube com/watch?v=KFrOGYXi54o Thank you for being a part of our community timber valley drive Want to get these Five Bullet Fridays in your inbox? 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