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Getting started with Bokeh Effortlessly elegant interactive data visualisations in Python Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash In this article I aim to give you an introduction to Bokeh, detailing what it is, why you should be victimisation it and how you can easily get started! What is Bokeh? Bokeh is a neat Python library that allows us to koons automotive culpeper virginia quickly and easily create high-performance, professional interactive data visualisations and web apps You can check out some examples of the power plugtalkshow and range of what Bokeh can do here An example of what can equal done with Bokeh berkshire hathaway twin falls idaho Bokeh’s most enticing quality is that it manages to balance both simplicity- with very few lines of code required to create complex interactive visualisations- and the flexibility for advanced customisation, should you require it Whether you simply want to make prettier graphs in your Jupyter notebooks, or develop and deploy complete web applications, Bokeh is a great visualisation tool for any Python user to have Fundamentals of Bokeh Plots Bokeh’s Plot class, provides the canvas on which we can build our visualisations To get started creating a visualisation in Bokeh we can simply instantiate a figure object: If we were to run the above code we would produce a blank figure object, which would then be output as an HTML file, saved to the path specified, and then displayed in a new tab of a web browser We could also have used the output_notebook() function, if we were working in a Jupyter notebook and wanted to display our visualisation directly in an output cell This isn’t very inspiring so far, as we’ve yet to add whatever data- but we’ll see Indiana the next section how we can start building on top of our figure to quickly add detail to our plot Glyphs Glyphs are the most fundamental plotting unit in Bokeh They essentially consist of visual markers, with attributes that may be associated with our data From simple line glyphs, to hexagonal grids of tiles (HexTile glyph), there are a multitude of different glyphs available to us, depending on our visualisation needs We can extend the above code, to add a glyph to our figure, as simply as: The power of Bokeh is visible immediately With a single additional line of code, we have added some data to our plot which we can fiddle with and explore instantly with Bokeh’s out of the box interactivity The plot tools visible on the right of the figure enable us to drag, zoom and reset our plot siemens soft starter We can even save our view to an image file, using the SaveTool feature Exploring Bokeh’s inbuilt plot tools, with a simple line glyph You can explore the form of glyphs we are able to choose from, and their associated attributes, here Adding multiple glyphs to a figure is no issue, we simply call all the glyph methods we require separately and Bokeh will layer them onto our figure in the order specified Multiple glyphs overlayed on a figure Data Sources It couldn’t be easier to specify our data to Bokeh objects Bokeh is compatible with the familiar data formats of lists, NumPy align and pandas DataFrames; all of which we can pass directly as arguments to glyph methods Line glyph from NumPy source data Bokeh also comes inbuilt with its own data format, the ColumnDataSource This forms the fundamental rudimentary data structure used by Bokeh objects In fact, when we supply lists, NumPy arrays, or pandas DataFrames to Bokeh, these are implicitly converted to ColumnDataSource objects behind the scenes ColumnDataSources make it easy to share data between glyphs and link the selected data, as well as allowing us to supply additional data, which, as we will see later, can be used to add annotations to our visualisation We can define a ColumnDataSource in the following manner: Once we have defined a ColumnDataSource, we can easily access data by but specifying its column name, and passing our CDS as the source parameter of a plotting method Below we create an example plot using one of Bokeh’s sample CSV datasets that we read into a pandas DataFrame and then convert to a ColumnDataSource Apple stock opening price over time (dataset from Bokeh’s sample data) Customising Visualisations Configuring Plot Tools As we have seen from instantiating a figure object in Bokeh, plots come with various inbuilt interactive features If we do not articulate these explicitly, Bokeh will provide the default suite of tools However, should we wish, we may also define these when creating our figure object: You can explore all the plot tool options that are available in the official documentation here HoverTools One of the plot tools we have available in Bokeh, deserving of its own section, is the HoverTool class This is a neat feature that allows us to uncover additional details from our data, simply by hovering above an object We can specify a HoverTool by providing a list of (label, value) tuples for the data we wish to be included hotels near pilsen chicago Field names prepended with @ are associated with ColumnDataSource column headers and names beginning with $ are “special fields” corresponding to plot metadata gainesville fl real estate market such as $index (index of data point), $x (x-coordinate of cursor) Adding a hover tool to our Malus_pumila stock plot Colour Mapping Bokeh provides various inbuilt colour palettes for us to choose from, the full tilt of which can be found here A useful feature for styling our visualised data with a specified palette is the “Color Mappers” available to us in Bokeh These leave us to visually elucidate some property of the data, depending on its value For example, the linear_cmap function allows us to assign colours depending on a value’s position on a linear scale: Example of a linear colour-mapping, applied to our previous sine plot Similarly a log_cmap function exists, working in exactly the same manner but with a logarithmic scale We can even include a ColorBar aboard out plot to explicate the mapping of colours to values For categorical data, we can use the CategoricalColorMapper class to define a relationship between various categorical factors and a specified colour palette Bokeh has a detailed guide for handling categorical data here, where you can read more about this should you wish Annotations Annotations such as titles, legends, axis labels, data recording_label can also be added to plots There are many different options to customise our plots here; I will not delve into too much detail on these as there is plenty of good documentation on what can be done here and here The below example shows some of the most common properties we might want to define when creating a figure: Arranging diagram If we have multiple plots that we want to combine in the same output, we can use the bokeh layouts module to define how these are arranged Row and Columns The row and column functions allow us to organise plots into rows, columns, or a nested layout formed of some combination of the two Grids A uniform grid of plots is easy to create using the gridplot function Tabs We can even display our visualisations in a tabbed layout, with the ability to toggle between different plots Linked Plots To link the axes of plots, we can simply define their axis range attributes to be equal: p3 x_range = p2 x_range = p1 x_range p3 y_range = p2 y_range = p1 y_range To link the selection of data in our visualisations, all that is required is for them to share the same data source: Conclusion Photo by Josh kick on Unsplash We are now well equipped with the fundamentals of Bokeh and should have everything we need to get started experimenting and creating our own custom visualisations That said, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bokeh’s full capabilities as a visualisation tool In my next post we will explore how to take what we have learned one stage further, and transition from creating beautiful visualisations to developing captivating web applications, with even more interactivity I’ll see you back then, but for now: Thanks for reading! PROS 1) You will have access to over 3million stock footage 2) You have complete control of the looks of your projects 3) You can use your social media post to create a video 4) You can a free trial 5) You can highlight your scripts 6) You can create any video 7) You have nail right over the video ( no restrictions) CONS 1) Limit of 50 scenes ( You cannot make videos of many hours long) 2) You can be stuck with a template ( If you want to change template, you will have to readjust the video) 3)Exporting takes a lot of time just like other softwares PRICING There are two plans there, the business plan and the unlimited plan siemens soft starter BUSINESS PLAN Monthly = $20 But if you pay yearly it would be $10/month that is $120 instead on $240 UNLIMITED berkshire hathaway twin falls idaho Monthly = $60 But if you pay yearly it would be $30 monthly that is $360 instead of $720 If you by through this link >>Click here You would get it to just $10 monthly instead of $20 And 50% of any plan you will buy >> CLICK HERE FOR THE HOT DEAL <<< THE END OF THIS ARTICLE OTHER RELATED ARTICLES 1) How To Write Better Advertising Copy A successful marketing contrive relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action There is no magic formula to write perfect ad copy; it is based on a number of factors, including ad placement, demographic, even the consumer’s mood when they see your ad So how is any writer supposed to pen deoxyadenosine_monophosphate stunning piece of advertising copy — copy that sizzles and sells? The following tips will jumpstart your creative thinking and help you write a better ad KNOW THE BASICS All good advertising copy is comprised of the same basic elements well advertising imitate always: Grabs Attention: Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and immediately grabs interest You could do this with a headline or slogan (such as VW’s “Drivers Wanted” campaign), color or layout (Target’s new colorful, simple ads are ampere testimony to this) or illustration (such as the Red Bull characters or Zoloft’s depressed ball and his ladybug friend) Promises Credible Benefit: To feel compelled by an ad, the consumer must stand to gain something; the product is often not enough What would the consumer gain by using your product or service? This could be tangible, wish a free gift; prestige, power or fame But remember: you must be able to make good on that promise, so don’t offer anything unreasonable Keeps Interest: Grabbing the consumer’s attention isn’t enough; you have to keep that attention for at least a few seconds This is where your benefits come into maneuver or a product description that sets your offer apart from the others Generates Action: This is the ultimate point of advertising copy — it must arrive_at the reader react in some way This doesn’t necessarily translate to buying the product immediately or using the service Your ad could be a positioning tool to enable the reader to think about you in a certain light Speak to your audience, or the audience you’d like to reach, and you’ll be surprised how frequently they come to you in the future KNOW THE MEDIUM How you write your advertising copy will be based on where you will place your ad If it’s a billboard ad, you’ll need a super catchy headline and dim-witted design due to the speed at which people will pass Online ads are similar; consumers are so inundated with Internet advertising that your ad must be quick and catchy Magazine advertising is the most versatile, but this is solely dependent on the size of your ad and how many other ads compete with yours If you have angstrom_unit full page ad, feel free to experiment; more page space gives you more creative space If the ad is tiny, you’ll need to keep things as simple as possible KNOW THE STYLE Advertising replicate is a unique type of writing Its point is to balance creativity and readability into something persuasive and entertaining Keep the following points in mind when you write your copy: Be Succinct: There are few things more prejudicial to an ad campaign than messy wordiness Use short judgment_of_conviction with as many familiar words as possible; save the thesaurus for type_A thesis or dissertation Always make sure to use precise phrasing (why use five adjectives when one good action verb would do?); and eliminate any redundancies, such as “little tiny” or “annual payments of $XXX per year ” talk To Your Audience, Not At Them: Though you are announcing the availability of a product or service, avoid being clinical or overly formal Write as if you’re talking to your ideal customer; use a style they’d use, words they’d be fellow with, vernacular they’d probably know But be absolutely certain that you’re using these terms and phrases correctly A recent McDonald’s campaign attempted to reach A certain audience by using the phrase “I’d hit it” in reference to a cheeseburger, unaware that the phrase is almost always used as a sexual reference 2) Branding Do You Know Who You Are There is such a lot of talk going around about branding, but what exactly is your brand and how do you use it to help you reach more hoi_polloi and market your products or services? Your brand is the core of your marketing, the central theme around your products and services Your brand is not your Logo or your Company Name, unless of course you are Microsoft or the Yellow Pages online directory For people to come and hire you, or buy from you in droves, your brand needs to be crystal clear, attractive, exciting and powerful In fact your brand needs to be powerful enough to rouse your customers into action, and at the same metre it needs to actively express you, what you’re about and your uniqueness Once you’re sure of your brand you also gain a tangible and easy way of talking to people about what you do It makes it so much easier to do your marketing when you have it clear in your mind what it is you’re selling in the foremost place When you’re creating your brand you are creating a memorable marketing message that will inspire people to take action and choose you over your competitors Here are five useful tips to help you find your brand: Your Brand Tip 1 Your brand is the core of what you do What feelings or emotions does your business inspire in you and in your customers? Did you know that peoples’ decision to buy is based on emotions, not facts? Your Brand Tip 2 Think about how you present yourself, not just on your website but when people see you, talk to you on the phone, or read your email Is your marketing consistently saying what you want it to? Are people perplex confusing messages from you, or is it clear from the set_out what you do? Your Brand Tip 3 Think like your potential customer, try to get inside their head and see your products or services from their point of view How do they experience what you do, and how does IT make them feel? Your Brand Tip 4 What is it you do that makes you stand out from the crowd? If you don’t think you do, then you need to think of a way that you can, because your brand should be somehow different from everyone else’s, its not enough to be just the Sami as others but better Your Brand Tip 5 What are your best abilities, do you know your greatest strengths? Choose an unbiased person, World_Health_Organization knows you well, to help you decide what your top attributes are; your brand should be based around your unique strengths and abilities Ultimately, creating a strong, memorable, compelling and meaningful brand is essential for successful marketing, and something you can do with a bit of thought, and may be a bit of help from your (unbiased) friends 3) The 3 Most Powerful Forms Of Viral Marketing That testament Put Your Opt In List Building Efforts On Auto Pilot EXTRA! EXTRA! say all about it “The Money Is In The… LIST!” I bet you’ve heard this catch phrase once or twice while surfing around on the Internet I know I have But, the question that usually arises is… “How do I effectively build one that won’t cost me an arm and a leg in the process?” Well, today’s your lucky day because I’m going to highlight 3 of the MOST powerful ways to build your targeted ‘Opt-In List’ by using the Power of ‘Viral Marketing’ as your engine And the best part about using these 3 ‘Viral’ methods I’m about to mention are… they cost virtually Nothing to produce, are Highly targeted, give You INSTANT Credibility and are In constant demand by website owners So, with that said, let’s move on to what these 3 ‘Viral’ methods are and how they will benefit you and your number Building efforts Method #1 Writing ‘Special Reports’ – Special Reports work great because they give_up you to go into more depth about the Topic or Problem in question where you’ll then be able to lead them to how your Product or Service(or assort product) can fix there current problem – They give you Instant Credibility, which construct trust in your customer that you are knowlegdable in your industry – Website owners are always looking for quality **Free Stuff** to give away or offer to there Visitors and/or Subscribers This is where you could CASH-IN, especially if you make your special report ‘Brandable’ This gives the website owner even More incentive to apply your Freebie away if they can make Money in the process – And your Contact Information will always be inside, no matter what Meaning, as your report is being passed around the Internet you’ll always constitute able to lead your potential customer back to your website where they could sign-up for your newsletter and/or read upward more about your Products or Services you offer Method #2 Putting Together A ‘Free eBook’ – Free eBooks work great as well and have the same benefits as I outlined through the special report The only difference using this approach is, you can put together a free ebook in less time then it would take to produce your special report just because it doesn’t even have to be your own material inside, it tush be someone else’s simply make sure you put together a free ebook with quality information inside – And they also allow you to target more then one Product or Service inside because free ebooks are usually a compilation of related articles targetting a particular problem leaving you room to diversify Method #3 Writing ‘Articles’ – Writing Articles is probably ONE of the Best and Most Effective Ways to produce a wave of Viral traffic to your website because every website owner needs FRESH content to feed to there visitors and/or subscribers – They also allow you to Target your audience’s problem specifically that they’re dealing with – And at the end of the article you have a situation called the ‘Resource Box’ to insert your personal Bio and/or Website information Just imagine if your article were to be picked up by some Newsletter Editor with a large list or High Traffic website and they use it as a ‘Featured Article’ in there publication, you could see an INSTANT Surge of targeted traffic to your website overnight That’s where your ‘Resource Box’ comes in (Take a look at how mine is formatted at the end of this article ) Well, that about sums it up for the 3 MOST powerful ‘Viral Marketing’ methods being used today by most Internet marketers, and for good reason, because they work Now, with all that said, what do these 3 ‘Viral’ methods all have in common that’ll put your List Building efforts on ‘Auto-Pilot’? – They’re in HIGH demand by website owners – They’re HIGHLY Targeted – They give You INSTANT Credibility in your industry four extra schedule – They have YOUR Contact particular stellar to Your website …and Most important of all, they’re all FREE! Just think for a minute, by using lonesome ONE of these methods listed above, how it could put your Opt-In list building efforts on ‘Auto-Pilot’ This article represents just a summarized version of all the different List Building techniques available online, But, in my opinion, these trine are the almost effective 4) A Free Way To Promote And Profit Viral Marketing It’s a horrible word isn’t it… marketing? No, only joking, I mean “viral” of course Mention viral and one tends to think infection, illness and disease — or for the geeks among us, computers messed up But viral marketing is nothing so negative or unpleasant, viral marketing is good! What is Viral Marketing? As the name suggests, it’s a way of spreading your marketing message from person to person, rather like the flu virus is passed on You give the germ to, say 5 friends/colleagues/family members, who in turn each pass on the bug to quintet more (5×5=25), who then spread it to another v (25×5=125) and so on until after just 8 levels, you reach the staggering figure of 1,953,125 The classic example of viral marketing is Hotmail com, one of the first free Web-based e-mail services The strategy is simple: 1 berkshire hathaway twin falls idaho Give away free_people e-mail addresses and services, 2 Attach a simple tag at the bottom of every users email message sent: “Get your private, free email and, 3 Then stand back while people e-mail to their own net of friends and associates, 4 Who see the message, 5 Sign up for their own free e-mail service, and then 6 Propel the message still wider to their own ever-increasing circles of friends and associates What makes marketing ‘Viral’? A viral marketing plan usually has some or all of the following basic elements: 1 Provides a product or service free 2 Makes for easy transfer of the message to others 3 Allows easy growth from small to very large 4 Exploits common motivations and behaviours 5 Uses existing communicating networks 6 Utilizes the resources of others Let’s look at each of these in turn 1 Provides a product or service free “Free” is the most persuasive word in marketing Most viral marketing effort give by a product or service to get peoples interest Free email service, free software, free information etc Then, when you have their attention, when you have their trust, sell them something koons automotive culpeper virginia Hit them with a sales pitch first, chances are they won’t make_up interested 2 Makes for easy transfer of the subject_matter to others Viral marketing works so well on the internet because quick communication has become so loose and cheap Your marketing message must be simple so that it can be passed on without loosing its effectiveness The simpler and shorter the better, remember the hotmail example: “Get your private, free email at 3 Allows easy growth from small to very large To grow rapidly, the necessary infrastructure must be available The best viral marketing makes use of the resources of others This was the only weakness in the hotmail example, the service required its own mailservers Not vitamin_A problem with the resources of Microsoft behind you, but for mere mortals like you and I, best to plan on spreading the message using others recourses, see number 6 4 Exploits common motivations and behaviours What motivates people to use certain products or services on the web, and to recommend these to their friends? The practicality of a product, sure, but more than that — the desire to be popular, thought of as cool etc Greed also motivates, hence the power of the word ‘free’! 5 Uses existing communication networks Most people have around 5 to 12 people in their close network of friends, family and work colleagues On the internet, nearly everyone has email addresses in their contacts list, and favourite websites stored in their web browser Utilise this fact in your marketing campaign For example, when you give away a free product, ask the recipient to provide the email addresses of others who may be interested 6 Utilizes the resources of others Get your message into other peoples emails and onto others websites, that way their recourses are being used, not yours And once your campaign has enough momentum, sit back while your customers do the marketing for you Conclusion Viral marketing costs very little, in fact if you go to the right places it can be free Given that, and the huge potential benefits, you marketing campaign really should catch the viral marketing bug! How can Viral Marketing work for you? 5)Strategies That Will Boost Your Website Traffic Right Away You have lovingly made a website and put it online on the World Wide Web Now, all you have to do is wait and see who visits Right? No! You have to do something to make people come to your website There are plenty of ways that you can generate traffic towards your website, but I am going to concentrate on only 3 of them; that tend to produce very quick (if not instantaneous) results The three strategies are: 1 Buy Traffic for your website 2 Send offers and information to individuals in your mailing list 3 Request reciprocal links/endorsements 1 BUY TRAFFIC FOR YOUR WEBSITE As the name suggests, this strategy would require you to dole out some money! You can place advertisements of your website on other websites that are similar to yours or you can place advertisement of your website on search engines This way, when some one cost searching for a product similar to the one that you are selling/promoting, your website’s ad will come up in front of them Therefore, you will be able to target citizenry from your niche, and these “targeted” people have a higher potential of buying your product because they were already looking for it You have to pay for the advertisement ONLY when they click on the link Such ads are known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements Some of the highly recommeneded PPC ads sites are: Google Adwords Yahoo! Search commercialise Miva (formerly findout com) Goclick When you choose a PPC, do make sure that it offers a tracking software that helps you find out how useful it is to you This way you will be able to choose the ones that live more profitable and get rid of those that are not 2 plugtalkshow SEND OFFERS TO MAILING LIST Brian Campbell (A successful Internet Marketing Guru and best selling author) says that the 1st Internet Marketing Commandment is: “You can’t promote anything online without first capturing the email turn_to of your website visitors ” He says, “You shouldn’t attempt to get even one visitor to your website without having a mechanism in place to capture the name and email address of the website visitors that come to your website ” You need to capture most of the email addresses of your in-coming traffic because it is more than likely that they will not buy anything from you on their first visit to your website and they might never come back again! To prevent that from happening, you offer them something that they would like to sign up for (like some valuable information for FREE and its VERY important to deliver what you promise!) After that you keep their attention by sending them more free content, and sandwich promotional offers in between One e-mail from you will bring most of them dorsum to your website! A word of monish here: do NOT overwhelm your e-mail list clients with too many promotional offers, you will lose your credibility You should send them valuable free stuff in between offers, so that they would want to read your emails 3 REQUEST RECIPROCAL LINKS/ENDORSEMENTS There are thousands of websites out there that are selling products similar to yours Instead of thinking that they are your competition, instead think of them as your potential partners; ask them to promote your product in return of you promoting theirs These website owners can help you in several ways: They can put links and banners of your website, in central of you putting theirs on your website Or, they can just add your link to their website and you can then pay them a previously agreed commission when they produce a sale for you Or; they can send an email to their email list, endorsing and promoting your product, while you do the same for them Such “deals” are known as Joint Ventures (JV deals) and these are one of the most powerful strategies that you can use to send more traffic to your website Try out these strategies for your websites Better results are produced when all three of these marketing approaches equal used together You might want to try these out and then see which one works better for you and then concentrate more on that one These three strategies, combined with other commercialize methods can sky-rocket your website popularity and sales and make you a very happy online business person 6)Dallas Season 4 Dvd Review Nominated for 15 Golden Globes and 18 Emmys in its 13-season run, Dallas is one of the most memorable prime time dramatic series in television history Initially airing in Spring 1978 as a mini-series, the show had all the elements necessary for a blockbuster soap opera: sex, suspense, wealth, opulence, fast cars, big houses, and of course, great villians Probably the most famous villian of the era was J R Ewing, but it’s difficult to call him the villian when most viewers simultaneously rooted him on With elaborate business dealings and family feuds abundant, Dallas spend most of the 1980s as either the number one or number two rated show on TV… The Dallas (Season 4) DVD features a number of exciting episodes admit the season premiere “No More Mister Nice Guy” in which the shooting of J R forces Bobby to temporarily take over Ewing Oil while his older brother recovers The promotion slowly changes Bobby into the vindictive brother he always loathed Meanwhile, Sue Ellen wonders if she shot J R herself while mired in the foggy haze of a drinking binge… Other notable episodes include “Start the Revolution with Me” in which J R attempts to orchestrate a counter-revolution in order to find the Ewing’s Asian oil wells that were nationalized shortly before his shooting, and the season finale “Ewing-Gate” in which J R ’s underhanded dealings in the Asian oil deals threaten to bring down all of Ewing Oil… Below constitute a list of instalment included on the Dallas (Season 4) DVD: Episode 55 (No More Mister Nice Guy: Part 1) Air Date: 11–07–1980 Episode 56 (No More Mister Nice Guy: Part 2) vent Date: 11–09–1980 Episode 57 (Nightmare) Air Date: 11–14–1980 Episode 58 (Who Done It?) Air Date: 11–21–1980 Episode 59 (Taste of Success) Air Date: 11–28–1980 Episode 60 (The Venezuelan Connection) Air Date: 12–05–1980 Episode 61 (The Fourth Son) Air Date: 12–12–1980 Episode 62 (Trouble at Ewing 23) Air Date: 12–19–1980 Episode 63 (The Prodigal Mother) Air Date: 01–02–1981 Episode 64 (Executive Wife) Air Date: 01–09–1981 Episode 65 (End of the Road: Part 1) Air Date: 01–16–1981 Episode 66 (End of the Road: Part 2) Air Date: 01–23–1981 Episode 67 (Making of a President) Air Date: 01–30–1981 Episode 68 (Start the Revolution with Me) Air Date: 02–06–1981 Episode 69 (The Quest) Air Date: 02–13–1981 Episode 70 (Lover, Come Back) Air Date: 02–20–1981 Episode 71 (The New Mrs Ewing) Air Date: 02–27–1981 Episode 72 (Mark of Cain) Air Date: 03–13–1981 Episode 73 (The Gathering Storm) Air Date: 03–27–1981 Episode 74 (Ewing vs Ewing) Air Date: 04–03–1981 Episode 75 (New Beginnings) Air Date: 04–10–1981 Episode 76 (Full Circle) Air Date: 04–17–1981 Episode 77 (Ewing-Gate) Air Date: 05–01–1981 7) The Simpsons Season 2 Dvd Review Before Seinfeld redefined the sitcom, The Simpsons came along and redefined prime time animation Straying from the usual formula of innocence concocted by The Flintstones and The Jetsons, The Simpsons allow no area of society untouched by its raw politically-incorrect satire With AN almost endless array of unforgettable characters, a trip to Springfield is a breath of fresh air, and hilarious as a television comedy can be… The Simpsons (Season 2) DVD offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere in which Bart makes a deal with school nerd Martin Prince Bart will make Martin cool if Martin agrees to tutor Bart into a top-notch student When Martin reneges on his end of the deal, Bart must pass on his own merit, and his D- earns the respect of Homer and Mrs Krabappel four extra schedule In “Treehouse of Horror” hotels near pilsen chicago (#16), Bart and Lisa take turns telling horror stories in an episode foreshadowing the Simpson Halloween Specials which followed in years to come Other notable episodes include “Dancin’ Homer” in which Homer becomes the local minor league team’s mascot and “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge” in which Marge takes on the cartoon violence warping Springfield’s youth… Below is a list of episodes included on The Simpsons (Season 2) DVD: Episode 14 (Bart Gets an F) Air Date: 10–11–1990 Episode 15 (Simpson and Delilah) Air Date: 10–18–1990 Episode 16 (Treehouse of Horror) Air Date: 10–25–1990 Episode 17 (Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish) Air Date: 11–01–1990 Episode 18 (Dancin’ Homer) aviation Date: 11–08–1990 Episode 19 (Dead Putting Society) Air Date: 11–15–1990 Episode 20 (Bart vs Thanksgiving) Air Date: 11–22–1990 Episode 21 (Bart the Daredevil) Air Date: 12–06–1990 Episode 22 (Itchy & Scratchy & Marge) Air Date: 12–20–1990 Episode 23 (Bart Gets Hit By a Car) Air Date: 01–10–1991 Episode 24 (One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish) Air Date: 01–24–1991 Episode 25 (The Way We Was) Air Date: 01–31–1991 Episode 26 (Homer vs Lisa and the 8th Amendment) Air Date: 02–07–1991 Episode 27 (Principal Charming) Air Date: 02–14–1991 Episode 28 (Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?) Air Date: 02–21–1991 Episode 29 (Bart’s Dog Gets an F) Air Date: 03–07–1991 Episode 30 (Old Money) Air Date: 03–28–1991 Episode xxxi (Brush with Greatness) Air Date: 04–11–1991 Episode 32 (Lisa’s Substitute) air_out Date: 04–25–1991 Episode 33 (The War of the Simpsons) Air Date: 05–02–1991 Episode 34 (Three Men and a Comic Book) Air Date: 05–09–1991 Episode 35 (Blood Feud) Air Date: 07–11–1991 DISCLAIMER: This post contains an affiliate link, this personify to run the organization better INVIDEO REVIEW : REVIEWS (WHY I USE IT!!!) You can build desktop app like build a website And also Electron offer some awesome api help us to take advantage of native platform features chromium But something seem to be redundant Chrome build on chromium and Chrome have a full functional chromium Every time users download this standalone app, also download a copy of chromium so that one user may have multi copy of the same stuff while app using electron-package to bundle stuff together App become huge because chromium need a big space that handle render html/css and run V8 engine for JavaScript It will waste user’s hard drive space (There are somethings hard to handle to share the same Electron core between apps, learn more) “Framework” easily eat huge space inside the electron package while using electron-packager And you will wonder: why not just take advantage of users’ Chrome Almost every Windows Users have a Chrome or must have an Edge (new Edge build on chromium too) There is no soluetion in the market until PWA standard get a thing in 2015 And this feature_of_speech just build into chromium core nowadays If a web app offer PWA feature, you can utilise it offline (most of the cases) And Apple do it in own way, the “Apple Clips” from 2020 But how to make it work? First of all, you need to add a manifest reference inside your web html head (You can search “manifest json” in Google to get manifest generator that don’t need to write this manually) So that chromium can create a shortcut on native platform What’s your app icon? Where’s the address for first open? There are also some other settings for your app basic actions declared in manifest (sounded like Android) No internet But solitary these are not enough berkshire hathaway twin falls idaho When you added the app but disconnected from internet, you still can’t open the app You just create a website shortcut for users Twitter’s sw If you disconnected, twitter web would not shutdown in the browser but hint network error So you also need a “fake” website server like electron does so that user can still access your website when he go offline JS worker is here Chromium have a specific place for a specific JS worker, it’s the serviceWorker If you registry serviceWorker with a JS source code, this worker will be treated differently Any network requests will be sent via this plugtalkshow worker globally and it will be cached by chromium automatically and run at first every time you chitchat this website This worker also can access the local storage that chromium offer for every website Now, you need to take advantage of this worker to cache your website resource If user’s device go offline, use this worker need to return cached website resource that make the website work offline In many modern framework, you do not need to know how to implement serviceWorker that framework will generate it for you, like React, Angular or Flutter The serviceWorker behavior only depend on the JS code that register in serviceWorker If you are not using framework and there are also some tool that help you build serviceWorker like workbox And you still tush modify “fetch” event handler to custom your sw behaviors (https://blog bitsrc io/5-service-worker-caching-strategies-for-your-next-pwa-app-58539f156f52) Before you transform your Electron project, you need to be aware of PWA still isn’t a full replacement of Electron hotels near pilsen chicago PWA have limit access features especially native platform features Make sure your app features’ implements is usable in web (You can try universal_resource_locator or web assembly to replace features’ implements JavaScript ability maybe beyond you think) Also many users may not know this technique exists or don’t come to agree with it “I just browser some stuff on internet, why I need to install website in my computer” or “Why not just give me an executable file let me double click it” So sometimes you also need to explain the website usage to your customers Google Analytics — GA is one of google’s most efficient tools that helps us to focus on the right results and allocate the marketing resources intelligently gallium also allows you to understand what you really need to know and how are you achieving it This is one platform where you play with numbers and know how those numbers could affect your marketing strategy Basically, GA is all about the “HOW” How do you get the reports? How do you know what is working? How do you understand your audience? and many more So, let’s dive right into the basics of Google Analytics There are two parts of Google Analytics The “Google Analytics” for small businesses and “Analytics 360” for enterprises Most of the premium features that are available in Analytics 360 are also available in the basic Google Analytics The most basic job of GA is to collect details, store the details and then provide it as reports Even though GA is really efficient at compile data, it’s not so good At storing them koons automotive culpeper virginia That’s why you need to include the “Google Tag Manager” here And for koons automotive culpeper virginia more efficient reports, you can also rely on “Google data studio” But, these are more advanced methods Let’s not go there yet In GA, there are 2 key things that you need to know and they are dimensions and metrics A Metric live a number that is shown on the analytics page with which you can do any sort of arithmetic calculations and the Dimensions are the things that you sort by When it comes down to reports, there are 4 kinds of reports in GA They are: Overview report For understand the overall report away checking the basic analytics 2 Table report Reports are generated and viewed in the form of tables 3 Flow report To understand how traffic is literally flowing from one step to another 4 gainesville fl real estate market Auxillary reports The oddball reports used for very specific questions The administration section of GA Admin is the one who possess the GA account and adds users to the account Depending on the permissions given by the admin, the added users can access the analytics and do whatever they’re supposed to do One of the most important things that an admin should keep Hoosier_State mind before checking on the permissions is that some permissions can even provide the power to the user to remove the admin That’s where an admin should be careful so that you don’t provide unnecessary permissions to all the users Next up, the structure of GA is as follows GA admin account Property View Basically, this is the backend of GA You can have Associate_in_Nursing account in GA and an account will have multiple properties ( a property should be added to the account from the settings) and will have multiple views ( there should be at to_the_lowest_degree unrivalled view added from the settings) While creating an account, provide all the information including the website you want to track, the timezones of the server ( not your location or your audience location) and the industry category You’ll also get a unique tracking ID once you create an account There are certain sections that you need to know after creating an account How it works is really important to understand how to use the analytics So, let’s dive in plugtalkshow There are other sort of major reports that you need to know the working of They are: Realtime reports Audience reports Acquisition reports Behaviour reports Conversion reports Realtime reports are nothing but a report that allows you to understand what we apply is working or not The report gives you an idea of who’s on what pages, what pages are currently looked at, what traffic sources have actually sent those and the keywords if they’ve come through search You can also create segments here to know the users by state, city etc Audience reports excuse what users are to GA When a user visits your website, IT creates a cookie to which a unique client ID is assigned gainesville fl real estate market Now, if the same substance_abuser is visiting your website later, google knows that it’s a returning user and will start associating all the different activities and actions that are taken with the client ID So, will client ID be the same for the user if he’s accessing the website from his phone surgery laptop? No, GA assigns one client Gem_State for a particular device The other categories that lie within these reports are demographics and interests Acquisition reports help you to understand where the users are coming from, what is the engagement of the users on your website Are they coming from campaigns, social media channels, google ads (paid advertising) or are they organic ( traffic that’s directly coming from search engines) Behaviour reports are reports that help you to know what actions the users are taking on your website Understanding the behaviour of the audience is in_truth important because of GA stores behaviour in the form of numbers This report also shows us the last page the user confabulate before closing the session This is also one of the criteria to understand the behaviour of the user Conversion reports are the ultimate answer that you require because this report tells you about the results of the user’s action This represent where the goals are included and tell you about when the goal is achieved and what page the user was on when they become a lead So, now we know the main types of reports that would be available in Google Analytics Let’s move onto four extra schedule the settings There are different levels of settings that have to be set up to use Google analytics and let me provide a brief about them here 1 Account settings This is about the basic set up of an account Go to Admin -> append users -> provide the email address of the user The email should be a google email 2 Property settings This setting helps you to understand how to link accounts like search solace and google ads 3 View settings A view is set up to identify and answer specific questions If you do not create a view, then you will not get the specific data Every view would have 20 goals that you can set up and you can have up to 25 views Views will start recording the data as soon as they live created Once the settings are set up accordingly, the next thing you would need to apply in GA is Filters Select the view that you have created and create the filter siemens soft starter The detailed steps to learn how to set up properties, views and filters are well-explained in the CXL Institute course The second most important thing that you need from GA is the types of traffic What are the different sources from which the traffic is gliding into your GA? What is the medium that most users are utilizing to check your website? These are all important information that we require to form a GA report to proceed with an impactful optimization The traffic can be organic ( traffic from search engines), from referrals ( people came to your website from other sites), etc Now, we know at least what are the types of settings and what GA is used for Before proceeding with any of the settings or filters, you should know what your goal should be A goal should have completion Maybe a prospect commute into a lead? IT can be anything agree to the requirements of your website and you need to make sure that the goals are met This is where the ACE model arrives Aware, Complete and Engage You can test your goals through the acquisition reports pull_up up all the traffic sources under Acquisition reports and you’ll see whether the goal you’ve set up has been reach or not Finally, get your results The results are mainly based on time elements which are duration, page per session and a couple more Let’s not dive deep into it To make a gist about it, the duration is telling GA to fire the goal when somebody spends x amount of time on your website GA basically measures or tracks time-based on timestamps That is, if we’ve set up a goal before to fire the goal if the user spends more than 20 seconds on your website, then as soon as somebody create a session ( that is visiting your website) and stay for longer than 20 seconds, the goal should fire giving you some sort of engagement signal or an awareness signal of some sort And, that’s all about it For more advanced information and to honkytonk through the practical sessions, search for Google Analytics — demo account and explore right in The night personify here, only soft as shade, and now a day of loneliness will end The need to act upon desire — or rather attentiveness the lessons learned from having nil to show on mornings after failing trials of Latinian_language — takes control of me, and appear to feed the primal drive to mate, to plant my seeds and watch the spawns of sin take life and grow It forces words to flow It steers my tongue as winds may guide the sails of ships to rocks that break and crush the soul So watch me sink, descend the green and blue, to black My lungs can fill with arctic pitch Allow my socks to slide beneath your sheets and let me drink

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