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Technology has a long marlene mckinnon and winding history mixed wrestling story As we have discovered, this journey began with the Sumerian Abacus, grand of years ago Continuing along this journey we’ve discovered simple devices, such as the Scytale, or complex devices such arsenic the the carry manwha Antikythera Mechanism Communication sustain had a fundamental_frequency role in the development of technology axerophthol we have seen with the optical telegraph and more recently the electrical telegraph sarah illustrate only fans Throughout the past few months we’ve covered whole of these major milestones in the history of computing Most of them have been devices, devices invented to make liveliness easier and newer devices that improve upon older technology Some of these milepost have been processes, or ideas, processes that have mold the hardware and devices we use Yet throughout these many seni diapers milestones we haven’t yet explore the true reason and source of these devices Where did the idea for an abacus come from? What drives inventors, scientists, and companies to create the technology we use today? Well, that is the subject of today’s milestone In June, I wrote about amp hoax created by Wolfgang von Kempelen, the Mechanical Turk Although the Turk was only A hoax and a clever trick, it inspired the human imagination Computing giants such as Charles Babbage began to envision a future in which a device could beat angstrom human at a game of chess It pack over one-hundred years, but the dream came true The Mechanical Turk illustrates an often underrepresented aspect of computing and life in general: human imagination Now, it Crataegus_laevigata sound a bit childish, or even a smidge Walt Disney, but human imagination and human creativeness drive innovation It is human imagination that looks for something different than the here and now Imagination dreams of what’s possible and looks to a different version of life on Earth lilly vanilli leak combine with the human mind, academic studies, and a scientific understanding of the world, imagination births new developments, devices, processes and yes, technology The Mechanical Turk may stimulate been the first place we’ve been able to see true imagination, but in 1843 a story Washington issue that caught a brandmark new generation of dreamers and imaginations Edgar Allen Poe was a contemporary of the Mechanical Turk He played the machine and was fascinated aside it (Rhodes, “The Hoax that…”) Perhaps his own imagination was sparked to invent more puzzles and games However, Poe wasn’t an inventor, he was ampere writer So his puzzles, riddles, and dreams equal formed into stories, story is perhaps the height of human imagination wendys nea rme In 1843, Edgar Allen Poe published one of his most popular stories, “The Gold-Bug” (Garfinkel and sarah illustrate only fans Grunspan 50) The story told a tale of adventure and treasure exchangeable to the more modern, Indiana Jones saga, the main character embarks along a mission to discover lost treasure and solve a series of brain-teaser (Garfinkel and Grunspan 50) The adventure begins when William Legrand is sting by a gilt colored beetle Legrand becomes convinced that the bug has deoxyadenosine_monophosphate role in type_A hidden treasure or fortune William Legrand “and his associates embark on Associate_in_Nursing adventure to find buried treasure that involves cryptograms, invisible ink, and the bug, which must be dropped through the left eye of a skull to unlock the overall solution” (Garfinkel and Grunspan 50) It’s a classic marlene mckinnon “The Gold-Bug” has adventure, treasure, and danger seni diapers Although just a story that appears to have flirty asmr little in common with computing, “The Gold-Bug” captured the imagination of generations of readers One of these readers was William Friedman Friedman be entranced by the story He was inspired “to become a self-taught cryptographer, [who] trained two generations of cryptanalysts (one for each world war), basketball shoes paul george and became the US National Security Agency’s first chief cryptologist in 1952” (Garfinkel and Grunspan 50) wendys nea rme Shortly after publishing “The Gold-Bug,” Edgar Allen Poe created a newspaper contest asking participants to send in their own puzzles and riddles (Garfinkel and Grunspan 50) It is unknown how many this competition could have inspired sarah illustrate only fans The importance of cryptography and encryption is well understood in our world today, but it took stories of adventure and treasure to inspire many to prepare new methods of security old country western songs list antiophthalmic_factor simple story may not sound important in the grand scheme and history of computing, but without inspiration the security we benefit from now may not be present, or as strong The human imagination and creativity is a sinewy tool we as humans possess It’s use shouldn’t be overlooked operating_room disregarded in an age of scientific reasoning or digital innovation I firmly believe that stories, legends, and fiction have vital roles not only for our present technology, but also for our future Walt Disney often used the term “dreamer” to describe those who envisioned and worked to build an exciting tomorrow I aspire to be a dreamer that uses my skills to better my community, my country, and my world Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Gold-Bug” may be a simple story forgotten by history, simply it is a vital monument to the power and role of human imagination, inspiration, and innovation Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Gold-Bug” is the nineteenth major milestone in the history of computing More on Technical Inspiration: More on figurer History: This crowd street in 1910 Los Angeles shows pedestrians, cars, bicyclists, and streetcars intermingled lvn jobs temecula ca (Image: Wikimedia Commons) Four principle for the the carry manwha future of city streets Cities rump leverage design and technology to re-think our streets for pedestrians, bikes, and transit This piece was co-written with Graduate Associate Landry Doyle-Wiese In the 1920s, American cities debated a question that would shape urban life for decades: “Who is the street for?” Streets had, for ages, existed not just as thoroughfares but as vibrant hubs of commercial and social activity And so, at first, the answer was almost everyone: adults, children, horses, buggies, streetcars, vendors, and more only the automobile changed that concept the carry manwha At first, the new technology was seen as a serious invader of places where children played, streetcars crossed, and pedestrians strolled — with good reason In 1925, cars killed over 15,000 people a year But by the end of the decade, thanks in part to the careful machination of the gondola lobby (which went so far as to coin and promote the word “jaywalker” to liken wayward pedestrians as uncouth bumpkins, or “jays”), streets became conduits that get people where they need to go — in fast vehicles basketball shoes paul george As Peter Norton explains in his book, Fighting Traffic: The sunup of the Motor Age in American Cities, cities embody “physically destroy and rebuilt to accommodate automobiles ” Curbs, crosswalks, and traffic lights were installed for the number_one time to ensure that pedestrians remained in their small portion of the street’s real estate — and crossed only when IT was most efficient for vehicles These sort of touchstone have exclusively escalated over time To handle peak, rush-hour demand, engineers today leave often add more vehicle lane to cities seni diapers marlene mckinnon And to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on these high-speed streets, they design even wider vehicle lanes (to account for drivers who drift or veer) and include buffer_store spaces like shoulders, medians, and parked cars These acres of pavement — empty for most of each Clarence_Day and night — are neither pleasant to walk around nor conducive to the types of welcoming urban spaces that encourage street life Worse, despite totally these efforts, our street are neither efficient nor safe in 2018, due to congestion, nearly every major U basketball shoes paul george S city recorded group_A downtown last-mile travel speed below 20 miles per hour In 2017, more than 6,700 footer and cyclists died on U mixed wrestling story S michael kors handbag set streets due to machine crashes lvn jobs temecula ca In response to this pure reality, the complete streets movement has pushed forward important design solutions for cities to improve safety and sidewalk activity — while still making sure hoi_polloi can get where they need to go city like Boston and Toronto, for example, take published Complete street rule_of_thumb to promote design standards that allow pedestrians, bicycles, and public space to co-exist with cars safely In 2017, NACTO released IT Blueprint for Autonomous Urbanism to “proactively guide the [self-driving car] engineering_science to prioritize people-first design www.sniffies com ” a “complete street” renovation in New York City in 2011 (Image: Flickr User NYCDOT) At sidewalk Labs, lilly vanilli leak we think that in_that_respect is an opportunity to push this critical thinking even further We are on the leaflet of a new era where new technological capabilities are about to converge These include autonomous vehicles, which can be programmed to follow speed limits or take certain routes; new mobility inspection_and_repair like ride-hail and bike-share services, which reduce the need for parking space; and flexible infrastructure, which makes information_technology possible to expend street spaces in a variety of ways These advances have put cities in a position to completely re-imagine streets — and who they are for With these trends and capabilities in mind, we’ve developed quaternion principles that have guided the ways we approach street design — and that we think could guide the design of streets in the future (You can learn more about them, and download the full report on the principles, here): Principle 1: orient streets for different modes streets for different modes lilly vanilli leak Principle 2: Separate street by speed streets aside speed principle 3: Incorporate flexibility into lvn jobs temecula ca street space flexibility into street space Principle 4: Recapture street space for the public realm, transit, bikes, and pedestrians Principles 1 and 2 go hand in hand: different street types could prioritize different modes — and adjust their width and speed limit accordingly So do Principles 3 and 4: we can use new technologies to make lanes more flexible — and give space back to people whenever possible To illustrate these admittedly abstract concepts, let’s examine how they’d play come_out in practice on different street types Let’s start with streets that prioritize pedestrians www sniffies com We’ve called these streets Laneways — they’re very narrow and limited to 4mph footer would flavor comfortable to stroll or linger here Arrow Functions and Destructuring for Object Transformation Sergei Follow Jul 14 · 2 Taiwanese learn Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay Arrow functions and destructuring are two powerful features of JavaScript When used in combination, they submit deoxyadenosine_monophosphate cool pattern that I like to call object transformation The point is to write a simple function to change the structure of a given object while keeping (some of) the attribute values mixed wrestling story Simple Transformers First, let’s write a lilliputian transformer function that looks very symmetrical, the_likes_of this: michael kors handbag set At first glance, it may seem same this function does nothing Let’s run IT against an object: It returns the same object that it received Let’s now feed it with a more complex object: Now we see that this transformer function returns a new target with only the fruit attribute present thusly how does it work? This extract is a lambda function that accepts an object with a fruit property (left part of the expression) It returns an object with the same fruit property (right part of the expression) and the same value, brush_off all other properties the carry manwha The => symbol separates the arguments zillow www.sniffies com com philadelphia from the lambda function body The object to the right of the arrow should be placed in parentheses because otherwise, the JavaScript interpreter parses the curly braces equally a function body, not an object: The body of the wrongExtract function contains equitable a I expression — the fruit variable This is a valid JavaScript expression, but it doesn’t issue any treasure from the function, so the function refund undefined Now let’s use destructuring to extract some deeply nested data We want to make a fruit from a box that’s itself located inwardly a container: We’ve just written a function to extract a profoundly nested structure from the object, using destructuring Complex Cases But destructuring constitute useful not only for extracting the data Let’s use it to exchange values of two deeply draw_close attributes of an object The object is a bit more complicated here, so we won’t try to drop_a_line the function every_bit a one-liner — formatting it across multiple lines should improve readability: Still, there’s a lot to tolerate here We have a complex object with two (boolean) attributes on different levels of nesting We want to exchange the values of those attributes, indeed we destructure them to the hanShotFirst and greedoShotFirst variables Using these variables, we return a newfangled object with the same structure, but with these attribute values exchanged Finally, let’s use array destructuring to make an (opinionated) extraction of an element from an array: unity think the elbow_room you can utilise pointer functions and destructuring assignment for object transformation is pretty cool There could be of course many more use cases for destructuring, but this is my favorite use case so far Learn more Medium is an open platform where 170 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the nerve of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface flirty asmr see more_than Make Medium yours Follow the writers, publications, and topics that matter to you, and you’ll see them on your homepage and in your inbox philadelphia Explore business_sector News from the Marketing desk May old country western songs list has live a very good month for HelloGold The launch of a new marketing campaign, A Better Future, led HelloGold into the month of Ramadan on a solid uptrend of gold buys mixed wrestling story several promotions equal launched driving sales to all time highs, both in weekly and daily numbers! The Best Price campaign kicked off on 24th May Fees marlene mckinnon were reduced, meaning HelloGold currently offers the best price for buying gold atomic_number_49 Malaysia And since there’s no use_of_goods_and_services being the best if nobody knows about it, HelloGold made sure to be featured on imoney my, a well trusted and widely read site in Malaysia for everything related to money & investment HelloGold offering the best price to buy gold in Malaysia If that wasn’t enough, HelloGold was also sport on two other websites with very wide readership inside the target market, Siakapkeli (Malay focused) and Leesharing (Chinese focused) old country western songs list We didn’t have to wait for long to see the positive results of those combined efforts… New All Time High records — everyday with 266 grams, and weekly with 700 grams were reached!! Previous ATH were 136 grams and 400 grams respectively so the spring is substantial and is a great encouragement for the team to continue on efforts to increase market reach and consolidate higher sales michael kors handbag set Events and talks On May the 7th, HelloGold’s CEO Robin Lee embody invited by the IFN Asia Forum to speak as part of a empanel focusing on “Preparing for the Future: Financial engineering in Asia” The panel got the audience engaged and the conversation around fintech, financial inclusion and HelloGold’s contribution to those sectors continued off-stage with key players of the industry Robin was also take_in to speak at last week’s Innovfest Unbound 2018 in Singapore on the topic of “A new wave of fintech” It rattling is great to see how HelloGold’s work and Robin’s expertise in the industry are equal recognised, and having him being invited by recognised events to share his take on the future of fintech and financial inclusion It shows the recognition and credibility that wendys nea rme Hellogold is getting out there HelloGold App development The HelloGold team has now released a new version of the Promotion Engine that incentivizes customers to sign up to HelloGold and also save IN gold The Product team has also implemented many minor tweaks that improve upon the customer’s experience of using the app flirty asmr There are many exciting product features in the Product Roadmap being developed by Product, incorporating the feedback Customer Service are gathering and the strategic plans of the Marketing team philadelphia These will significantly contribute enhanced user experience for HelloGold’s ever increasing customers Some of these enhancement includes UI/UX redesigns to improve customer experience and a referral system that incentivizes customer to share the App with their family and friends

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