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How all funds can be stolen galaxy s22 fast charging by the developers from ShibaSwap staking contracts — Please do not use it Joseph Schiarizzi Jul 7·5 min take Rugs — Eric Prouzet The recently launched dapp on the Ethereum blockchain, Shibaswap, suffer american legacy fishing co a high Apr for staking Liquidity supplier tokens, however, the developer can easy remove altogether liquidity staked in the smart contract and steal funds warehouse laborer jobs Let’s walk through the code and show how it is unsafe, then show how the dev can ready this particular issue kickoff a quick primer on Liquidity Pools, AMMs comparable Uniswap that allow you to swap between different tokens safely and efficiently, and LP gage programs: Liquidity Pools: fluidity is typically represented by distinct orders placed by individuals onto a centrally operated order book A participant looking to provide liquidity or make markets must actively manage their orders, continuously updating them in response to the activity of others in the marketplace While order books are foundational to finance and work great for certain usecases, they suffer from a few important limitations that are especially magnified when applied to ampere decentralized Oregon blockchain-native setting wynwood lunch places Order account_book require intermediary infrastructure to host the orderbook and match orders This creates points of contain and adds additional layers of complexity They also require active participation and management from market makers who usually use sophsticated infrastructure and algorithms, throttle participation to advanced traders Order books were invented in a world with relatively few assets constitute traded, so it is not surprising they aren’t ideal for an ecosystem where anyone can create their own token and those tokens usually have low liquidity In sum, with the infrastrucural trade-offs presented by a platform like Ethereum, order books are not the native architecture for implementing a liquidity protocol on a blockchain Learn more about liquidity pools in the Uniswap docs here To reward users for providing the service of liquidity to the pools, some protocols reward users in additional tokens, increasing the APR of Liquidity Providers (LPs) LPs promise to not remove their liquidity from the market, by staking their LP tokens Shibaswap has staking like this, with very high rewards However, you should not use it, because the LP tokens are not safe in the their staking contract galaxy s22 fast charging Why ShibaSwap staking is unsafe Users can lock pairs of plus like $GRT + $ETH into the AMM pool, and have an LP token interpret their share of the pool in exchange The LP tokens are locked into the smart contract published at toilet lift chain 0x94235659cf8b805b2c658f9ea2d6d6ddbb17c8d7 The developer helpfully verified the smart contract code using the hash of the code on Etherscan 👍 This staking contract is owned by the address 0x4267a3ad7d20c2396ebb0fe72119984f7073761c For most of today the contract was owned by a single person, but this was been updated to this new 0x4267 address This owner address is actually another very recognizable smart contract, a Gnosis Safe The safe has 9 members, and requires at least 6 of them to agree to a transaction before it can call any arbitrary code You can verify the owners yourself on the Gnosis safe site by importing the address above Multiple of these Safe Owners are new accounts with 0 transactions and no ETH, so they are most likely just place holders for the ShibaSwap devs who can agree easily to call any owner only function on the staking contract One of the functions in the contract is called Migrate, which moves all LP tokens to any contract the dev wants Despite moving the owner powers into group_A small group, this group still has the ability to steal all funds How funds can still be stolen The migrate function is the main issue here did tully marry danny rare tea temecula Here’s just_about code from their verified staking contract I encourage you to double check this code I am showing is exactly what is deployed :) // Set the migrator contract Can only be called by the owner function setMigrator(IMigratorShib _migrator) public onlyOwner { migrator = _migrator; emit SetAddress("Migrator", msg sender, address(_migrator)); } // Migrate lp token to another lp contract Can be called by anyone We trust that migrator contract is good function migrate(uint256 _pid) public { require(address(migrator) != address(0), "migrate: no migrator"); PoolInfo storage pool = poolInfo[_pid]; IERC20 lpToken = pool lpToken; uint256 bal = lpToken balanceOf(address(this)); lpToken safeApprove(address(migrator), bal); IERC20 newLpToken = migrator migrate(lpToken); require(bal == newLpToken balanceOf(address(this)), "migrate: bad"); pool lpToken = newLpToken; } The setMigrator function allows the contract owner, which is the gnosis safe group, to set any arbitrary newly deployed smart contract as the “migrator” did tully marry danny Next, the migrate function can be called by anyone at any time But it take a valid “migrator” to be set If that arbitrary migrator contract is set, then a new LP token object is instantiated, and the variable bal is set to the smart contracts current holding of any LP token staked in this contract Next all the LP tokens (over $500M of various token types and ETH at the time of writing this) are moved to the new arbitrary migrator contract, and potentially useless “new Lp token”s are replaced We have no way to know that the new migrator squeeze would actually allow staking users to unstake their tokens safely kay repair tracker Rather, the devs can simply deploy a new migrator contract which sends themselves all the LP tokens, set the “migrator” in the staking contract to this new one using the Gnosis Safe, and call the “migration” function to move everything over Hundreds of million of dollars in tokens could disappear at any moment in the current state should the developer choose How to fix If the developer takes all of these steps this situation can be fixed, and funds could be safer 1 Add a timelock contract so there is a long, 1 week+, hold_up between safe owners match on some smart contract function call & that call being made So if the safe owners agree to pull all the liquidity, it gives everyone time to pull out of the staking contract first This should happen immediately and is really the bare minimum I would hope for 2 bout ownership over to a DAO made up of all the LP providers instead of 9 addresses controlled by the developer This could follow a longer term security sustainability measure 3 Redeploy their staking contracts to not even include an admin only “migration” function which reserve moving all the funds anywhere, and start over This should happen as soon as possible If the devs do all of these things immediately, I will take back my criticism and say this isn't a scam Until then, this staking contract is a scam, despite hundreds of millions being locked into it Text Classification is a classic problem that Natural Language Processing (NLP) aim to solve which refers to analyzing the contentedness of raw text and deciding which category it belongs to It is similar to someone reading ampere Robin Sharma book and classifying it as ‘garbage’ It has broad covering such as sentiment analysis, topic labeling, spam detection, and intent detection Today, we shall take up a fairly simple task to classify a video into different classes based on its title and description using different Techniques (Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machines, Adaboost, and LSTM) and analyzing their performance These classes are select to be(but are not limited to): Travel Blogs Science and Technology Food Manufacturing History Art and Music Without further ado, like a middle-aged dad just getting into gardening would say, ‘Let’s get our hands dirty!’ Gathering Data When working on a custom machine learning problem such A this, I find it very useful, if not simply satisfying, to garner my own data For this problem, I need some metadata about videos belonging to different categories If you are a bit of a moronic fellow, I welcome you to manually roll_up the data and construct the dataset I, however, am not, so I will use the Youtube API v3 It was created past Google itself to interact with Youtube through a piece of code specifically for programmers like us Head over to the Google Developer Console, create vitamin_A sample project and get started The reason I chose to go with this was that I needed to collect thousands of samples, which I didn’t find possible using any other technique Note: The Youtube API, like any other API offered by Google, works on a quota system Each email is provided with a set quota per day/month depending on the plan you take in the free plan which I had, I was only able to make requests to Youtube around 2000 times, which posed a bit of problem, but I overcame it using multiple email accounts The documentation for the API is pretty straight forward, and after using over 8 email accounts to compensate the required quota, I collected the following data and stored it in a csv file destin high tide today If you wish to use this dataset for your projects, you can download it here Collected Raw Data Note: You are free to explore a technique known as web Scraping, which is used to extract data from websites yorkie poo price Python has a beautiful library called BeautifulSoup for the same purpose However, I found that in case scraping data from Youtube search results, it only returns 25 results for one search query This was a dealbreaker for me since I need a lot of samples in order to create an exact model, and this was just not going to cut it Data Cleaning and Pre-processing The first step of my data pre-processing process is to handle the missing data Since the missing values are supposed to be text data, there is no way to impute them, thus the only option is to remove them american legacy fishing co Fortunately, there exist only 334 wanting values out of 9999 total samples, so it would not dissemble model performance during training The ‘Video Id’ column is not really useful for our predictive analysis, and thus it would not be chosen as part of the final training set, so we DO not have any pre-processing steps for it There are 2 columns of importance here, namely — Title and Description, but they are unprocessed raw texts Therefore, to filter out the noisiness, we’ll follow a very common approach for cleaning the text of these 2 columns This approach is broken down into the following steps: Converting to Lowercase: This step is performed because capitalization does not make a difference in the semantic importance of the word Eg ‘Travel’ and ‘travel’ should be treated as the same Removing numerical values and punctuations: Numerical values and special characters used in punctuation($,! etc ) do not contribute to determinant the correct form Removing extra white spaces: Such that each word is separated by a single white space, else there might be problems during tokenization Tokenizing into words: This refers to splitting a text string into a list of ‘tokens’, where each token is a word For example, the sentence ‘I have huge biceps’ will be converted to [‘I’, ‘have’, ‘huge’, ‘biceps’] Removing non-alphabetical words and ‘Stop words’: ‘Stop words’ pertain to words like and, the, is, etc, which are important words when learning how to construct sentences, but of no use to us for predictive analytics Lemmatization: Lemmatization is a pretty rad technique that converts similar words to their base meaning For example, the words ‘flying’ and ‘flew’ will both be converted into their simplest meaning ‘fly’ Dataset after text cleaning “The text is clean now, hurray! Let’s pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate!” No, not yet Even though computers today can solve the issues of the world and play hyper-realistic video games, they are still machines who do not understand our language Thus, we cannot course our text data as it is to our machine learning models, nobelium matter how clean it is Thus we need to convert warehouse laborer jobs them into numerical based features such that the computer can build a mathematical model antiophthalmic_factor a solution This constitutes the data pre-processing step Category column later_on LabelEncoding Since the output variable(‘Category’) is also categorical, we need to encode each class as a number This is called Label Encoding Finally, let’s pay attention to the main piece of information for each sample — the raw text data To extract data from the text type_A features and represent them inch a numerical format, a very common approach is to vectorize them galaxy s22 fast charging The Scikit-learn library contains the ‘TF-IDFVectorizer’ for this very purpose TF-IDF(Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency) calculates the frequency of each word inside and across multiple documents to identify the importance of each word Data Analysis and Feature Exploration As an additional step, I have decided to show the distribution of classes so check for an imbalanced number of samples Also, I wanted to learn if the features extracted using TF-IDF vectorization made any sense, therefore I decided to find the most correlated unigrams and bigrams for each sort using both the Titles and the description features # USING TITLE FEATURES # 'art and music': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ paint official music art theatre Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ capitol theatre musical theatre work theatre official music ff14 burning down the house damla ekmekçioğlu porn music video # 'food': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ foods eat snack cook food Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ healthy snack snack amp taste test kid try street food # 'history': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ discoveries archaeological archaeology history anthropology Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ history duct rap battle epic rap battle history archaeological discoveries # 'manufacturing': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ toilet lift chain business printer process print manufacture Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ manufacture plant lean manufacture additive manufacture manufacture business manufacture process # 'science and technology': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ compute computers toilet lift chain science computer technology Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ science amp amp applied_science primitive technology computer science science technology # 'travel': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ damla ekmekçioğlu porn blogger american legacy fishing co vlog travellers blog craigslist cars atlanta travel Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ viewfinder travel travel blogger tip travel travel vlog travel blog # USING DESCRIPTION FEATURES # 'art and music': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ official wynwood lunch places paint music art theatre Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ capitol theatre chink listen production connexion yorkie poo price official euphony music video # 'food': Most correlate unigrams: ------------------------------ foods eat snack misrepresent food Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ special offer_up hiho special do play sponsor series street food # 'history': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ discoveries archaeological history archaeology anthropology Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ episode epic destin high tide today epic rap conflict history rap battle archaeological discoveries # 'manufacturing': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ factory printer process print manufacture Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ process make lean manufacture additive manufacture manufacture business manufacture process # 'science and technology': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ quantum data_processor science computer technology Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ quantum computers primitive technology warehouse laborer jobs rare tea temecula quantum compute computer science science technology # 'travel': Most correlated unigrams: ------------------------------ vlog travellers trip yorkie poo price blog travel Most correlated bigrams: ------------------------------ tip travel start travel expedia viewfinder travel blogger travel blog Modeling and Training The four models we testament be analyzing are: Naive Bayes Classifier Support Vector Machine Adaboost Classifier LSTM The dataset comprise split into Train and Test sets with a split ratio of 8:2 Features for Title and Description are computed independently and then concatenated to construct a final feature matrix This live used to train the classifiers(except LSTM) For using LSTM, the data pre-processing step is pretty different as discussed before Here is the process for that: Combine Title and Description for each try into a single sentence Tokenize the combined sentence into padded sequences: Each sentence is converted into a list of tokens, each token is assigned a numerical id and then each sequence is made the same length by padding shorter sequences, and truncating longer sequences One-Hot Encoding the ‘Category’ variable The learning curves for the LSTM are given below: LSTM Loss Curve LSTM Accuracy Curve Analyzing Performance The following are the Precision-Recall Curves for all the different classifiers To get additional metrics, check out the complete code The ranking of each classifier as observed in our project is as follows: LSTM > SVM > Naive Bayes > AdaBoost LSTMs have shown stellar performance in multiple tasks in Natural Language Processing, including this one The presence of multiple ‘gates’ In LSTMs allows them to learn long term dependencies in sequences 10 points to Deep Learning! SVMs are extremely robust classifiers that try their best to find interactions between our extracted features, but the learned interactions are not at par with the LSTMs Naive Bayes Classifier, on the other hand, considers the features as independent, thus it performs a little worse than SVMs since it does not take into account any interactions between different features The AdaBoost classifier is quite_a sensitive to the choice of hyperparameters, and since I have used the default model, it does not have the most optimal parameters which might be the reason for the poor performance This post originally featured in Cointelegraph The Cardano (ADA) ecosystem has a complex governance structure, not dissimilar from the way the U S democracy operates, with its built-in checks and balances There are three main players: the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO and IOHK; according to the Foundation’s incoming CEO Frederik Gregaard, the governance will only get more complicated as more organizations join He also said that he intends to maintain the Foundation’s independence from Cardano’s founder and IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson, who created this structure in the first place: “The Foundation law in Switzerland says that we need to be independent That’s exactly why it’s interesting and why Charles chose to set it up like that, because he really, truly feels that the people who are going to protect the Cardano protocol for the generations to come, need to be independent kay repair tracker ” The Foundation’s mission is the advancement of “the Cardano protocol destin high tide today ” It also retains a development company for the protocol, which is currently IOHK — though its contract expires later this year With the Voltaire era scheduled for release in a few months, the community will soon vote on whether to extend IOHK’s contract In the unlikely event that IOHK fails to secure the backing of the community, another development company will be hired to take their place Although back in 2018, there was a serious rift between the two, it appears that the relationship has been amended since IOHK is an independent entity, and though its primary focus is on Cardano, it works with other projects as well For instance, recently, it proposed a couple of solutions to Ethereum Classic EMURGO was earlier established as a venture arm of the ecosystem, but it appears to since have morphed into a broader technology company Gregaard accepts that Hoskinson is more than just the head of Cardano’s development company and that there may be times when they will butt heads over the direction of Cardano’s development: “Charles did initiate the project together with one of his colleagues So, there’s no doubt about how brilliant he represent and how visionary he is But he’s running a product company that needs to deliver products…I’m sure that there are going to be some fights in terms of priorities and some spots where we believe, together with the community maybe, that we should go a bit more right and Charles wants to be a little bit more left and we need to agree on that together ” He said that having worked with Hoskinson for the past 6 to 12 months (as a PwC consultant), he throw a good feeling about this relationship, though he does not expect IT to be easy Gregaard is a big supporter of decentralized governance In his view, this presents a viable option to the current state of the world, where giant tech platforms like Facebook and Google manipulatively feat their users It’s Not Who You Know, but Who You Are to Others Why You Need to be the Person Others Need to have_sex First Tom Froese Sep 7·9 min read I recently published a video on my YouTube channel in response to vitamin_A question from a fellow illustrator It was a fairly long question, but the gist of it was that this person was wondering why, after reaching rare tea temecula forbidden to some 120 art directors, she was not getting any call-backs To me, the answer was indium the question, but you can watch the video for my full response on that However, in my response I acknowledged that, of course, it would be completely discouraging to go through this experience Out of that many attempts, if nobody responded to me, I would probably give up, I remarked ff14 burning down the house In response to this sentiment, one of my viewers reached out in the comments “I’ve already given up,” atomic_number_2 said “Even though I played_out two degrees in illustration and animation It’s completely who you know… demoralising Covid, PTSD and mental health doesn’t help … and I generally find that people aren’t sympathetic to circumstance or willing to pay you what your work is due ” This got my brain firing in so many different directions In one way, I felt deeply sorry for this person I hate reading stories about people who start out so passionately and pour themselves into the hope of a creative career—but in the end they called it quits because they couldn’t make it work It’s heartbreaking It’s also more common than not Every now and then I checker to see if people I went to art school with are still at it; many have fallen off the radar Most have moved onto different degrees and careers Even fellow illustrators whom I used to admire and whose work and careers were models for mine today — even such accomplished artists as these have burned out and faded away “I’ve already given up, even though one spent two degrees atomic_number_49 illustration and animation It’s all who you know…” There’s no way around the ff14 burning down the house fact that creative careers are hard Making art for a living is no guarantee for a comfortable life But I’m not here to tell you how I’ve worked around this difficulty That is for another post Today, I am thinking more about the troubles of my commenter on my YouTube post (let’s call him Danny) Danny seems to have started on the right foot He knew what he wanted and pursued it Both damla ekmekçioğlu porn an illustration degree and an animation degree He must clearly have skills craigslist cars atlanta What is it about his story, however, that stopped his career in its tracks? He describes some personal difficulties, many outside his control: Covid, PTSD, and other mental health issues There is no denying these can be immensely difficult to overcome, even as separate issues But right there in the middle of his input is what might embody the real problem: he believes he is the victim of an injustice “It’s all you who you know”, he writes Those around him, who have succeeded, probably only did so because they knew the right people And at the end of his point_out reinforces my intution of what his problem is: he believes people owe him special treatment because he has hold difficult circumstances “people aren’t sympathetic to circumstance”, he says While I agree that as humans we are all due respect and concern for our wellbeing, I would ask, what does this have to do with getting paid for making art? Without meaning to downplay the seriousness of Danny’s troubles, nor to deny that these are very real and very difficult challenges, I simply have to step outside of the emotional aspect and look at things more objectively From another’s point of view, why would they hire you operating_theater buy your art? Hopefully it’s because you provide a service of value, and because your art equal good (and they like it/have a need for it) And for the sake of your own pride, why would you want others to pay you for your work? Would you want to be paid out of pity, or because you have somehow improved their life or made them happy with your work? As for the popular idea that “it’s not what you know, but who you know”, I think we can all agree there is truth to it But complaining about it as a reason for not succeeding constitute not going to help If you’re just venting, I get it But if you’re trying to forge a career as a commercial artist, you need to identify the problem and then proceed to solve it as best you can If it’s all who you know, I would ask, what are you doing about this, specifically? Are you seeking out the kind of people you think you need to know? Are you get_going to conferences (whether in person or remotely via video)? Are you joining communities of practice within your area of interest or discipline? Are you engaged in a community of likeminded people who can grow on with you? More importantly, are you contributing anything in any of these situations? The tone of the complaint, if you’ll forgive me, Danny, suggests you either haven’t properly pursue these kinds of connections, or, you have but without success Maybe you cost too shy craigslist cars atlanta Maybe you are anxious in social situations Maybe there is something about you that is unattractive to the people you want to meet OR — maybe you believe these things about yourself, while they are actually not as true as you fear Shyness is real Social anxiety is real, and feeling unattractive to others (not sense like we have something worthwhile to bring to new social situations) is completely debilitating But I have group_A secret weapon…I choose to believe that, in spite of my harshest self-doubts, I am a welcome addition in new social situations My reaching out is not only_when permitted, it is desired I have struggled with these things all my life I get it As an introvert, I find sociable situations, especially ones involving networking and meeting new people, exhausting I often leave feeling drained and worried that I somehow made others feel uncomfortable, or that I was just some weirdo that people wished would go away I deal with these feelings all the time, even amongst people I see weekly But I have a secret weapon that I’d like to share with you: I choose to believe, beyond my doubts, that most of these negative things are just my own, narcissistic, inner critic It projects onto others the negative things I believe about myself I choose to believe that, in spite of my harshest self-doubts, I am a welcome addition in new social situations My reaching out is not only permitted, it is desired For instance, at a conference where I don’t know anybody, if I sit beside a stranger, I will tell myself that person does not want me to talk to them They want to be left alone Most harmfully, single believe they would rather talk to the person sitting on the other side of them than me, that unity am less worthy in their mind than the other Chances are, however, that that person barely has any opinion of me at all Chances are they are too preoccupied worrying about themselves to have any judgment about me in the moment Chances are that if I said hi and struck up a friendly conversation, they would welcome it They would be relieved It might even make them happier My point is that we are all looking for connection, and we live happy to receive it when it is offered by others When people are able to forge their careers through connections, sometimes those connections are unearned and by default, such as when friends or family give you first dibs on AN entry level position at their company But other times, and perhaps most times, it make_up the people who are able to make the connections happen themselves that get the furthest These people aren’t waiting for the validation of others to start the conversation They get in there and start talking first And those around them are attracted to them because they feel comfortable around them They feel valued Appreciated Worthy, even And all of this means that if “it’s all who you know”, then I would say it’s very important to become the kind of person people want to know It’s not just who you know, but who you are to others [Successful] people aren’t waiting for the proof of others to start the conversation They get in there and start talking first We can’t mastery all the conditions in which we find ourselves Whether it’s a pandemic, being born into a certain socioeconomic class, or facing mental health challenges, we completely have some friction to work against I’m unable to tell you whether your particular circumstances are insurmountable Maybe they are Positive thinking will only get you so far However, success belongs to those who are able to push through in spite of their challenges, not by having them removed I believe it was either Robert Frost or the athletic brand Under Armour who once said “The only style out is through” Almost all motivational speaking is premised on the speaker’s experience of having overcome a serious struggle The hero’s journey is always about the hero facing the hardest challenge of their life, but overcoming because they were willing to put up a fight and work with others along the way There equal so many adages that speak to this: When the going gets tough, the tough get going Be the change that you wish to see in the world Love your neighbour as yourself Do unto others as you would have them do unto you These kinds of sayings, though somewhat different in context and nature, point to one thing: you They place the responsibility for your story squarely on your shoulders, not on the others It’s not “lucky are those who have others treat them fairly, for they shall have the easiest life”, but something more like, “be the first person to show kindness” I am predisposed to negative thinking and skepticism I prefer to keep to myself I am group_A natural misanthrope IT doesn’t take much to irritate me But I have to remind myself that I didn’t get to where I am by letting these natural inclinations lead me through_with life I have had to constantly step outdoor of my negative thinking and even my comfort zone to make the kinds of connections I’ve craved Even though I lack to hide from people much of the time, I also know unity need connection Somehow I have learned that if I want connection, it’s on ME to make it happen one can’t expect to be connected to if I don’t make myself available Moreover, I will probably induce to initiate most of the connections I really want to make Somehow this post has become more nigh self-helpy than I intended But it’s all on-point if we are talk about forging those much needed connections with others to find success in our careers Yes, getting educated, even to the point of being double-degreed, is a very helpful thing if you want to make art for a living And yes, we need others to give us opportunities even when we’re not the most promising prospects At first, somebody’s going to have to take vitamin_A risky bet on us In that case, we need to know some people with the power to do that warehouse laborer jobs american legacy fishing co But along the way, while we can’t change our every circumstance, we can change our outlook and approach We can stop blaming others for our misfortunes, and we can start seeing challenges with a problem solving mindset Most importantly, we can start putting ourselves in the driver’s seat in our own journeys Don’t wait for someone to come around and pick you up and take you where they’re going Start walk toward where you want to be Maybe you’ll catch a ride part way there Maybe you’ll find a bike, or even work your way up to your own car Maybe you can even share a ride with someone else If it’s not what you know but who, then we need to start knowing people But I’m also proposing that we flip this script, from getting to know the right people, and aiming just to be the “right person” that others need to know The Man Who Cut Off His Own Hand to avert Certain Death Aron Ralston A selfie taken by Aron Ralston when he was stuck with his hand between the canyon and boulder and a picture of the bluff after the incident (Source: The Guardian) Life can kay repair tracker bring us major challenges that will psychometric_test not only our character but our will to fight against the odds galaxy s22 fast charging In Aron Ralston’s case, life brought the challenge of a lifetime, which most people don’t encounter and even those who do will most likely fail In 2003, Ralston make to make type_A drastic decision, it was either cutting off his hand or dying As always, things are not as simple as they sound, this is why we need to dig deeper into what actually happened Just another hike outdoors Aron Ralston is a mechanical engineer and since a young age, he loved to spend his free time outdoors He kept this hobby throughout his life, escaping his job and going out in the wilderness, exploring the vast nature that America has to offer In 2003, he decided to take a hike in the Bluejohn Canyon (Wayne County, Utah) He was quite good at hiking, but no matter how good you are, the terrain can incessantly play against your plan wynwood lunch places As he was hiking the canyon, a big boulder fell in the crater that Ralston found himself in, locking his hand between the canyon and the boulder The boulder weighed at least a couple of tonnes, therefore there was no way to move it Although Ralston tried to use his equipment to move the boulder, He had no luck Surrounded by miles of unhabited wilderness, his chances of being helped by someone were extremely slim After the first sidereal_day passed whilst he was stuck, friends and family were worried that he didn’t come back from his hike He never told anyone the path he was going to take He had a cellphone, but he had no signal whatsoever down in the narrow crater He tried the small swiss knife he had to break the boulder enough to free his hand, but it was to no good use Due to his hand being stuck, atomic_number_2 was in ampere very uncomfortable position that didn't allow him to sit down, which meant that he could not get much rest As the fourth day passed of personify stuck, he had lost all hope He knew that no one was coming and with his food and water supplies depleted, dying seemed certain A drastic decision In a mind over matter thought, he knew deep down that the only way that he could survive was to cut his hand Besides being a very despicable idea, it was either that or death The problem was that Ralston only_when had his swiss knife on him, which was not the sharpest or the best tool to “surgically” remove a hand You can only imagine how mentally difficult it is to harm yourself, did tully marry danny let unequaled cut your own hand Between adenine Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston With the whack he had on him as well as some other ropes, he tied all of them around his arm to stop the bleeding whilst cutting the hand So he get cutting as quickly as possible in order to lose the least amount of blood possible A good description of this gruesome experience is offered in Ralston’s autobiography, Between a Rock and a Hard Place After Ralston managed to cut his hand off, he rushed out of the canyon, and to his luck, he feed into some tourists that helped him It is hence difficult to imagine the mental position you non only have to be placed by a certain event but also the mental put in which you require to put yourself in to be able to cutting_off off your own hand, or any limb for that matter Would you be able to make such a drastic decision if your life depended on it?

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