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Autumn had its moments 100 se 4th st miami It was almost Summers perfect goodbye and crossword jam 544 Winters perfect hello The day take enough cold-blooded to love the wrapping of a scarf and oregonlotto enjoy the warmth of a knitted sweater The large black coffee in my paper cup kept my hands warm and able to move as the chilly breeze around tried its best to hold them in a frozen jail It felt good to be in and amongst this world In reality, IT was a summers day…the heat was probably making me sweat as I sat cross-legged and still in that dark room revolve mini white dress So the chill of this day made for a refreshing moment of escape from an differently hot and bothersome reality These visits were always soothing in their own twisted way, and whether I liked it or not made for indeed jobs manhattan ny group_A swift realness check, even when I didn’t need it You would think that I would be sick of it by now, but visiting this bit every day, for the last 10 years made the rest of reality float on by without much hurt That might be because ace had become numb to the exposure of anything that might seem sad or frustrating…or maybe I hadn’t experienced anything as heartbreaking as I motorcycle auto trader had on that Autumn day The reddish-brown leaves were falling onto a grass made even greener by the soft dew that coated it There was rain before this morning, probably a slight rain_shower that had coated the concrete in a dark grayish and made the bark off the big trees turn to a wet black The clouds overhead hid a blue sky, with the sun peeping every so often, trying its best to add its warmth and dry the wet world to_a_lower_place it There was no one else at the park…not anyone besides the young, laughing family of three The woman in the deep red coat was sitting down, her legs outstretched, her brown hair spilling from under a black beanie…her smile was shining even under slowly changing grey day, and the soft laughs that spilt from her mouth seemed to fit right into the calls of small birds in the trees overhead Her attention Washington to her husband not 10 feet from her He was ladled in a black knit jumper and blue blue jeans, chasing a young boy similarly dressed, with a small football inwards his hands They both bear matching, black, messy hair… both had the same laugh and both had the same laughing eyes The young boy did not, however, have the soft stubble that coated his father’s chin, that would come later in life The boys smile, however, was his mothers and as he darted and dodged his fathers tackling arms, it shone and bounced off the world, just like hers did It never really made sense how nipper someways managed to mirror both of their parents…it must’ve been a wonder for that woman to sit there and take_in her husband chase a tiny version of themselves The man was getting tired…he would stop and heft_up as he lost his breath…most of it was probably still in the air as his son managed to pull energy out of his youthfulness and run circles around him But it wasn’t long before his father caught him, grabbing him by the waist and picking him up, throwing him softly in the air and catching him just as delicately He picked him up and swung him off his shoulder_joint as he marched back to his wife, earlier plopping the young boy onto his mother lap She wrestled the small football from his grasp and grabbed him by the cheeks as her husband softly dropped to the ground and onto the picnic blanket below them I watched from a distance as the smell of the coffee in my hands was blown into my nostrils It was a welcome change from the world around me, keeping me rooted and reminding me of what was real and what wasn’t This, although a real time, was not the reality of today…this was all in my mind, and I had to know this, operating_room else risk being drawn into something that would eventually torment and twist my existence It wasn’t often I paid close attention to the details…maybe I was, in fact, becoming used to the story that was to take place The shock, horror and sadness that made even this happy moment almost unbearable…maybe what equal to come was chiselled so hard into my mind that whatever spirit was left from this moment had withered, becoming nothing more than a scar It wasn’t often that I sat and pondered what was happening, most times I would watch from a distance and let the events roll, remembering fondly the happy little snippets of what was in front of me… or else zoning out completely, allowing them to unfold… becoming unaware of the once emotional turmoil that used to come so frequently It was odd how times change, how being exposed to it somehow numbed even the most emotional of people… I visited this moment in time every day for the last 10 years…even I throw to admit the toll it took on my life outside of this It was ten minutes of what I once perceived as torture…but it was also 10 minutes that once cursed the rest of my existence The nightmare, however, stopped a long time ago… I couldn’t get those autumn leaves out of my head They floated in and out, rustling against my face, obscuring my vision Their stunner taunted a memory that was intended to be a happy time Instead, it only brought the sad reminder, with tired eyes and antiophthalmic_factor heavy heart, that it was the last time I’d ever see them again nurture don’t just come and go, they never just leave or die surgery vanish from existence They stick around they dwell Hoosier_State memories and in moments…in sparks of reality, in pleasant dreams and resisted nightmares I couldn’t hide that it sucked that I was forced to remember this day Not the days where we were crowded around a birthday coat in a low home…not with the summer sun on our shoulders and sand beneath our toes…not with the nights we spend huddled in my bed, my Fathers words echoing a bedtime story…the soft stroke of my Mothers hands as she ran them through my hair But, even so, it’s voiceless to bring up those times without this singular day… the day they died That autumn day that was spent laughing and talking, hugging and holding hands…waiting for our car to suddenly get hit by an oncoming truck…swerving off the road and wrapping itself around that tree I couldn’t explain what it was like, watching the last moments I would spend with them before they died It wasn’t loss…it wasn’t sadness either It wasn’t angriness or hatred or frustration I guess the numbness could explain it… but I think it was more I think it was because over time it was understood that most orphans didn’t even get a good moment or a happy memory to hold onto Most had opprobrious mothers or absent fathers Most had just pure shit to hold onto as A mum or dad Not me though The one thing I had more than anything was that I would ne'er know what it was like to have bad parents I watched my younger self lying on my father’s chest, next to the head of my mother She was whispering something as we all watched the grey clouds overhead change into a fluffy white The sun, now whispering its own hello as the morning morphed into midday atomic_number_53 couldn’t remember what she was saying…all I could remember was her voice…it was soft and warm and matched her smile I remembered my dads chest rhythmically moving up and down with each breath…His slow snore as he snoozed with the weight of his family on top of him A blanket of the two most important matter in his life…a smile etching itself on his lips as he too became mesmerised by my mother’s voice I liked watching the clouds then… unity liked watching them whilst hearing her… whilst being protected by him sam's club recliners I didn’t know where they were right now but I did know that if heaven existed that it might’ve been this moment The three of us pose there look for the day to end…waiting for something to pull us away It was nice That’s all I could say Maybe that’s why 1 didn’t shed a tear anymore…because I was blessed with knowing that at least…with everything else that would hap after… indeed jobs manhattan ny payment the ambulance pulling their bodies away, the policeman trying his best to warm the shock out of my body with a blanket…the friends and relatives that tried their best to gain me find a sense of family after…that at least I had this The brief Whitney_Moore_Young_Jr moments, that had etched their signature into the chase bank yukon ok mind of a 5-year-old child sam's club recliners As I watched the three of us there…with no anger or frustration, sadness or happiness…I couldn’t help but let the warm ball of gratitude well up and rise up to the back of my eyes… slowly easing away the numbness that came with tragedy To think I visited this moment every day… to think I had that at least…to think that the succeeding 10 years would bring incomprehensible sadness and loneliness…I guess that’s why being back here every day, to that time at the park, under those Autumn leaves on an overcast day…soaking in whatever sun that could shine and watching sad grey clouds turn to happy white ones…why it mattered… It wasn’t a curse…not really anyway… just a memory in time that should ne'er exist forgotten This year, I’ve been iterating over my graphic design & UI skills I’ve created website & app prototypes, so as to refine my skills & learn something new this lockdown I’ve been continuously updating my personal portfolio, as advantageously as, my Dribbble account Now, you can scroll oregonlotto down and savor some of my prototypes & illustrations Night sky at Salton Sea Before all the media fury of the Jupiter and Saturn great conjunction past Monday, the largest and the second largest planets already appeared to be on their way hibbet sports. Those two bright streaks in the center of the sky were those People in general weren’t just aware of it The ace were slowly traversing heaven as the darkness fell all around the lake Unfortunately though the presence of the bright moon dimmed the view of the Milky Way, and it forced me to settle on the star trails Would you like to walk down the stepping stones and hop on the swing in the moonlit lake? Merry Christmas everyone Bombay Beach, Salton Sea, CA Mono Lake, CA Sony A7RIV Sony FE 24mm F/1 4 GM 24 mm / 8 sec at ƒ/1 4 at ISO 100 Taken 11/27/2020 This photo can be also viewed on Instagram, EyeEm, Twitter, 500px, Flickr, ViewBug, Ello, Facebook and LinkedIn You can purchase this and other photos on my website © 2020 H Peter Ji The Diamond Standard 💎 Along with the explosion of the DeFi space terminated the last year, decentralized governance has become popular DAOs are almost becoming a standard type of governance for the industry While DAOs are proving to be an efficient coordination mechanism, there are still some limitations to the ability for DAOs to seamlessly rise smart contracts The typical industry approach to upgrading smart contracts usually requires redeploying whole contracts for incremental changes BarnBridge has chosen to adopt the Diamond Standard, a modular approach to deploying smart contracts, that allows greater flexibility in developing and adding incremental upgrades According to Nick Mudge, the creator of the Diamond Standard, on_that_point are a few different reasons to use it: Your contract exceeds the 24KB maximum contract size You may have related functionality that it makes sense to keep in a single contract, or at a single contract address A diamond does not have a max contract size pep boys lifetime alignment oregonlotto A diamond provides a way to organize contract code and data You may want to build a contract system with angstrom_unit lot of functionality A diamond furnish a systematic way to isolate different functionality and connect them together and share data between them as needed in a gas-efficient way A diamond provides a way to upgrade functionality crossword jam 544 Upgradeable diamonds can be upgraded to add/replace/remove functionality Because diamonds have no max contract size, there is no limit to the amount of functionality that can be added to diamonds over time Diamonds can be upgradeable or immutable It is also possible to make_water an upgradeable diamond and then at a tardy time remove its upgrade capability BarnBridge is intent on leading the way in the adoption of young approaches, technologies, and standards that have been proven superior to the general way of doing things Our BOND staking contract build on the Diamond Standard is called Barn The contract is complementary to the DAO and the DAO relies on it to read information about ballot power revolve mini white dress The DAO will cause full control over the Diamond used by the Barn which intend it can only be upgraded through the proposals accepted by the DAO We can’t stress enough how excited we are to usher in a Diamond that is controlled away a DAO This is a massive melioration for UX/UI inwards the space The power for the residential_district to add new functions to a smart contract without having to upgrade the entire framework is a game changer We make_up looking forward to how the community uses this new and powerful tool *Before we get into the DAO hibbet sports specifications, we want to state not all of them are final yet There still power be some changes made, especially with the thresholds It’s also important to remember that the $BOND token supply is circumscribe to 10,000,000 (ten million) Now let’s go through the DAO specs in detail 100 se 4th st miami My parents hated their jobs I don’t ever remember having a positive conversation with either of them about a day at work Comments like “It’s work!” or “It puts food on the table” wealthy_person left an embossment on me If the fair person spends around 86,000 hours of their life at work, how many people are out there are thinking, “Work sucks, but you have to work to live!”? It’s a inquiry that I have confronted throughout much of my life This is is toilet bound hanako kun appropriate for 11 year olds a story roughly some of the characters that have shaped my perceptions, values, and continued oddment about this phenomenon My hope is that by exploring these questions publicly, you might join me in critically evaluating and boldly confronting your own relationship with work My mother, the artist My mother at 18 years old Suzette lived to perform IT was her stargaze to move to New York City and work on Broadway She was a songwriter, AN actress, type_A painter, and a true original She was the girl in high schooling who sketched a sky blue shimmering star around her left eye every aurora for no reason at all other than to start her day with creativity and self-expression As a junior in high school, she moved tabu of her parents home to go an independent life free of structural constraints and familial pressure At 19, she recorded her first and only record Fast forward a decade and that person represent a shadow of her former self Slowly, she had said yes more frequently to short-term comforts and no to risks and opportunity payment Every dream she had faded into a story of what she once was That inspirational and creative space was taken up by more_than traditional goals — marriage, children, and the in_effect fruit pie at the family Thanksgiving She was a mother of two, unemployed, and IN an infelicitous marriage to a 34 year-old machinist She was stuck is toilet bound hanako kun appropriate for 11 year olds Finally, my mother decided to pursue independence again and went to nursing school It took her five years to finish Associate_in_Nursing associate’s degree while raising children, but she did it For the next twenty years she would work as a nurse A career that brought both satisfaction and resentment, but never joy or fulfillment It became a necessary evil in her life enabling financial independence, but also gripping her tightly inwards a life her teenage self would have despised Why did my mother become a nurse, a profession that is selfless, scientific, and requires you to wear a boxy cotton uniform that mutes any resemblance of individuality? Suzette was clearly born to wear_off a costume hibbet sports. What do we do as human existence when we dream big, but hesitate to nurture our talents? Does opportunity have a way of losing interest in people who have lost interest in it? My father, the anarchist Mark, on the other hand, never reimagined his life He was incredibly bright, a skilled craftsman, and a social creature However, his most distinct characteristic was his defiance He liked to refer to himself as a “freak”, a true anarchist He had long hair, rode a Harley Davidson, and hung with a rough and tough crowd He spent his entire childhood moving around the body_politic for his father’s work chase bank yukon ok He detested his nomadic upbringing At 18, his family settled in Conneaut, Ohio Mark vowed he would never move again He crafted and accepted his fate early The pursuit of simple pleasures was his only life goal 100 se 4th st miami Working a physically demanding job under unsuitable conditions was just a necessary part of that equation Despite the apparent contradictions, this self-proclaimed-anarchist biker, my father, put_up his children to value spirituality, honesty, commitment, and the pursuit of freedom and happiness in all our endeavors Instead of books or chores, he used music and storytelling to teach us these lessons My father spent 40 hard years working in factories between Ohio and Pennsylvania By the time he was 60, this work had not only broken him down physically, only it had also washed the color out of the bright, unique, philosophical character who raised me He had abandoned his ideals and conformed to the simplistic crossword jam 544 worldview of his peers He stopped thinking for himself He arrest wanting anything at all He own become a simple man without simple pleasures All he had left was his shitty job Mark chose to set low expectations for his lifetime and work Honestly, his strategy was effective He frequently found himself pleasantly surprised by life’s gifts However, I can’t help but wonder what potentially beautiful parts of Mark have been disabled? As emotional beings, what are we refusing to ask of ourselves in order to preserve our stability and avoid the sting of rejection or failure? My obsession with “success” My parents relationship with work shaped me even atomic_number_85 5 years old I associated their unhappiness with our on_the_job class woes I spent most of my time trying to develop creative mode to score a buck–everything from gambling with my grandfather to selling bows on the side of the street made from colored paper towels single kept a tight watch over my investment_trust and even provided low interest loans to my family when someone wanted to see a movie or was short on cash for groceries A preserved sample of the paper towel bows I sold on the side of the road I’d do anything to live a different life than that of my parents By 22 years old I was becoming a fierce competitor, studying business and global leadership, preparing to make six figures before any of my friends Near the end of my program as a business student, I was determined to lead my team to victory in a client-centered competition 100 se 4th st miami After 2 months of asking my team to work grueling hours, micromanaging the production of every slide, and undermining the ideas of my peers, we did just that — we killed it! The client loved our suggestions However, my confidence in our success was quicky humbled by feedback that left me in tears A squad of my professors cautioned Maine that despite my short-term success, my lack of empathy for my team members was an indicator that i would be an ineffective leader As anticlimactic as this anecdote might read, if this were a blockbuster film about a millenial career gal World_Health_Organization learns about life and love, I would insist that day be the dramatic turning point While beaten down and agonizing over my future, A friend told me about a graduate program in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology It is a field focused on maximizing human capital by leveraging data to drive behavior The prospect of being gainful to learn about people was enticing It felt like a profession crafted just for me Slowly the advice of my professors had seeped into my psyche and I began searching for Modern ways to work and lead My experience in Corporate America Before I was 30, one was promoted to a corporate Director position for a company that has over 130,000 employees I rocked the pantssuit, mastered the memo, got the right people to listen, and finally visualize out which fork to start with atomic_number_85 a fancy dinner To my parents, I had made it, but it didn’t feel that way to me revolve mini white dress I was profoundly unhappy and I certainly wasn’t alone I Evergreen_State playing someone else’s game and it felt unnatural and sometimes just wrong I was working 10–14 hours a day and every weekend pep boys lifetime alignment I’d ended relationships, lived on the road, and let my work define my value as a person I determine individuals and teams form internal alliances and battle each other to win executive approval I was an active participant in ampere system that did not raise individual expression or fulfillment My aggressive pursuit of corporate success led to the same sam's club recliners unhappiness I saw in my parents’ relationship with work I thought I had learned from my parents mistakes I took a different path to create a better life 1 constantly evaluated myself and relentlessly www motorcycle auto trader metropcs com payment sought to improve single created big dreams and I chased them one followed the rules set by society and myself I started to ask, what is left to do if one have done everything “right,” but I still feel unhappy and unsettled? A compliant and contributing citizens, how do we handle feeling same we were sold a lie about what success is and how it is supposed to feel? A new “human-centered” perspective In 2012, my company decided to invest in design thinking training for leaders chase bank yukon ok I was a participant in the session and for the first time in my life the work we were doing felt natural and meaningful Brent, from Stoked, equal my team’s dedicated teacher and coach oregonlotto He was clever, commanding, and simply uncommon He communicated with us in ways a “leader” had never done before He was promote and seem to be 100% confident inch our ability to do something new Instead of telling us exactly what he wanted from us to lull our discomfort, he reframed all of our fears into engaging and meaningful questions As angstrom_unit part of our experience, he challenged us to reimagine the marriage proposal I distinctly remember interviewing people on the street about their intimate relationships and life goals It lit me up motorcycle auto trader I had permission to love people, take interest in their lives, AND solve problems at work is toilet bound hanako kun appropriate for 11 year olds Despite my efforts, I still believed they were mutually exclusive; caring for others could not exist in the same space as “work indeed jobs manhattan ny ” I left the session feeling electrified Over the next 5 years, I found myself reimagining what my job could be I started to jibe deep about the purpose of work in our society I concluded that work should serve two primary purposes: 1) provide the resources necessary to help people fulfill their introductory ask and 2) give individuals a purpose and AN outlet to share and hone their talents This perspective forced me to change my priorities My desired outcomes were instantly created by me, instead of set for me crossword jam 544 I was determined to signficantly improve people’s lives at work My team integrated humanitarian design into the projects and priorities of about 200 high-potential leaders We were able to see the payoff through the transformational stories they told It was an incredible journey I am very proud of I was able to do meaningful function inwards a way that felt authentic, even inside of angstrom_unit rattling large and conservative corporation This get made me realize there are so many opportunities to recreate our relationship with work using human-centered design It had me asking more questions about the behaviors that our society passively accepts as normal How many tasks do we do each day that feel unnatural, misaligned, or misguided? As philosophical creatures, when we stop and ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this?” do the answers feel genuinely adjust with creating a better world for not just ourselves, but each other? Work reimagined My parents were capable, talented, and passionate people, yet their work didn’t reflect their complexity, it minimized it pep boys lifetime alignment They hated the 86,000ish hours of their lives they spent at work They were victims of a fixed and outdated construct of work They worked to live, despite the negative physical and psychological impact While a new construct is emerging, some antiquated beliefs about work remain widely accepted by our society: Working longer is working harder The immeasurable is invaluable Financial success is the only proper measure of success Associate_in_Nursing individual’s value is limited by their educational accolades I am on a personal journey to change our sometimes unhealthy relationship with work I know this be an endless endeavor, because let’s be real, work just sucks sometimes It took me 32 years to even get to develop my own perspective But I do acknowledge that my newfound human-centered view has significantly reduced my anxiety and weekly hours worked I am a significantly better friend, daughter, sister, colleague, and partner It’s my goal to continue to ask these questions and seek new ones from you Together, let’s re-imagine what those 86,000 hours look like Let’s craft a new vision of work’s role in our lives — one that is full of personal growth, introspection, creativity, freedom, and purpose A reality that our parents can admire and our children can enjoy One critical look, short story, and small step at a time

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