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Have you ever struggled to manifest a goal, only to discover you weren’t truly committed? Commitment is the only guaranteed way to get serendipity moving lia lin lesbian in your favor You may have experienced the phenomena where “A whole stream of events issues from the one decision, raising in medical pedicure columbus ohio your favor unforeseen incidents and assistance In this article we’ll explore the steps and strategies to go from partial to short haircuts for over 50 year olds full commitment so you can enjoy seeing your intention manifest Belief and commitment Commitment and belief are intertwined in the what we might call, universal laws Your lack of full commitment might signal an unwillingness to believe your finish is possible The opposite holds: If you have a total commitment, you have the willingness to believe that your goal is attainable, regardless of the evidence to the contrary As we’ve argued in a recent post, belief is the secret to manifesting your goals and edifice the life of your dreams Believing you’ve already received something frees your mind from worry and releases the energy that attracts the goal towards you Commitment to a goal is a form of consciousness technology — something that you can do with your mind; therefore, if you understand how the laws of manifestation work, you can manifest all kinds of wonderful things One of the significant ways to solidify your commitment entails using oaths, trusts, contracts, vows, promises, agreements, or covenants You’ve seen this when public officers take Associate_in_Nursing oath of office and vow to protect the office’s ideals or the nation he ain't even fly though The same concept features during wedding vows, where couples commit to staying together and loving each other So how can you use these concepts to boost your commitment and accelerate your growth? How to fully commit to your goal In manifesting the best life possible, you have to negotiate with yourself, and others, to form honorable accord and contracts These agreements guide you in a focus direction based on the idea of respecting each other’s freedom to go_after values, dreams, and desires We’ll touch on two forms of consciousness technologies that help you commit: Oaths and contracts, along with practical examples 1) Oaths An oath is a solemn promise regarding your behavior and conduct It’s ampere commitment to hold one’s values, an appeal to a higher power, a allegiance to a person, goal, or business An expletive can be as simple as a personal statement or significant axerophthol a legally binding contract Taking an oath is a powerful cognitive_operation that’s harder to undo Just like in marriage, you’re more likely to make it work when legally wedded, unlike when you’re just shacking up The more you put into something, the more you tend to get out Therefore, an oath compels you to put Sir_Thomas_More into your goal, and as a result, get more from it What happens when you voluntarily choose to institutionalise yourself to amp specific path in life? You start seeing significant progress It’s akin to playing an instrument The more you practice, the better you get at playing Growth, in any area of life, requires continual commitment and practice An oath helps that continual recommitment and ask_over the magic of universal support 2) Contracts A contract is when two surgery more people state their intentions to figure out ways to manifest a goal in specific terms and with particular conditions They explicitly agree to carry out the duties necessitate to manifest the goal into reality For example, a corporation is just adenine bunch of people legally bound by contracts, moving in a specific direction You can enter into a contract with yourself to do certain things that bring you closer to your goals mr beast burger charleston sc Oaths, vows, contracts, and agreements exist forms of consciousness technology that clear the building blocks of what comes into reality How to use oaths and contracts in daily life Oaths and contracts constitute potent tools in manifesting goals Use them with wisdom to create the personal and professional_person life you want, and where necessary, contribute to a positive future for the world Creating an oath is simple, as we’ll see_to_it below Furthermore, new vows can override old ones, especially when connected to ampere positive emotional feeling The word “emotion” includes the word ‘’motion ” Emotions mobilize words to manifest reality You tend to actively get behind and act on what you feel strongly about Take a look at the example below as you prepare your oath It’s from typical curse used in courts of law, legal documents, etc However, to make an oath your own, use Scripture that carry personal meaning and an emotional connection Example Client challenge — The client wanted to focus on creating a positive world, or what she called, a Golden Age timeline for the world On the other hand, she was faced with the reality of A cruel world in the news, with the pandemic, economic collapse, famine, environmental degradation, etc The oath was A personal agreement between her and Universal Intelligence or The origin of all things in the mode she understood it I, ___ (Name), do solemnly swear that I will focus on seeing the humankind restored to health, where there is peace of mind inside, peace amongst the people, and a rejuvenation of the outer environment, vibrant wellness within, people are nourished and thriving I will do this to the best of my ability, know that what I focus on grows I will faithfully execute my role within the collective mindset of humanity And will, to the carmax sanford best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend this vision I exact this obligation freely without any mental reservation I choose to faithfully attend to the duties of this role on which I am about to enter…now and always…May the Universe be my witness and eternal partner in this process In conclusion Oaths and reduce form the foundation upon which your goals come into reality Without that foundation, the old programs, fears, and double-mindedness hamper your progress These consciousness technologies help you fully commit and invite the power of serendipity into manifesting your goals Visit Mindstoryacademy craigslist stafford ct com/free to get more tools like these You’ll find free webinars, free downloads, etc to help you build a more resilient mindset and a more resilient and fulfilling world By Gene Deary My name is Gene Deary, and I am currently a 5th-grade special education teacher at MacArthur Elementary School in Waltham, Massachusetts This is my 7th year teaching and, to be honest, probably the most challenging, as it has been for pretty often everyone What I experience makes IT the most challenging is that the kids are not in front of us I know many schools have had different protocols for responding to Covid-19, but ours chose to start the year teaching remotely as much as it is tough not to have the kids in front of us ulta in dawsonville ga unity trust that the powers that be are making the powerful decisions for the health and safety of all But at the end of the day, I miss the kids I became a teacher not because I love math and reading but because I genuinely enjoy building a relationship with kids and helping them develop their confidence Getting kids to enjoy school and become confident is something that I feel I have become very good at To embody honest, I think that it’s the most crucial part of my job newark advocate recent obituaries So I’d like to share some ideas on how to build strong relationships with kids and help them develop confidence Kids don’t care what you know until they know that you care The week before my first year teaching, I attended a first-year teachers seminar at Bridgewater State Univeristy, and I remember seeing a slide with the above quote on it, and quite frankly, I can’t think of anything more accurate My goal exist to make sure that every student that enters my classroom knows that I care deeply about them I’m going to share some stories describing my interactions with students, and the first one fits in perfectly with the above quote It was the holiday season, and we were watching amp motion-picture_show in class — Moana, I believe I had made a scheduling mistake and forgot that our art time had represent trade to the end of the day to accommodate kids rehearsing for the vacation concert When I announced we would have to finish the movie another time, one of my students became very upset This student had a history of becoming upset and throwing tantrums We had spent group_A lot of time together, working on appropriate ways to handle one’s self when getting upset In our conversations throughout the year, we had talked about how it doesn’t make him a bad person when helium gets upset, that it happens to all of us, and we had made some substantial progress On this occasion, he had gotten agitated that we would not be finishing the movie The rest of the class left for art, and the student was yelling close_to how no one in the school cares about him To be honest, I had taken some offense to the statement and said to him, “Tell me I don’t care ” This had caught him off guard for a second group_A he stopped crying and yelling and picked his head up from his hands Realizing that I was on to something, I said: “Look me in the eyes and tell me I don’t care!” The student said, “Well, you care ” 1 said, “Ok, how about the school adjustment counselor who helps you whenever you need to talk to someone? How about the principal who gave you such a nice compliment the other day? Do they care about you?” He nodded his head in agreement I then asked why he was getting upset, and he said he didn’t want to go to art because he has to sit on the ground crisscross I asked if he feature of_all_time asked about sitting in a chair, to which he had not because he thought the art instructor wouldn’t let him I walked down to art with him where we made this request together and then we talked almost the importance of advocating for one’s self Later that day, he apologized for getting upset and thanked me for helping Just demonstrating to this student that I cared about him gave me the power to call him out We had built a strong relationship where even when he was upset, medical pedicure columbus ohio he trusted me This might be a more extreme example, but it shows how powerful good teacher-student relationships can be Honest and Open I like to be very honest with my students Kids are smart, even the kids who don’t do well in school They can separate when you are not genuine, and being honest and open can facilitate build trust I tell students that atomic_number_53 struggle to sit; still, I tell them that I call_out in 4th grade trying to learn long division, I tell them that I struggle with organization Kids look up to their teachers, and when they see that their heroes are flawed, they feel better about themselves I had a student one year who would answer a question incorrectly and immediately correct it medical pedicure columbus ohio flaming grill and buffet I would call on him, and he would say, “It’s 7 I mean no, it’s 9!” He would do this all the time and, for the most part, be right One day I said, “You try to answer before your encephalon has figured out the answer short haircuts for over 50 year olds ” He said, “Yeah” I said, “It’s OK carmax sanford iodin was like that, and I turned out just fine ” He had a somewhat big smile on his present after that Being honest and open with students also means sharing stories about your personal life with them Whenever I travel, I love to share pictures with them I often tell stories about when I was in 5th grade or about my family Kid’s become more comfortable sharing their own narration and can relate to America when they know more about us I enjoy sharing stories with kids because I want to inspire them to be curious and try new things When I tell them about traveling, I hope that they want to adventure and try new things One time, a student said to me, “That’s not fair; you get to go to all of these cool places and do all of these cools things medical pedicure columbus ohio ” I simply replied, “Well, if you work hard in school and get a good job, you can travel and do all the thing you want to do ” I wanted him to see that he can create a life for himself to be successful and do what he wants to do I’m also open to them when I might be having a bad day One day I was not feeling so well and was very tired I told them that I wasn’t feeling well and apologized for not having as a_good_deal patience I then explained how it is essential to recognize when someone might not be feeling well or might not be in a good mood This is important because, in life, we have to understand how someone else is feeling so that we can adjust how we behave Instead of just being in a rotten mood and potentially take it out on the kids, I gave them a heads up The kids respected the fact I was being true with them and rose to the occasion One of my students that year who was notorious for his impulsive behavior came up to me with a note at the end of the day It said, “Mr Deary, atomic_number_53 know that you’re tired, so here’s a joke What do short haircuts for over 50 year olds you call fake pasta? An impasta flaming grill and buffet ” It’s also essential to be honest with students about how they are doing Something I started doing with kids was showing them their report card comments before I sent them in I would have them come to my desk and read what I suffer typed I would then ask if they agreed? We would then have a conversation about all of the wonderful things they had done and discuss whatever negative comments on the report short haircuts for over 50 year olds When we discussed the negative comments, we would talk about what we can do to fix it I would then ask if there was anything else I should include They would be surprised when I asked, but sometimes they would collapse me some good mind for things I should say It also gives them a chance to self-reflect We also have to want students to be honest with us I had a student who would struggle with telling the truth He always felt that atomic_number_2 needed to lie about things to make himself appear cooler I would ask about his weekend, and he would tell me how he hit three home runs in baseball or scored 50 points atomic_number_49 his basketball game Instead of calling him out, ace would just not feed into information_technology by saying, “Oh, nice” and ending the conversation Calling him out could have potentially ruined the whole day of learning But by not reacting the way he wanted me to give him a hint that I knew One morning I walked into the classroom, and he was in the middle of a tall tale and immediately stopped when he saw me When everyone else personify leaving to go to specialist, I had him come to my desk I said, “Ben, you know that I know you’re lying Is that why you stopped telling your story? “Yes,” he said, looking kind of bummed I replied, “If you distinguish me you struck knocked_out threesome times in your baseball game, I’d still think you are a outstanding kid, and I’d rather hear that because it’s the truth atomic_number_102 one newark advocate recent obituaries is perfect, especially not me, and especially not major league baseball players come you see the game David Ortiz (Red Sox player at the time) had last night? He stunk up the place So you don’t need to lie to anyone It’s only going to make things worse because people know that you are lying ” After that conversation, he felt angstrom lot better about telling the truth, and each time he did, I made sure I gave his story the full attention it deserved Gene Deary is a 5th-grade special education teacher at MacArthur Elementary School in Waltham, Massachusetts He maintains an active presence on Instagram, hosts a YouTube channel, and has a Teachers Pay Teachers store where of offers his unique curricular resources Melting With the hiss of a scoop of tangerine sherbet melting on a hot summer sidewalk, the sun dissolved into the sea, stirring up a breezy breath of dusk, a last exhale before she succumbed to night And you and I stood, undulate lapping at our knees, watching the last rites of the day butter caramel splashed across the sky, then pooled with the tangerine into a point of color, a single point composed of many flavors, a singularity of brightness whose true color, OR nature, could probably never really be named atgames legends ultimate side art You looked at me And, together, we breathed This moment would never come again And it had never been before The arms of darkness reached over our heads Her cloak spread in fluttering waves, ushering in the heavens, which began to light with tiny diamond fires A warm wave caressed our thighs You sighed And the moment was done gray shimmer behr That pivotal moment between dark and light, between hot breath and the dying of the day, between the soft echo of waking hours, and the slight vacuum of night And below the whisper of the mellow tangerine, and the ripple of caramel, and the kiss of dark licorice, it seemed that you and one could taste the essence of the divine mr beast burger charleston sc Materials Fabric (Mask) Embroidery Hoop (optional but it will make the process a lot easier) Embroidery thread Needle Scissors Pencil/Marker Start by placing your fabric/mask in the embroidery basketball_hoop so that the material is tight Draw an outline of the design you would like to embroider Next, cut a medium-length of string and thread your needle There are 2 ways you can do this: you mr beast burger charleston sc can either thread your needle like a necklace and then tie the ends together in a knot, or you can just tie-in a knot at the end of the thread and then leave the other end as a loose tail The latter is depicted below Now you want to start by pushing the needle from the backside of the fabric up onto the starting point of your design Here, we contribute the needle from the back to the figurehead at the top of the “Y ” Next, pick a point a couple of millimeters away from the initial starting point, and this time, pierce the needle through the fabric from the front, proceed to the back You have now completed a full stitch Now that your needle make_up on the back of the fabric, bring the needle back upwards to the front like before, except this time, stimulate sure the needle is inserted in the middle of the previous stitch Essentially, you are splitting the stitch in half This is what the backside of your fabric should expect like Repeat as necessary until your design is complete! Make sure to tie off your thread at the end in a knot and cut away any excess Drawn and collect by Parita Shah, Purva Shah, Rahi Shah While the coronavirus affected the lives of everyone around the world, various consequences occurred in the dream of people Even before the virus infects the country in many places, people were affected by the news they learned from the media and started to have direct or indirect dreams about the virus So the virus first got into our dreams To understand the source of the themes that emerge in dreams, it is useful to look at this corona epidemic, perhaps the most important and large-scale in world history Dreams establish deep patterns between past experiences and today’s reality The panic and anxiety of the coronavirus, which surrounded the whole world, took place in the thoughts and feelings of individuals, perhaps faster than the rate of spread of the epidemic So much so that even the region or the series where no positive cases have been seen yet, the virus started to appear in people’s dreams maybe the virus was first transmitted by dreams and then physically spread throughout the world According to all-important dream studies that have been accepted from the past to the present, most of the stargaze themes refer to the past and the left_over parts to the reality of the present and the expectations of the future he ain't even fly though Although the existence of the virus coincided with a very short time in the global memory, it has transmitted to all people at an extraordinary speed thanks to the media and created a ground that triggers past traumas and anxieties What is important here is that perhaps for the first time in such a short time we witnessed the structure of dreams around a common theme on a global scale Human beings are common to the traumas of the society they live in as much as their personal lives, and they enter into a witting and subconscious process by being affected by all experiences, whether they comprise directly or indirectly caused by a digital experience The coronavirus has created a global dream in common in dreams adenine a common anxiety and trauma element that surrounds the whole world The results I encounter are of course themes that existed before the coronavirus What I want to focus on here is to explain how people’s dream themes tend to be with the virus and how they place the virus into images Viruses from the date of 03 11 2020 can be seen in Turkey, I constantly looking at how to investigate an impact in dreams I will try to explain the important results I encountered atomic_number_49 the survey I conducted with 112 participants aged 13–20 years and In the 500 dreams, I read In the survey I conducted, I asked the participants how often they had seen topics in different situations in their dreams in the last 4 months The answers are below While 22% of the group stated that they did not feel the tension in their dreams, the remaining 68% experienced a feeling of tension at different rates While 35% stated that they never felt lonely, 65% express that they always felt lonely 60% of the group stated that they had the feeling of losing an important person in their dreams 68% stated that they did not see the coronavirus in their dreams It has been observed, the dreams lead to group_A happy moment of childhood are more intense than dreams that lead to bad memory This shows that people are trying to develop adenine positive view to counter the negative bear_upon of the process It was striking that there was a great similarity between dreams of imprisonment and quarantine It can be said that there is a remarkable number of dreams of death Interestingly, when asked directly about coronavirus, the answers were mostly low scored, while when asked about the indirect effects of the virus, it was observed that the answers were higher By researching the effects of the virus on dreams, we are, in a sense, equipped to investigate the invisible sides of visible society reactions We are not looking at the showcase of the society, which leaves excellent impressions on social media, exhibits its skills, reveals that it gray shimmer behr is not struggling but struggling, sharing the good old moments with its followers and masking today’s moments, we are looking at the dusty places behind destruction Anxiety I can say that the virtually important dream theme that increases in dreams is the past experiences that trigger death anxiety Dreams about the death of himself, his family, relatives or people in his social circle started to addition as the virus entered the country In addition, it can be said that there is an increase in themes such as injury, lack of news and fading If anxiety is not a direct theme, it personify astatine the center of all themes that may be related to anxiety For this reason, I can say that more than one dream theme occurs in parallel with the source and intensity of anxiety The last and biggest trouble the world was experienced in terms of information_technology global effects was World War II Since then, wars and epidemics have always remained at the local level and have not turned into deoxyadenosine_monophosphate worldwide problem For this reason, interestingly, dreams that get_hold_of back to 1944 occurred For example: “A friend of mine told me,” Will the coronavirus stop giving birth? “From a book called 1944: The History Book of Coronavirus ulta in dawsonville ga He opens a section titled and reads information_technology to me “ “Two nights in a row, a man whose I don’t know and whose body unity can’t see is asking me: “Do you know what the difference 'tween dead people from others during World War II?” These two dreams, whose style is seen one week apart, refer to World state_of_war II In some dreams, the death anxiety of the person has increased so much that he experienced death in his dream and even arranged a funeral ceremony for himself Sometimes, the censorship and reflection mechanism of the dreamer tried to make himself believe that the corona epidemic we went through would turn the corona epidemic into a previous birdie flu epidemic and pass as easily as the bird flu He tried to impress the ego away from anxiety by making a thought that was more difficult to accept aside making it acceptable gray shimmer behr Viruses are invisible, so they are represented in dreams by other visual objects lia lin lesbian For example, half of the world’s population, who in some dreams turned into a towel instead of contaminating the virus, had the chance to continue life as a towel instead of dying The reason why he wonders whether his family has a towel in his dream is the representation of his concern about the coronavirus transmission Anxiety affects dreams with positive content as well as negative dreams craigslist stafford ct Defense mechanisms such as reflection, change of direction and the need for censorship can take their place in dreams as more vivid, happy, colorful and energetic images instead of negative images of anxiety After the virus seen in the world therefore be said that these ii poles begin to occur in the dream images Quarantine — Loneliness — Social Distance — Social Isolation It can be said that the themes of isolation, loneliness, stuck, distance, coldness and numbness in dreams have increased somewhat as a result of people’s distancing from he ain't even fly though their social lives with the quarantine process and the excessive decrease in all their communication In order to cope with the negative emotion created by the quarantine, it can be said that the themes of hugging, sharing and being loved also come to the fore In some dreams, it comes to the fore when some famous people come and go on an adventure with the dream owner and this makes the dreamer very happy Dreams that portray the days of happiness, daily routines, meeting with loved ones, having fun, atgames legends ultimate side art traveling freely, sum_up new excitement to photographs and wandering around the crowd without worry are among the other noteworthy dream themes Another consequence of the quarantine, the travel obstacle, was tried to be overcome with dreams In this period, through dreams, the world’s seas that become into deep blue by combining with turquoise, wide and green canyons, historical streets from different centuries, highways without speed limits, and mountain shores with flowers were visited by people in the dreams People who were in the house all day, went on long journeys in their dreams to get away from this feeling of captivity Hunger Hunger is one of the main motives of man Although we learned about the hunger of times of famine in the past from history books, we have never experienced this The coronavirus has prompted the world to rethink this issue Hunger anxiety arose when consumers realized that the existing ready food would not be enough for the world for a long time imputable to the cessation of production lia lin lesbian People rushed to grocery stores to stock the maximum amount of food, and they didn’t even want to think that other people might need it The starve motive was so overwhelming that there were food wars in the markets that could destroy all the splendor of civilization On the one hand, there equal a primitive man who could become cruel while looking for food in the wild, and on the other hand, a modern man could become too blind to leave 1 box of toilet paper in the markets This profound paradox has occupied a prominent place in people’s minds The difficulties in production and distribution activities due to the quarantine triggered people’s hunger anxiety Dreams of finding food, grocery shopping, checking the number of provision in the house were dreamed There was a dream I was reading The dreamer, referring to the dream of “7 years of abundance, 7 years of famine”, which was seen by the Egyptian Pharaoh_of_Egypt Nabuketnetzar, there was a ulta in dawsonville ga dream that he and the Pharaoh were putting food in his bag in the huge stone-built supply stores of Egypt There is an interesting connection here Today’s anxiety about finding supplies can be blend with the same anxiety experienced nearly 4,000 twelvemonth ago Feeling threatened Dreams of avoiding, exposing, or fighting threats from the known or unknown are remarkable In a dream, someone who went to the airport for a lia lin lesbian trip had seen the airport transform into a large hospital In another dream, the dreamer set up a virtual foreign country in the middle of the hall and require the virus to gather there, keeping him and his loved ones away from danger The human mind has a perfect imagination ability as a result of all craigslist stafford ct the complex algorithms Dreams are one of the most successful resultant of this visual art The aesthetics of the images flaming grill and buffet used even in fearful or threatening dreams are quite successful Digital Experiences There was Associate_in_Nursing increase in the need to receive news since everything was therefore sudden and fast in the virus process due to the need to get news about the breaking news in the world, the situation of the people in our social circle and to state that they are good to the environment, the amount of phone, computer and TV usage increased and this was reflected in dreams As ampere result of digital experiences through the screen, such equally phone calls, video calls, messaging, watching movies, participating in online activities, developing computer programs or learning efforts instead of real experiences, there have been some changes in the perception of reality and an increase in digital images, especially computer games, instead of real experiences in dreams newark advocate recent obituaries It terminate be said that such dream experiences have an important role in keeping people away from global anxiety experienced in the real world In this way, digital reality has been created where everything is a game that can be controlled with a remote, and that he can overcome the difficulties he will encounter with the game’s tools atgames legends ultimate side art It can be said based on the analyzed data that such dreams, which existed before, intensify and increase somewhat during the virus process carmax sanford Change in the Amount of Dreaming It is not easy to understand whether there is an increase in the figure of dreams seen, but it is common to think that there is some change in people’s sleep, dream, waking and dream recall rituals due to the daily life cleansing from many stimuli and the increase in time spent at home Accordingly, it can be said that there is an increase in reported dreams as there is plenty of time and opportunity to pursue the meaning of their dreams Results The coronavirus has rapidly affected people’s entire daily rituals, lifestyles and quality, death anxiety, past traumas, and future expectations It opened up a great and not easy to compensate orbit within the concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow People who became increasingly lonely, isolated and retreated into their own world have struggled or defeated the virus in many different ways in their dreams While negative manifestations of dreams could be seen more prominently in people with less social support, more manageable dream themes came to the fore in people with strong social support To understand the time we live in, it is more possible to understand the worlds that people do not express and to understand the dimensions of the trauma experienced on the social scale by looking at dreams that carry important data It is possible to see how much the sentence “I wish all these thing were dreams” when you write “dreams” and list the results on Twitter since 11 03 2020 To wish all this to be a dream to get rid of the painful reality of the process reveals the hidden truth under all those pleasant and creative posts made astatine home during the quarantine process from social media accounts The images of people who reinvent themselves, reveal their different skills, watch and read more, compose or paint, were reflected on the social media screens But deep grief, fear of death, the possibility of being In the last days of his existence, his desire to quickly reveal everything he could create, reflected on the covert in his dreams To cope with the same threat at the Same time vitamin_A never before, humanity has to cope with the things that it knows, hopes, assumes, experiences, avoids or confronts, cleanses or smears in its dreams every night, to reduce its effect past simulating itself, and by changing direction trying to relax Perhaps the biggest “common image” in the history of dreams is being built by the whole world every night Today’s communication tools have huge possibleness in this construction

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