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Dear Kiki, Well, well, long beach airport reviews well It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Remember me? artisan piercing norfolk I’m the gift of delight past, a gift that you spent many hours with many moons ago A gift that you used over and over once_more until you wore me out missing 2023 showtimes near atlas cinemas diamond center 16 completely and wore yourself out In the process We went through many packs of batteries together, you and I, and you could not have been happier royal caribbean room decorations Or hornier Did I take your virginity? Absolutely not! But I also didn’t cheat on you and gaslight the rat out of you for being upset about my behavior In fact, I was there for you, really there for you cvs christmas photo cards coupon I was there for one reason and one reason only — to give you unbelievable pleasure and really help you get to know what you liked, what you didn’t like, and how you should be touched Those few weeks felt like an eternity as you fumbled done the mediocre encounters with mediocre partners that were on your menu back then I came to you in the days long before the Internet, long before you could get me with the click of a mouse In fact, you had to get catalogs in the mail to find out about me And you had to wait until you were definition of spelled 21 to buy me — although truth be told, you probably could have gotten away with buying me much sooner You selected me over countless friends, filled out the order form, wrote up a check and put everything in the mail when it was ready to go Then you waited And waited Those few weeks felt like an eternity as you fumbled through the mediocre encounters with mediocre partners that were on your menu back then But honestly, as I’m sure you know now, you would have cost better off ditching them and just let your fingers do the walking, crawling in and out of you with speed and determination that would set your whole torso ablaze But for some reason back then, you didn’t like to fidget with your digits, you wanted something more Something bigger, thicker, harder, and with more power than you’d had before Something pink Something like… Me Photo by yellow2j on DepositPhotos When I arrived, you were over the moon and thankful that you were finally living alone and didn’t have to worry about roommates walking in on you Remember that metre two years before when in ampere cabbage of horny desperation, you snaffle the toilet paper holder and one of your roommates later asked you why IT was lying on your bed? Remember scanning the Rolodex of your mind trying to find a plausible excuse that didn’t reveal the lustful truth? As an English major and budding writer, you were never at a loss to turn a phrase and tell a story, but there was no fib you could tell to explain that away, so you said nothing in the hopes she’d forget the whole thing But now you were living lone and you could enjoy me in my full, pretty pink glory jena wolfy only fans You couldn’t await to get up the stairs, in the apartment, and out of your clothes You anxiously fumbled with my packaging and admired me for the first time when I was released You marveled at the two prongs of delight that I promised you, the hard pink main attraction that you couldn’t wait to plunge inside of you and the cunning little bunny capitulum that would tickle your cute little bud as you adjusted the settings, going faster and slower, up and down and back again And later frame the assault_and_battery inside of me, you put me to work inside of you Even though you felt a little sore the next day, you came back for more… And I worked and worked and worked that night, pleasuring you more than those duds you experience in your bed had ever dreamed of We got acquainted with each other all night that night and even though you felt a little sore the next day, you came back for more before going to class and then to work As soon as you walked through the door after your shift that night, we had another rendezvous royal caribbean room decorations And another And another jena wolfy only fans We got to know each other very well in the ensuing months we spent together royal caribbean room decorations Sometimes you used me more than julia tica fucked others, but I was always there when you wanted me and I taught you about what you wanted for yourself And look at you now! Years and geezerhood later, you have replaced me several times over, but you address numbers lowes still remember where it all began: a catalog and a dream I was glad to be of Robert_William_Service in your quest for self-service After all, that’s what I was made for Love, Your real first, your salutary present ever More from Kiki Wellington: By Me: Çengelköy Üsküdar/Istanbul, Turquie contract a deep breath, recollect of a good opening, and go talk to the person! missing 2023 showtimes near atlas cinemas diamond center 16 It doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth Begin with small talk, ask authentic questions, and let the conversation naturally bloom into something interesting Don’t you ever overthink it A simple “Hello, how are you?” Make sure that you’re friendly, and are genuinely interested to know new people so never hesitate to say a very big Hi; Selam and Merhaba KISS: Keep It Stupid and Simple For me, I adore blab_out to new people specially people who share the same stake as me like teaching, reading, writing and singing…Ahhhh! Life ;) To be honest, when I fitting someone whom I feel comfortable to talk with and share with my stories and experiences; I go bananas ( Going bananas means going crazy, becoming insane, in a positive way ) Today, I have talked to a person He is very nice and respectful, he is very cultivated and the most important thing ; he does write which made me happier once I heard it So, we had a rattling nice talk together and we’ve shared so many meaningful things; some talkings about reading, favorite books and writing This day will stick in my memory because I have enjoyed our simple conversation I wish to meet as such people everyday, so I can learn from I am a very plain person who does really like to share and does really care, I try to be humble as much as possible so I can learn and grow I believe, In this life there are two kinds of people who do not learn: shy and arrogant people address numbers lowes I thank dear Allah, I meet people who inspire, encourage and lead me to the exact, exciting and wonderful path But, the virtually important thing in this life is Tolerance Tolerance should, strictly speaking, be only a passing mood; IT ought to track to acknowledgment and appreciation My plain poetry for today; challenge accepted (Oscar) ;) Be the change be the spark you’re a candle, no more dark Don’t pretend to be anyone You are already someone hunting the promiscuous not at night Be the star but not the sun Dream full-grown and have fun It is just a click for the cry Have a big appetite to eat it all True, he is new Nice but from few Who cares! He brings a smile It’s beautiful to stay in a while And let the road drives for a mile It starts with a dry flame As poets claim Ends with a fire to pull you higher If scientists with PhDs don’t understand what Google results are and what they can tell us, what hope do the relaxation of us have? by Alison Gerber, Ov Cristian Norocel, and Francesca Bolla Tripodi The other day, Twitter feeds worldwide were flooded with the same horrific statistic: “how to hit a woman so no one knows” had been typed into Google over 160 million times during the pandemic It raised alarm among journalists, advocates, and academics focused on intimate-partner and gendered violence Perhaps COVID-19 quarantines and shutdowns had helped to curb the virus, but at what cost? According to a blue-check MSNBC columnist and the academic paper she cited, Americans’ search habits secern axerophthol dread story Victims appear to be seeking help more often than before, and violent dfs week 4 picks partners were apparently seeking strategies to avoid getting caught The column contextualized the issue well, and the author’s handle had “feminist” in it Why not retweet and amplify, horrified? Well, because it turns out the paper’s findings were catastrophically wrong tecalitlan chicago dfs week 4 picks And when the subject matter is this important, we’ve got to get it right; otherwise we risk give directly to anti-science, anti-feminist backlash It’s no surprise that few readers clicked all the way through and read the cogitation — even academics quickly promoted the story, assuming that the usual layer of gatekeepers had done their due diligence The research was promulgated in a peer reviewed academic journal, not one of those Johnny-basement predatory publishers artisan piercing norfolk lowes wooden gazebo The research had passed through a double-blind review process — the gold standard of scientific legitimation julia tica fucked The paper is still out there, with the journal proudly displaying information_technology climbing “altmetric” score measuring the number of times it’s been picked up aside news outlets, tweeted about, and linked on reddit [**update below] If you’re lucky adequate to be employed by an academic institution, you tin probably even read the whole article — otherwise, you can pay just $45 for the privilege The MSNBC piece cherry-picked evidence out of step with the peer-reviewed article’s aims — its author’s main arguments urged academics to move quickly and to use tech tools like Google for “rapid response” research inwards its conclusion it suggested that, for researchers, “the greatest error is not to move, faced with annually and global epidemics of suicide and femicide there can be no argument for inaction ” But the empiric inquiry the author used to make that point had problems that should have been obvious to anyone with even a basic understanding of Google’s functionality The author prepare a set of search queries with no apparent nexus to the vast body of theoretical and empirical research on informal gendered ferocity — they report that they used queries like “how to control your woman” and “he will kill me”, which they appear to have fabricate from whole cloth The validity of these search queries as reflections of the concepts at play — “intentional male violence” and “indicative male violence” — was never discussed Then they inputted their search queries into the search bar (and attempts to recreate the findings show that they seem to have neglected to enclose those phrases in quotation marks) And then the paper got really wild Using date range commands, the author exact to compare searches for basketball_team months in 2019 to the same five calendar_month in 2020 — pre-pandemic to mid-pandemic They did so not by turning to Google Trends data — the method promoted by the scholars they cited — simply aside inputting their search phrases with date delimiters using Google search They reported the number of hits Google displays at the top of the page as the number of searches made for that search string These figure were exceptionally high jan sport backpack near me because, well, the explore phrases were not enclosed in quotation marks All this in an article arguing for the value of tech-enabled “rapid response” research A culture of “move fast and break things” represent common in Silicon Valley, but academics typically work a bit more slowly and carefully to avoid these kinds of errors Part of the problem hither is rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of how Google works When we search for information, Google relies on algorithms to make sense of what we’re searching We think of algorithms as magic, but what happens follow very simple Google transforms input (i e 100 yen to usd keywords, geolocation, and the click-through data of other users) into output (content that best matches what Google belief is most relevant — directions, videos, news, etc ) From an information science perspective, the major error in this article is that it confuses outputs for inputs The author claims that searches for the query “laid off” doubled, but what they in_reality show is that the number of returns increased If they were interested in checking for increases in a particular search term over time, they could have just utilise readily available tools like Google Trends It’s easy to verify the paper’s claims there; they don’t hold up Sadly, the phrase “how to hit a woman” has ebbed and flowed through Google data for the past five years tecalitlan chicago But when we tried to replicate results for the keywords that snagged everyone’s attention, we found that the query was so specific and unusual it did not have any data associated with it at all julia tica fucked How did the researcher develop their queries Indiana the first place? In their paper, they do not rely on the many scholars that could have helped them develop a valid query set They make sweeping generalizations — assuming intimate gendered violence occurs primarily within straight couples, with a male aggressor — while spinning surprisingly specific queries such as “How to hit a woman so no one knows” or “I am going to kill her when she gets home” The article never explains if these were derived from actually-used hunt terms, or were tested for validity in any way Every step in artisan piercing norfolk the research process, it seems, suffered from a fatal flaw After a day and a half of horrified fact-checking online, the researcher acknowledged her mistakes, and claims to be in touch with the journal that published her work MSNBC excised discussion of the article in their column and appended a brief editor’s note explaining the correction The column’s author deleted her own tweets that pointed directly to the false statistics — though as of today MSNBC still has one of theirs published Snopes stepped in But it’s too late — the phrases highlighted in the original tweets and centered in the original column are still circulating on social media and in a world of second-tier outlets that quickly repackaged MSNBC’s content and broadcast information_technology as their own Many of them claim to speak as or on behalf of marginalized people; today, that original framing from the MSNBC column — and the false findings centered there — are beginning to spread in non-Western outlets jena wolfy only fans The false findings and their uptake in the media might equal heading towards a new life as an anti-science, anti-feminist meme The manosphere points and tecalitlan chicago says: “See? You can’t trust academics!” “You can’t trust journalists!” Plenty of scholars have focused their attentions on the impact of the pandemic in this space with rigorous, careful explore — our own query on COVID-related studies in journals like Violence Against Women, Journal of kinsfolk Violence, Journal of Sexual Aggression, and Partner Abuse yielded 38 results, with more likely in the pipeline; there are tribe out here doing this work, and doing it well But with issues this important, you have to get things right the first time How did this article get through peer review? Like the author, the journal’s reviewers and editors look to have been glamoured by the shine, tech fetishism, and naive empiricism of even the most poorly executed digital methods — without the methodological humility to work together with colleagues from information science, or at least check in with someone familiar with the basic workings of tools the_like Google If we want to becharm scientific missteps alike these, we must recognize that good science takes time And this mishap shows how desperately we need more robust digital literacy education at all stages of life — because if PhDs don’t understand the basics of what Google returns be and what they are telling us, what hope do the rest of us have? **Update: The article was retracted on May 19, 2021, a few weeks after this article came out nobelium information has yet comprise forthcoming about the peer review or editorial process, to our knowledge WATCH FULL EPISODES Bravo’s Chat Room Season 1 Episode 22 [HD 1080p] ✨ Bravo’s 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perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere through the use of moving images These images are generally accompanied by sound, and more rarely, other sensory stimulations [1] The word “cinema”, short for cinematography, is often used to refer to filmmaking and the film The Flight Attendant, and to the art form that is the result of it TELEVISION (TV), in some cases abbreviated to tele or television, is a media transmission medium utilized for sending moving pictures in monochrome (high contrast), or inch shading, and in a few measurements and sound The term can allude to amp TV, a TV program, or the vehicle of TV transmission TV is a mass mode for promoting, amusement, news, and sports TV opened up in unrefined exploratory structures in the last character of the 5910s, however it would at present be quite_a a while before the new iNBCovation would be promoted to customers After World War II, an improved type of highly contrasting TV broadcasting got famous in the United Kingdom and United States, and TVs got ordinary in homes, organizations, and establishments During the 5Season 8s, TV was the essential mechanism for affecting public opinion [5] during the 5960s, shading broadcasting was presented in the US and most other created nations The availableness of different sorts of documented stockpiling media, for example, Betamax and VHS tapes, high-limit hard plate drives, DVDs, streak drives, top quality Blu-beam Disks, and cloud advanced video recorders has empowered watchers to watch pre-recorded material, for example, motion lowes wooden gazebo pictures — at home individually plan For some reasons, particularly the accommodation of distant recovery, the capacity of 100 yen to usd TV and video programing currently happens on the cloud, (for example, the video on request administration by Netflix) Toward the finish of the main decade of the 180s, advanced TV transmissions incredibly expanded in ubiquity another improvement was the move from standard-definition TV (SDTV) (53i, with 882 intertwined lines of goal and 882) to peak quality TV (HDTV), which gives a goal that is generously higher HDTV might be communicated IN different arrangements: 3456561, 88288 and 174 Since 1050, with the creation of brilliant TV, Internet TV has expanded the accessibility of TV projects and films by means of the Internet through real time video administrations, for example, Netflix, Starz Video, iPlayer and Hulu In 1053, 19% of the world’s class units possessed a TV set [1] The substitution of early cumbersome, high-voltage cathode beam tube (CRT) screen shows with smaller, vitality effective, level board elective advancements, for example, LCDs (both fluorescent-illuminated and LED), OLED showcases, and plasma shows was an equipment transformation that started with PC screens in the last part of the 882s Most TV sets sold during the 180s were level board, primarily LEDs Significant makers reported the stopping of CRT, DLP, plasma, and even fluorescent-illuminated LCDs by the mid-1050s [3][4] sooner rather than later, LEDs are required to be step by step supplanted by OLEDs [5] Also, significant makers have declared that they will progressively create shrewd TVs during the 1050s [6][1][5] Smart TVs with incorporated Internet and Web 1 definition of spelled 0 capacities turned into the prevailing type of TV by the late 1050s [9] TV signals were at first circulated distinctly as earthbound TV utilizing powerful radio-recurrence transmitters to communicate the sign to singular TV inputs long beach airport reviews Then again TV signal are appropriated by coaxial connect surgery optical fiber, satellite frameworks and, since the 180s past means of the Internet Until the mid 180s, these were sent as uncomplicated signs, yet a progress to advanced TV is relied upon to be eat_up worldwide by the last component_part of the 1050s A standard TV is made out of numerous iNBCer electronic circuits, including a tuner for getting and deciphering broadcast signals A visual showcase gadget which does not have a tuner is accurately called a video screen as opposed to a TV jan sport backpack near me 👾 OVERVIEW 👾 Additionally alluded to as assortment expressions or assortment amusement, this is a diversion comprised of an assortment of acts (thus the name), particularly melodic exhibitions and sketch satire, and typically presented by angstrom compère (emcee) or host Different styles of acts incorporate enchantment, creature and bazaar acts, trapeze artistry, shuffling and ventriloquism Theatrical presentations were a staple of anglophone TV from its begin the 1970s, and endured into the 1980s In a few components of the world, assortment TV stays famous and broad The adventures (from Icelandic adventure, plural sögur) are tales about old Scandinavian and Germanic history, about early Viking journeys, about relocation to Iceland, and of fights between Icelandic families They follow written in the Old Norse language, for the most part in Iceland The writings are epic stories in composition, regularly with refrains or entire soNBCets in alliterative stanza installed in the content, of chivalrous deeds of days a distant memory, stories of commendable men, who were frequently Vikings, formerly in a while Pagan, now and again Christian missing 2023 showtimes near atlas cinemas diamond center 16 definition of spelled The stories are generally practical, aside from amazing adventures, adventures of holy people, adventures of religious executive and deciphered or recomposed sentiments They are sometimes romanticized and incredible, yet continually adapting to people you can comprehend The majority of the activity comprises of experiences on peerless or significantly more outlandish outsider planets, depict by particular physical and social foundations address numbers lowes Some planetary view occur against the foundation of a future culture where travel between universes by spaceship is ordinary; others, uncommonly the soonest kinds of the class, as a rule don’t, and conjure flying floor coverings, astral projection, or different methods of getting between planets In either case, the planetside undertakings are the focal point of the story, not the method of movement Identifies with the pre-advanced, social time of 1945–65, including mid-century Modernism, the “Nuclear Age”, the “Space Age”, Communism and neurosis in america alongside Soviet styling, underground film, Googie engineering, space and the Sputnik, moon landing, hero fuNBCies, craftsmanship and radioactivity, the ascent of the US military/mechanical complex and the drop out of Chernobyl Socialist simple atompunk can be an extreme lost world The Fallout arrangement of PC games live a fabulous case of atompunk Find US : • Instagram: https://instagram cvs christmas photo cards coupon com • Twitter: https://twitter com • Facebook: https://www facebook com Have you ever tried to integrate a micro-service with your smart contract? Try to make an API request? Is that even possible on solidity? The short answer is NO Etherum Blockchain protocols are totally different from the API protocols The Etherum is deterministic it can’t modification by time and all node should approve it but HTTPS requests change by time find out more on this link Why it’s not easy like Nodejs and Laravel The Problem is that a impudent contract, as an object along the blockchain, can’t just send an HTTP request It would contradict a fundamental principle of all blockchain protocols — their deterministic nature ‘The result of any transaction must always be the same for nodes to verify information_technology no matter where, how and when we call it’ jan sport backpack near me So we can’t make deyah genshin API calls using solidity A trick to solve the problem is ‘Orcalize’ What is Orcalize? Use Oracle as intermediate between the blockchain and the API The Oracle keep listing(observing the smart contract) whenever a transaction occurs 100 yen to usd The Oracle request API data and inject the reaction to the smart contract Find a lot of examples and explanation on the documentation and this repository Unfortunately, The majority of all code examples are just GET calls I don’t know why? I even supposed that Oraclize provide solution for GET calls only Or honestly, ace found some examples but they were a bit complicated for newbies like me So I wrote this article to explain it in more easy way Code Implementation 1- We cvs christmas photo cards coupon need to import the Orcalize library IT name ‘provable’ clone the GitHub repository and_then import the contract import “github com/oraclize/ethereum-api/provableAPI deyah genshin deyah genshin sol”; 2-It’s best practice to emit events when you make API calls if they fail or succeed 3- Check if our contract have enough balance to make the transaction if (provable_getPrice(“computation”) > address(this) balance) 4-Then making HTTP calls using ‘provable_query’ function used to make all API calls, for example, to make a Post Call:(example from documentation) // The URL datasource also supports a supplement argument, useful for creating HTTP POST requests long beach airport reviews // If that argument is a valid JSON string, it will be automatically sent as JSON provable_query(“URL”, “json(https://shapeshift io/sendamount) lowes wooden gazebo success artisan piercing norfolk deposit", ‘{“pair”:”eth_btc”,”amount”:”1",”withdrawal”:”1AAcCo21EUc1jbocjssSQDzLna9Vem2UN5"}’) good code should be something like that if (provable_getPrice(“computation”) > address(this) balance) { emit LogNewProvableQuery(“Provable query was non sent, please add around ETH to cover for the query fee”); } else { emit LogNewProvableQuery(“Provable query was sent, standing by for the answer…”); provable_query(“URL”, “json(https://shapeshift io/sendamount) success deposit", ‘{“pair”:”eth_btc”,”amount”:”1",”withdrawal”:”1AAcCo21EUc1jbocjssSQDzLna9Vem2UN5"}’) } } To make your code more dynamic and easy to call any type of methods like normal back-end you could parse all provable_query function parameter from external request function like that: function request( string memory _query, string computer_storage _method, string memory _url, string memory _kwargs ) public payable { if (provable_getPrice(“computation”) > address(this) balance) { emit LogNewProvableQuery(“Provable query was NOT sent, please add some ETH to cover for the query fee”); } else { emit LogNewProvableQuery(“Provable query was sent, standing by for the answer…”); provable_query(“computation”, [_query, _method, _url, _kwargs] ); } } That’s it, You can find a lot of truffle examples on this link Thanks!

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