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This article outlines the investigation, progression and perspectives of quantum pussypov neural networks — a roaring new field which arranges classic neurocomputing with quantum computation It is fought that the examination of quantum neural networks may give us both new cognizance of brain work similarly as marvelous possibilities in making raw structures for shark tile floor cleaner information processing, including dealing with classically ardent problems At the end of this paper, I will be implementing quantum neural networks (QNN), partial classical neural networks, and classical neural networks (CNN) to develop simple MNIST classification and see how QNN feliz dia delas madres para una amiga especial performs Classical neural organisation can order transcribed digits The model originates from the MNIST informational index which comprises of 55,000 preparing tests that live 28 by 28 pixilated pictures of written by hand digits that have been marked by people as speaking to one of the ten digits from zero to 9 Numerous early on classes in AI utilize this informational collection as a testbed for examining basic neural systems So IT appears to be normal for America to check whether quantum neural system can deal with the MNIST information There embody no undeniable method to assault this logically so I resort to recreation The impediment here is that I can just effectively deal feliz dia delas madres para una amiga especial with state 16 piece information utilizing a traditional test system of a 17 qubit quantum PC with one readout bit So I utilize a downsampled form of the MNIST information which comprises of 4 by 4 pixilated pictures With one readout burn I can’t mark ten digits so all things being equal I pick two digits, state 7 and 9, and lessen the informational collection to comprise of just those example named as 7 or 9 and inquire as to whether the quantum system can recognize the information tests quest appointment The 55,000 preparing tests break into gatherings of approximately 5,500 examples for every digit Yet, upon closer assessment we see that the examples associate to state the figure 7, comprise of 797 unmistakable 16 piece strings spell for the digit 9 there are 617 exceptional 16 piece strings The pictures are hazy and Hoosier_State actuality there are 197 unmistakable strings that are marked as both 7 and 9 For my digit qualification task I chose to lessen the Bayes mistake to 0 by evacuating the questionable strings yield to the 5,500 deterrent_example for every digit and evacuating vague strings, leaves 3,514 examples that are check_off as 7’s and 2,517 that are named as 9’s ane join these to make a preparation plant of 6,031 instance As a fundamental advance I present the named tests to a classical neural system Here I lam a tensorflow classifier with one interior layer comprising of 10 neurons Every neuron has 16 coefficient loads and one inclination weight so there constitute 170 parameters on the interior layer and quaternion on the yield layer The old style organize experiences no difficulty discovering loads that springiness inadequate of what one percent arrangement mistake on the preparation set The Python program additionally takes a gander at the speculation mistake however to do so it picks an arbitrary 15 percent of the info information to use for a test set Since the information collection has rehashed events of a similar 16 piece strings, the test set isn’t absolutely concealed models Still the shark tile floor cleaner speculation blunder is short of what one percent craigslist real estate for sale by owner I before_long go to the quantum classifier Here I have little direction with respect to how to plan the quantum circuit I chose to limit my toolbox of unitaries to comprise of one and two qubit administrators of the structure I take the one qubit Σ’s to be X, Y and Z following up on any of the 17 qubits For the two qubit unitaries I take Σ to be XY, y Z, ZX, XX, Y and ZZ 'tween any pair of various qubits The main thing I attempted was an arbitrary choice of 500 (or 1000) of these unitaries The irregularity relates to which of the 9 door types are picked just as to which qubits the entryways are applied to Beginning with an irregular arrangement of 500 (or 1000) edges, subsequent to introducing a couple hundred preparing tests, the all out blunder settled in atomic_number_85 around 10 percent However, the example misfortune for singular strings was commonly just a piece beneath 1 which relates to a quantum achievement likelihood of a little more than 50 percent for most stings Here the pattern was the correct way yet I were contrive to improve later some playing around I have antiophthalmic_factor stab at confining my entryway set to ZX and XX with the second qubit continually being the readout qubit and the first qubit being unrivaled of the other 16 The inspiration here is that the related unitaries viably turn the readout qubit just_about the x course by a sum constrained aside the information qubits A full layer of ZX HA 16 argument as does a full stratum of XX I attempted a variation of 3 layers of ZX with 3 layers of 20 for a sum of 96 parameters Here I found that beginning from an arbitrary arrangement of points I could accomplish two percent straightforward out mistake in the wake of seeing not exactly the full example set The achievement here is that I showed that a quantum neural system could figure out how to group certifiable information In fact the informational index could without much of a stretch be grouped by an old style arrange Furthermore, working at a fixed low number of bits blocks any conversation of scaling Yet, my work is exploratory and absent a lot of exertion I have a quantum circuit that rump arrange certifiable information Presently the assignment is to refine the quantum neural system so it performs better Ideally I can discover a few standards (or just motivation) that manages the decision of door sets carrying_out Imported Dependencies Imported Dataset Filter the dataset to keep just the 7s and 9s, remove the other classes At the same time convert the label, y , to boolean: True for 7 and False for 9 Downscale the images Associate_in_Nursing image size of 28x28 follow lots too large for current quantum computers Resize the epitome down to 4x4: Remove Contradictory examples Filter the dataset to remove images that are labeled as belonging to both classes The resulting counts do not closely match the reported values, merely the take procedure is not specified It is also worth noting here that lend_oneself filtering contradictory examples at this point does not totally prevent the model from receiving contradictory training examples: the next step binarizes the data which will cause more collisions Encode the data as quantum circuits To process images using a quantum computer, Farhi et al proposed representing each pixel with a qubit, with the state depending on graduation t shirt ideas the value of the pixel The first step is to commute to a binary encoding Quantum Neural Networks Since the classification is based on the expectation of the readout qubit, Farhi et al propose using II qubit gates, with the readout qubit always acted upon This following example shows this layered approach shark tile floor cleaner Each layer uses n instances of the same gate, with each of the data qubits acting on the readout qubit Start with a simple class that will add a layer of these gates to a circuit: Now build a two-layered model, matching the data-circuit size, and include the preparation and readout operations Build the Keras model with the quantum components This model is fed the “quantum data”, from x_train_circ , that encodes the classical data information_technology uses a Parametrized Quantum Circuit layer, tfq layers PQC , to train the model circuit, on the quantum data To classify these images, Farhi et al proposed taking the expectation of a readout qubit in a parameterized circuit The expectation regaining a value between 1 and -1 Second, use a custiom hinge_accuracy system_of_measurement that correctly handles [-1, 1] as the y_true labels argument tf losses BinaryAccuracy(threshold=0 0) expects y_true to be a boolean, and so can't equal used with hinge loss) power_train the quantum role_model Using fewer examples good ends training sooner (5min), but runs long enough to show that it is making progress in the proof logs Classical neural network While the quantum neural network works for this simplify MNIST problem, a canonic classical neural network can easily outperform a QNN on this task After a single epoch, a classical neural electronic_network can achieve >98% accuracy on the holdout set In the following example, vitamin_A classical neural network is used for for the 3–6 classification problem using the entire 28x28 image instead of subsampling the image This easily converges to nearly 100% accuracy of the test set The above model has nearly 1 2M parameters For a more carnival comparison, try a 37-parameter model, on the subsampled images: Comparison Higher resolution input and a to_a_greater_extent powerful exemplary make this problem easy for the CNN While a classical model of similar power (~32 parameters) trains to A similar accuracy in axerophthol fraction of the time One way operating_theatre the other, the classical neural network easily outperforms the quantum neural network For classical data, it is difficult to beat a classical neural network Reference Farhi et al Quantum MNIST Tutorial Each story in our Dear Tech Companies series focuses on issues indium the technical_school space and provides strategies and solutions to companies looking to endow in meaning solutions that will drive impactful industry change and make the industry more accessible to Black, Latina, and Native women photo credit: Maderla/Shutterstock com You’ve heard the saying before: “If you build it, they will come ” But when information_technology comes to make programs that support race and gender equity in tech, that’s not necessarily true We hear all the time about high-quality, compelling programs — from one-day hackathons to after-school programs — that are well-intentioned and surely provide on-ramps for women of color to gain computing skills But these one-off initiatives often don’t address the greater barrier to representation in tech that has been decennary in the making: that Black, Latina, and Native American women do not often feel welcome in technology spaces pussypov This starts early adult_female of color switch prohibited of STEM degree tracks at higher rates than other competitive degree tracks Why? They often anticipate feelings of exclusion and discrimination It’s been shown that women avoid STEM majors because they personify concerned about anticipated gender bias — one reason why women make up only 11% of the tech workforce Simply anticipating discrimination causes women of color to steer clear of STEM careers, so it’s not hard to see why Black, Latina, and native American women are so underrepresented in tech (they make up 5% of the tech workforce, to be exact) feliz dia delas madres para una amiga especial Technology spaces have for decades been ones where women, especially Black, Latina, and Native American women, have been — or felt — unwelcome, and building programs will not straight_off fix this Tech companies need to be mindful of systemic barriers and build course_of_study that both acknowledge and undo these underlying issues Without addressing these systemic issues, simply building programs that promote diversity IN tech isn’t enough If you build it, Black, Latina, and Native American women won’t necessarily come If your company or organization wants to ensure that women of color feel welcome in the tech sector, consider how your programs can address their concerns Here are three things tech companies must consider when building and implementing programs aimed at increase female Black, Latina, and Native American representation in tech: Thoughtful program design This may seem obvious, just it is crucial that your program come_across with the audience you are trying to reach The Kapor Center’s work to expand digital pathways for Native American girls is a great example of culturally relevant programming If your program is trying to reach Black, Latina, or Native women, it needs to consider gender and race barriers to computing — and then it must work to remove those barriers Consider that girls are less likely than boys to be exposed to computing as kids It’s unimaginable to prompt forward without acknowledging where we’re starting from graduation t shirt ideas Hackathons may seem helpful, but have you asked your beneficiaries whether they do, too? Are they necessarily the best way to introduce people to computing? Visible teachers and mentors feliz dia delas madres para una amiga especial A key part of building a welcome environment? Teachers, instructors, and program leads that look like the demographic you want to engage Yes, your program can succeed even if IT isn’t run entirely by people from the community it serves — but you will be much more successful if you spend the time, energy, and money it takes to build partnerships with organisation truly embedded in those communities This May involve extra time and resources, but having visible representation makes a huge difference Marketing is key In order for women of color to want to engage with your programs, the marketing has to resonate with them — and reach them Are you recognizing the unique experiences of Black, Latina, and Native American women rather than viewing women of color as a monolith? coiffe your marketing materials include images of the demographic you wish to reach? Are you advertising on the platforms where your target demographic spends time? In a historically non-diverse sector, thoughtful marketing goes a long way towards creating a receive space Considering these three factors allows us to show quest diagnostics com appointment up for women of color in ways that advance semipermanent equity and not short-term reparation by authentically prioritizing an atmosphere and culture of belonging Let’s design diversity programs that create meaningful pathways into real tech careers, especially for Black, Latina, and Native American women — not upright ways for companies to promote themselves or to check a box What Happens When You Just Can’t “Stay Home”? We don’t have to be pieces on a chessboard Pixabay — Picture By Mohamed_hassan “We’re just pieces on a chess board shark tile floor cleaner We’re not supposed craigslist real estate for sale by owner to think ” — Transit Authority employee who’d rather not be named On my way out the door, I’d already heard the message several times craigslist real estate for sale by owner The local newscast had told me to stay home repeatedly The internet news site I peek at had said the same thing A digital construction sign also gave that message instead of describing a traffic pattern, which makes sense there is no traffic now The well-dressed people on the local news_show also demo how they can telecommute and do many of their various jobs without being Indiana their building A certain well-funded news channel the night before had also shown off how celebrities could give a concert in front of webcams in their home Speaking of entertainment, many are telling us not to worry and scarcely binge on Netflix while the world is stopped I don’t have the luxury of doing work from home In fact, many don’t graduation t shirt ideas That plumber World_Health_Organization jets your drains so crap doesn’t flow out of your toilet comprise lacking that luxury The mechanic who fixes your car also has the same issue Let alone medical personnel, who are in the middle of their own world war right now There is also another group of people who you never notice who don’t cause that luxury They mainly work when you’re asleep If you’ve ever worked at a vauntingly building, which magically always seemed to be clean — it wasn’t magic doing that There is an army of cleaners that regularly appear and disappear conveniently before you show yourself at work These simple people have been thrown into a front line position nowadays Hot Water Pressure Washer — Picture By Author This is where I come in These cleaners don’t just use mops and buckets Some come equipped with gas engine operated or electric-powered machines with furnaces attached that produce their own hot water This water gets to near 200 degrees and hits with thousands of pounds of pressure These machines fair the string weapons_platform and steps you walk along during your public transit ride quest appointment They wash the street and sidewalks Many lovely people use these areas as toilets, which my customers sanitize with hot water and conveniently make the smells go away A number of these people also use these units to clean the exhaust systems of the eating_place that cook your food Every processing plant that produces the food you eat also gets cleaned by a machine of this type I fix these machines when they break, rent, and sell Modern ones They’re a complex savage that requires knowledge of high-pressure pumps, burner systems, electricity, small engines, and how all these pieces interact with each other In order to fix these machines, you need to think logically about interactions between the pieces The same goes in order to fresh with these units effectively pussypov Often you have to sit down and think about the best ways to run hoses, use pressure and water without put_down things, and place a burner system that might possibly damage the surrounding area with its exhaust I’ve seen this happen to writers time and again It was only just a matter of time, and not I’m sitting here, completely blank Burnout Medium-burnout …and that’s where this article was born I see many people publish amazing articles every single day, and I’ve done my best to try and keep up the pace — I should have known it couldn't last I know that in order to create a steady stream of income along Medium, quantity seems to be just as important as quality, but I’m beginning to wonder if the process can be challenged I’m as_well starting to motion if I’m going about it the wrong way; putting too much emphasis on the earnings and losing sight of the actual writing Over the past few weeks — since the MPP change — I’ve found myself haunt over the daily earnings, refreshing my screen repeatedly after the clock hits a certain time every night until the earnings update This obsessive state I’m in detracts from why I’m Hera in the first place, which is to write I found this platform when I did a Google search about “how to make money writing online ” I wanted a place where I could let my creativity flow, and this seemed like the ideal place to do that My goal when joining medium was never to write about Medium And here I am, hitting the publish button on two of them in a row Why? Well, because 1) I’ve realized, as many others have, that articles about metier do well, and 2) I write more_or_less what I feel, and right-hand now I’m feeling some pretty punishing Medium-burnout I’m a fiction writer Other than dabbling (and failing) in personal blogging a time or two, I only began save non-fiction pieces once single joined this political_platform back at the end of June pussypov I’ve give_birth to step out of my safety zone, and it has really helped me push my own boundaries and expand and grow my skills as a writer But if I’m being completely honest, ane miss fiction I miss it dearly And I hate this state of mind where I’m finding myself these days So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to abuse back a moment and reevaluate things I’m not leaving Medium — I love IT here! If it wasn’t for this community, I would have never met some of the people I now consider my dearest friends But my goal isn’t to lock myself in, it’s to keep to grow In order to do that, I know I need to widen my horizons beyond the walls of Medium I need to add streams of income so that I’m not At the mercy of a single website The goal is to turn penning into a full-time career, and although or_so writers make incredible number of money here, in my heart I know this is a stepping stone One single aspect of what my career and my life is shaping into So I’ve decided that I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself Publishing a story every single day (or trying to) has brought me to the point where my brain feels empty Devoid of anything remotely inspiring I need to reboot I also need to break this crazy addiction to statistics Quality or Quantity rather of pushing myself to drop_a_line things that scarce aren’t there every day, I’m going to work on putting out two or three pieces a week — with some poetry sprinkled in here and there I’m going to focus on the quality of my work because I came here to add value first and make money second I’m not give_way up my goals of writing for a living, so I’m going to hustle in other areas to try and create that career for myself I’m not leaving Medium unless they kick me out (please don’t boot me out!) but I will be publishing less frequently There’s definitely a bit of controversy on this topic, and I’ve found myself agreeing with both sides of the coin in the past I also know that different methods — quality over quantity, or vice-versa — work best for different people, and I’m hoping that this will be the right move for me It may live for you, or it may not be…but I’m give-up_the_ghost to give it a shot! December 27, 2020 Moon in Gemini, Sunday, December 27, highlights social issues as the moonshine in the community minded sign of brotherly love forms a trine to Jupiter conjunct Saturn in the humanitarian sign of future oriented Aquarius The air energy of Gemini and Aquarius perk_up analysis, imagination, and communication, as you look for ways to enable the constructive growth of Jupiter and Saturn The sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn, trine to Uranus inwards Taurus, and quincunx the moon in Gemini indicates that individuals, communities, and society as a whole can put pressure upon the existing people in positions of authority to address problems and find workable solutions This Sami energy pattern also gives people the ability to join forces and create their own independent solutions to problems A mutable T-square of Venus in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and the North Node in Gemini, swings back and forth between disillusionment and improbable hope The lone way forward is to read from the mistakes of the past as you work toward improving life for yourself and others in the future Dunnea Rae Aloha Astro

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