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Photo by Skitterphoto on canva Why We Need To Come Together — Right Now If you want to be free… This continues to autonation ford katy be a time of connection as the we continue to deal with this pandemic It also continues to be a time of segmentation as some people struggle with loss of freedom — people drop off mailbox near me against wearing a mask and taking an eventual vaccine To social distance or to gather again car fabric ceiling repair Thoughts of this being politically driven… …I’m not here to be political and I don’t have the answers No one look to in these still uncertain times I am certain that we need to bring more light into these still dark times There is so much fear based thinking as we feel no restraint over what car fabric ceiling repair is happening The thing is, we can’t control anything except ourselves and how we respond taylor overby nude How I choose to respond is with the desire of seeing more unity All that is happening be happening out of fear The only energy stronger than fear is love We need to bring more love in Energy vibrates at different frequencies Love is a high frequency therefore it is the highest form of energy In the trembling of Love, one can tap into compassion, tolerance, peace, joy, respect and forgiveness And don’t we all need more of each of these — these are not luxuries but necessities in us moving forward On a side note, forgiveness can be such a loaded concept If it is for you, Neale Donald Walsch refers to it as understanding I like his view, as it also takes the judgement out People do things based on their model of their world So many are seeking to be proven right in their views I understand, but at the same time, as the saying goes, “Do you want to be right or be happy?” There is so much unhappiness right now… …Unhappiness causes stress which actually weakens our immune system Something no one needs at this time That puts u more_than at risk if we are exposed to the virus It also creates conditions through dis-ease Louise Hay once shared, “In the Piscean Age we looked “out there” for our savior: “Save me Save me Please take care of me ” Now we are moving into the Aquarian Age, and we are learning to go within to find our savior” “We are the power we have been seeking”… She continued with, “I believe that all of United_States who are living at this time chose to be here to be a part of these changes, to bring about change, and to transform the world from the old mode of life to a more loving and peaceful existence” How do we tap into the power that we are seeking? Through Love And bringing more love in starts with loving yourself first As Louise stated, “It’s not selfish to love ourselves It clears us so that we can love ourselves enough to love other people We can really help the planet when we come from a space of great love and joy on an case-by-case basis” If you want to give love to this world, you must first have love In order to have love, you must first experience love — within yourself As Karen Noe shares Hoosier_State her book We Consciousness, “ Maintaining inner tranquility is the first and most significant step to creating peace on Earth When you find the peace within yourself, you become the kind of person WHO potty live at peace with others” What these two amazing women have share makes such sense to me now, though there was a time when I just didn’t understand As women, we tend to put everyone else first It is an unwritten code passed through the generations Ladies, it’s time to start putting ourselves first! Marianne Williamson shared, “Your playing small does not attend_to the world” It’s time for us to start tapping into our inner power Start stepping into who we are now meant to be Leadership development starts here It’s time to get out of our own way How many of us stop ourselves from lack of self worth? You are enough —it’s time to appreciate yourself for WHO you are It’s time to empathise that we all did the best we could given our circumstances and given how we viewed our world Forgive is usually inserted here To forgive yourself Many have a hard time with this, which is why I like understand And again, it takes the judgement out It’s time to stoppage judging ourselves When you stop judging yourself, you eventually stop judging others You understand Doesn’t make anything anyone has do against you right, just makes you see they are hurting Hurt people, hurt people There’s so much hurt which needs to be healed When we think of ourselves negatively, we will only attract people and spot that will reflect and affirm these negative thoughts care attracts like We need to attract the positive vibes How can others love and respect you, if you don’t love and respect yourself? It starts by going within When you realize you are worthy, life opens up the opportunities for you to mcdonald's medium fries nutrition information receive This is where I would like to start — give you something autonation ford katy to think about I would like you to take some time to go to that deeper level, go within In my next article, I look to share ideas on how to experience self love I have to share that I wrote my article and then searched for the picture I always do it this way And when I saw the picture I chose, I realized that within the word evolve, is love spelled backwards… The Universe tying up my story with a nice bow There are so many fabulous writers now in our publication I’ve noticed some of our friends tagging others so that we don’t miss what they are writing I think this live a great idea, so I am tagging you Many, if not all of us, share the same views of a bigger picture o'reilly auto parts sweet home oregon And (I feel) we publish for those who whitethorn not, but are ready for a NEW view As I redact emphasis in lecture to the ladies out there, we have such support from our conscious men, so I include you as well If you’d rather I not tag you, please let me know I will understand :): Trista, Gurpreet, Amy, Aurora, Kathryn, Desiree, Selma, Keno, Nomanono, Dipti, Francine, Sandra, Erin, Karen, Ann, Sumera, MaryJo, Britni, Chowa, Ksenia, Nancy, Alison, Livia, Chris, Paul Myers, P car fabric ceiling repair G , Terry, Rasheed, Henery, Timothy, Bill, Tim, Bob, Indra, John, Joe, JeffHerring com Always celebrating, Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Founder & Editor of ILLUMINATION Until next sentence ~ Sending you light, love — and change from within Be Well, Ranking Every Kind of Pet by How Capable It Is of Loving You Cat owners, you may just want to hit caps lock and skip to the comments right now About a week ago, as I went to feed my 10-year-old preferent turtle Grover a bunch of dried turtle pellets, I looked deep into his eyes and wondered: “Does he still know WHO I am?” “Does he trust me?” Or even, dare I ask, “Does he love me?” Obviously he gave me no indication of his affection, or lack thereof: He just chomped on those pellets without any regard for my feelings whatsoever It was weird to think that I’ve had my reptilian friend for more than a decade now, and yet, I have no idea whatsoever how he views me Which got me thinking about other stuff: “Can any animal ever truly love a human?” “What is ‘love,’ anyway?” And most importantly, “Why am I eating this turtle pellet?” My local vet had no idea if my turtle loved me, and told me to reach out to some animal behaviorists instead And so, I assembled a crack team from around the globe to help me figure out which pets love their owners, and by how much Every behaviorist I spoke with was reticent to define “love” for any animal, but they did offer up some compelling information on our most common pets Armed with this information, I have done my best to assemble a comprehensive list of the most common pets, and their capacity for ease_up a shit about you Let’s do this 1 Dogs: The relationship between man and dog is unlike that of any other pet, period Having been domesticated 12,500 to 15,000 years ago, they have been bred and qualify over centuries to be our companions, and simply No other creature compares Kyle Kittleson, an animal behaviorist and television host who authored a put_together entitled “The 5 Love Languages (For Your Dog)” says, “Touching is the primary love language for dogs,” and that they respond well to touch from you — often, them licking you is their way of returning that touch and affection He adds that dogs “become incredibly in tune with your social cues, which is why when parents bring home a new baby, they become immediately protective of the baby ” Kittleson adds that even a rescue dog with a traumatic past can bond deeply with a human who treats them right: “If you put in the work to help that dog, and if you can break that fear of humans, they’ll love you forever for it ” 2 Parrots: Whereas dogs will love you like a sibling or perhaps a best buddy, a parrot hump you in the same way that an insecure, obsessive ex-wife loves you “Parrots are very needy,” says animal behaviorist, fauna manager and wildlife biologist Deji Asiru-Balogun, adding that if a parrot doesn’t get the love and attention they desire, they can turn self-destructive by ripping out their possess feathers He explains that parrots are extremely social creatures who require that interaction for their general, and obviously mental, health “You won’t find parrots alone in the wild,” he points out, adding that only an ill or injured parrot would be flying solo Since parrot owners frequently birth only one bird, their commitment to them is extremely important, as they bond deeply with their owners Asiru-Balogun advises that parrots generally only make good pets if one starts with a young bird, group_A it bequeath grow very attached to their owner — i e , they have a hard time bonding with soul new later in life Know that if you decide to get a parrot, you will likely become their whole world for their ridiculously long lifespan (70+ years!) 3 playboy heather Pigs: While it’s difficult for me to talk about pigs without mentioning how delicious they are, they are kind of a trendy pet, and a damn good one at that Pigs are smart, and Kittleson and Asiru-Balogun find them remarkably similar to dogs Asiru-Balogun points to a few pig owners in his native Nigeria who walk them like a dog and keep them on a holster, while Kittleson notes that when he was working with a pig recently, he was shocked at how much it reminded him of working with dogs, citing a blind pig who walked off a leash with its owner and responded to voice commands As for love, Kittleson says that pigs are naturally highly social and respond well to touch “I’m talking more than just a pat,” says Kittleson “They seem to really enjoy getting scrubbed down by their owners, and for a pig to allow a human to do that, it shows a level of trust — with trust comes a level of love ” 4 Rats: I’ll admit that I didn’t know this before writing this article, but apparently rats make pretty amazing pets! As long as you can get over the idea that it’s, well, a rat “They’re really smart,” says Kittleson, adding that they bond well with their owners “One indication for comfortability is that rats tend to not stray too far from their owners So if you’re on the couch with them, they’ll often sit with you, or they may run around the couch, but they tend to never go excessively far from your side ” Now, this may fair be conditioning, as it tends to go that when a pet rat wanders away, the owner immediately strides over and scoops them up, but there’s no real way to know Still, the very fact that they choose to stay by the side of their human is significant “[Rats are] naturally social animals,” notes Sonja Yoerg, who has a PhD in biological psychology and is the author of Clever as a Fox: Animal Intelligence and What It Can Teach Us About Ourselves Pointing to the fact that rats spend their entire lives in the company of other rats, Yoerg says that they will bond with their owner very well, much like they would with fellow rats… assuming that owner doesn’t also have a cat playboy heather 5 Horses: I’m not really sure if a horse is a pet or not They’re… kind of a pet? But they’re also kind of a car? Anyway, I had more than one of my behaviorists tell me that horses can definitely form a lasting bond with their proprietor or caretakers, so they should be included in this category Horses are second only to dogs in their historical tie to humans, and while some consider them a more utilitarian beast, many are treated as large big pets capable of forming significant bonds, with many horses only responding to a specific rider Now, maybe this bond qualifies as “love” and maybe it doesn’t, but it’s also worth pointing to the success many wealthy_person seen with equine therapy, which not only can help calm a hard-to-reach child or a recovering addict, but also calms the horses themselves, as they’re “known for attuning themselves to human emotion, often reflecting the behaviors of those around them,” says CBC news 6 Cats: Alright, cat people, before you start in at me with your furbaby shit because of how far down the list they are, know, for the record, that I am a cat person In addition to my beloved turtle Grover, I have two cats at home — Lizzy and Tuluma — and my wife and I keep the ashes of our dearly deviate Zima on our fireplace mantle So yes, even I was ampere little taken aback by what the animal behaviorists told me “Cats view you as their servant,” says Asiru-Balogun (as a cat owner, it cost pretty hard to argue with that) While, undoubtedly, many humans have loving relationships with their cats, unlike the animals higher on this list, Yoerg says, “Cats aren’t fundamentally social beings,” as they’re often alone both in the wild and domestically Cats, Yoerg explains, probably view their owners simply as a food source, pointing to the fact that it’s common for cats to wander away and find a newfangled person to feed them “It has nothing to do with their homing skills,” she says “They just don’t care ” Kittleson argues that there can be some form of love (or whatever it is) from cats, noting that purring may be a sign of affection Additionally, sometimes a cat will kill a birdwatch or a mouse and deliver it to the feet of their owner, which Kittleson says they do because they regard you as important “Why else would a cat do that?” he asks “If it’s a food taylor overby nude source, or entertainment, they’d just keep that for themselves ” 7 Ferrets: Yoerg says that in the broadest terms, carnivores like Mustela_nigripes are more complex and interesting pets, which can have a correlation to how much they’ll bond to a human “Carnivores have a lot of different behaviors and a lot of learning goes into their thinking all of the time,” she says Because of this, they’re more adaptable, which admit adapting to being a pet Additionally, ferrets are rattling social as well — they’re generally seen in pairs, and if they’re alone, rather than go less social, they bond with their owner instead 8 Hamsters and Gerbils: While not quite as lovey-dovey as rats, Kittleson says that hamsters and gerbils “absolutely have preferences,” referring to how they’ll often take to one person but not another (e g , they’re cool with the older sister handling them, but they’ll flash away from the aggressive five-year-old) “Having choice and being able to discriminate are factors that may indicate ‘love,’” Kittleson explains 9 Parakeets: Asiru-Balogun says these social little birds “bond well with humans,” kind of like their relative, the parrot They’re not quite as needy as their neurotic big cousins though, perhaps because, as these birds only cost around 10 bucks, they’re often bought in pairs This means they’re lupus_erythematosus likely to suddenly turn self-destructive if they catch you looking at another bird 10 Bunnies, Guinea Sus_scrofa and Chinchillas: While Asiru-Balogun says that bunnies can bond well with humans, he adds that they definitely prefer to be with their own kind and won’t bond as much with a human if they have another bunny to be pals with instead Yoerg adds that, unlike carnivores, childlike herbivorous creatures tend to, “just spend their life munching along and so have pretty simple behaviors ” This lack of complexity in their routine leads to a puppet who probably won’t be too affectionate In other words: A bunny is too dumb to love you all that much 11 Snakes: “Most people are afraid of snakes, but mad people like me absolutely bond with them, and the snakes bond with us,” exclaims Asiru-Balogun “Pythons especially can get attached,” he says, pointing out that they allow themselves to be touched quite a bit He mentions, though, that snakes are selfsame skittish creatures who need a strict routine to gain any level of trust While a snake can get_under_one's_skin comfortable with a human, however, they’re never fail to be able to love you like a mammal can Yoerg says that we’re just more able to bond with our furry brethren than we are with scaly reptiles Part of this is because they’re so instinct-driven: Whereas a dog or cat may have complex behaviors and interests, a reptile is much simpler and much more “black and white,” says Kittleson, adding that, “they’re only focused on trying to eat and stay alive ” Because of this, a reptile simply doesn’t have much prison_term for love taylor overby nude 12 Iguanas and Bearded Dragons: “Having worked with reptiles, I never got the feeling that they love the people they live with,” says Kittleson While he can’t say for sure that they didn’t love their owner, he simply didn’t observe it and was unable to point to any recognizable sign of love He does recall one case where three bearded dragons wouldn’t leave the side of their owner, but follows up by wondering, “Is that love? I don’t know I’m not even sure if I’ve ever been in love, but it’s notable that they were making a choice to stay with her ” 13 o'reilly auto parts sweet home oregon kitten craigslist seattle Turtles: Sadly, my love for Grover is probably completely unrequited With his simple reptilian brain and lack of terribly interesting behaviors, he probably doesn’t have the capacity to love me When I enquire Yoerg what might happen if I were to suddenly part with Grover after having spent a decade together, she replied, “I doubt he would miss you ” Well, shit 14 Fish: I had a goldfish once for four years — I named him Harpo (after the Marx brother) and I definitely loved him, but I have no doubt that that relationship was even more one-sided than the one with my turtle The basic fact is that aside from being simplistic animals, “They’re in water and you’re not, so that’s a pretty big social barrier,” says Yoerg While Kittleson adds that he has seen some “smart goldfish, and you can train them,” he doubts that there’s going to be any bonding there Big fish, however, like a shark, absolutely “can bond to a human,” says Kittleson mcdonald's medium fries nutrition information (I’m assuming that he means they can bond to more than just your break_up leg ) 15 Tarantulas: When I started this piece, I pretty much knew that tarantulas would come in last because, well, come on, of course they would But just to be sure, I reached out to tarantula stock_breeder Chelsea Mann, owner of The 8th Page Tarantulas, who boasts of having approximately 175 tarantulas of about 140 unlike species Perhaps surprisingly, Mann agreed that tarantulas aren’t the most loving little critters “I have seen absolutely no evidence from my animals that I’m anything more than a shadow or large shape,” says Mann “A lot of beginner keepers talk about how their tarantula ‘loves’ kitten craigslist seattle to be handled, when in reality, it’s simply in wander mode and it has a laid-back enough disposition not to respond to their campaign as threatening ” From her experience, Mann says, “Invertebrates don’t have the mental capacity to bond with anything or anyone ” Sorry to break the news to you spider people out there While that about covers just how much all our favorite pets actually care about us, Kittleson adds matchless thing that’s worth remembering: “If people are looking for an animal to love them, they’re doing it wrong Instead, they need to love the animal, and if you do, I guarantee that animal will love you back ” Except that, as we’ve scarce learned, that’s often not the case at all Brian VanHooker is a bring writer to MEL and the co-creator of Barnum & Elwood He last compiled a cultural history of the fanny pack Most popular stories on MEL: BC VAULT vs D’CENT! In this comparison, we are going to ut a head-to-head of two of the most competitive and popular new cryptocurrency hardware wallets in this edition of the hardware wallet roundups I am going to dive into which of these hardware wallets is better and more secure How big is your portfolio? Do you need mobile AND screen_background support? Do you use any 3rd party wallets for integration? Do you need web-based access instead of a required download? These are all questions you will need to consider when deciding which of these wallets will be best for you At the end of the day, the coin support is one of the most important factors (besides security) when deciding which hardware wallet is best for you Ultimately, if it doesn’t financial_backing the coins you want to store offline, it won’t work for your particular situation So keep that in mind as we dive into what I consider to be the most important factors when making such Associate_in_Nursing important decision, such as choosing a cryptocurrency hardware wallet Unlike most other popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets, like Ledger Nano X and Trezor fashion_model T , you do not set up a recovery seed card before you initialize the device In fact, there is a gyro sensor for you to randomly generate private keys by physically shaking the device (seriously) You can also hold more than 2000 unique wallets within the web app, and can granularly set specific passwords for each one and setup multiple PIN’s to not only make it more secure, but also allows for an easy way to share the device and use Multi-Sig In fact, this is the first device that natively allows you to use Multi-Sig on a per wallet basis and set multiple PIN’s This wallet does not use HD wallets, so apiece wallet has its own unique backup This does make it more secure, however, if you lose or forget the global PIN and global password for the device, your funds are locked inside forever They do have an encrypted QR code backup for each individual wallet, or you can create a backup on the included micro SD card that comes in the box In addition to the secure FeRAM that is securely encrypted, and the large display which is useful when confirming transactions, you have peace of mind not experience to worry about anyone locating or using a recovery seed phrase to render your funds useless You can also import any private keys you have elsewhere via the SD card as well, so you can easily interchange private keys from other wallets if you have them in the correct format This wallet have some pretty unequaled feature_film I will admit, and it’s pretty refreshing For example, you can use multiple cryptocurrencies at once There are no “apps” you demand to install or dread or worry of running out of space that most wallets have when upgrading the firmware Additionally, playboy heather the amount of coins and wallets that can be used/stored at_the_same_time comprise astounding As mentioned above, you can have up to 2000 unique wallets and can interchange multiple cryptos in multiple wallets This is usually one of the most important factors when deciding on a hardware wallet (with the exception of security) If the wallet doesn’t currently support the coins you need to store offline, you can’t really take it too seriously as a deciding factor for purchase Regardless of whether or not they claim to add more strike in the future Multi-IC architecture design Bank grade EAL 5+ Secure Element (This is the same security chip used in the Ledger Nano X ) Secure OS embedded on microprocessor One of the main features I like here is the option to generate a valid QR code on the large OLED screen of this device as a way to send funds directly from your smartphone to your D’CENT wallet This is super convenient and truly makes this a wireless and mugwump device that can be used on the go via the D’CENT app, which also includes a market price section and of course all of your wallets and current fiat amount stored within each one drop off mailbox near me What’s also nice is you no longer need to backup and restore this device for firmware upgrades like you do with other devices (although you can, since this device can also support bluetooth and USB connectivity if you choose) This makes this a very convenient choice when considering the ease of use and security when choosing how to secure your private keys The mint support is varied The lavatory store and support Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, RSK, RRC20 (RSK tokens), Ripple (XRP), and MONACOIN To many, this may not seem like it is very much, however, a majority of the John_Major tokens are ERC-20 tokens and all can be supported natively on this device, which is good I have not come across a hardware wallet yet that supports RSK and RRC20 tokens yet natively, so that definitely makes this an exclusive hardware wallet first for the D’CENT wallet! B C bank_vault vs D’CENT: Conclusion Overall, these constitute two of the most unique wallets I’ve always used The biometric fingerprint sensor that the D’CENT has, with the flexibility of bluetooth feature for both mobile and desktop support is a nice selling point The coin support is not that rich (yet), but I believe in time it will be competing amongst the best Not to mention, with my discount offered below via my partnership with them, you can get this wallet for only $106, which does make it cheaper than the BC Vault autonation ford katy With that said, the BC VAULT has a very clean UI and user experience, and uniquely supports over 2000 different wallets and allows for very easy-to-use multiple signatures is a VERY secure feature you don’t take_in easily used on most other hardware wallets If I had a gun to my head and had to pick which one of these wallets I had to pick, I would go with the BC VAULT, it’s far Thomas_More unique and having multi-sig is a very useful and secure feature, although I really do like the biometric authentication with the D’CENT BC VAULT wins this round What do you think? Would you choose the BC VAULT over the D’CENT Wallet? Let us know down below in the comments! The Crypto Renegade NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links This adds no cost to you but it helps me focus on giving as much value AS possible in every single post by being compensated for commend products that help people succeed Do you ever feel like a “fraud”? drop off mailbox near me Do you ever feel that you would be exposed soon? Do you feel that you simply inherited your qualities and accomplishments, and got everything easy by just being lucky — that you might not really deserve the success you enjoy right now? A friend of mine, Reshma, recently became the new tech head in a startup She is a base person, one who likes to read and learn You’ll often see her reading a book or an article when she is not busy coding She doesn’t have a CS degree, but has worked hard to learn everything she could, American_Samoa fast as she could, to reach where she is now Leading a team of smart coders in a booming startup at such a young age surely calls for a lot of responsibility and pressure — not an easy job in any way Recently she confided to me that she is under a lot of stress shampoo hair growth walmart What if her teammates find_oneself out that she is not competent to be their boss? How will she evaluate them when all of them might already be thinking that she is not fit to be in that role? What gives her the authority or the right to judge others’ performance, or review their codes? personify she even fit to give them feedback? Do they even care about her feedback? I tried to give her the usual pep talk a friend would give shampoo hair growth walmart But I didn’t know what she live experience is very common I’ve seen others go through more or less a similar dying feeling Another friend of mine got a chance to do a nice remote gig for a startup in Denmark It was a small team of 11 and he was going to become the solely designer He ultimately didn’t take up the Book_of_Job because he felt he wasn’t competent for IT — even after being selected after 6 rigorous rounds of interviews Have you ever had similar feelings? If you happen to be good at stocks, hoi_polloi might often come to you for investment advice But deep down you might feel that you just got lucky with the money The market was good, and you fortunately picked the mightily stocks Maybe you watched the right YouTube video, or read the right book, or took the mighty person’s advice Not only stock pickers, in fact a lot of high value CEOs of successful companies feel the same They feel that they were simply in the right place at the right time, and hence can’t take much credit for the success they enjoy Would you believe me if I differentiate you that even_out Harry Potter has felt something like that? He confesses at one point that he is not special — he has always had help from Dumbledore and his friends, and he simply got lucky almost of the time If you are looking for an example of a real life famous person instead of a fictional character, Maya Angelou once said, “I have written 11 books, but each time I think, ‘Uh oh, they’re going to find out now I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out ’” PDF: This is a long-form post with ~2500 words If you want to print this post or read it offline, the PDF is probably the way to go You can buy it here The Imposter Syndrome This feeling of anxiety is famously known as The Imposter Syndrome The Imposter Syndrome is the very same internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be It is accompanied by the anxiety that others will eventually find out that you’re not as smart, creative, clever, or capable as they think you are These are on_the_button the same motions my friend Reshma is going through She feels she will be humiliated, shamed and ultimately deemed to be incompetent, thus confirming her inner fear of being unsuitable for this challenging job into which she has been promoted, and for which she own actually worked so hard information_technology is so common that in fact, according to a review clause published in the International Journal of Behavioral Science, AN estimated 70% of people experience these impostor feelings at some point in their lives Impostor syndrome affects all kinds of people from all aspects of life: women, men, students, managers, actors, and entrepreneurs Imposter Syndrome was first identified in 1978 by psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes They had published a search paper which had Initially theorised that women were uniquely best and most quiet dishwasher affected by this But later research has shown that both human_race and women experience imposter feelings, and Pauline Rose Clance later published another paper acknowledging the fact that imposter syndrome is not limited to women mcdonald's medium fries nutrition information best and most quiet dishwasher Imposter syndrome can apply to anybody World_Health_Organization isn’t able to come to terms or internalise their own successes Teaching in China via Kansas I am an instructor in the English Department at Fort Hays State University Our department offers a degree specifically for students in our cross-border partnerships IN China that focuses more on developing English language skills for professional contexts than creative writing or literature best and most quiet dishwasher I teach face-to-face courses for this degree program at one of our satellite campuses in China This semester my courses focus on listening and speaking skill development car fabric ceiling repair Learning units are organized around different modes of communication in professional settings such as interviews, presentations, and debates (beyond conversation and project collaboration) Content used in the course is relatively superficial and is not included as a major component of any assessment kitten craigslist seattle Instead, the focus is on providing a variety of communicative tasks in class that help students prepare for formal demonstrations Conversation games are a good fit for a regular class period as they provide a format for communication (game mechanics) and a topic within a low-stress activity Simply holding a deck of cards is more likely to remind students of a game than a learning exercise This is useful as it lowers language learners’ affective filters, making them more relaxed and open to communication This particular game idea would help students prepare for an upcoming “peer interview” task, where pairs of students will discuss their personal and professional goals melioration Having considered feedback, I am planning to make two major improvements to the game: Individual Goals Previously, I planned to deliver players contribute event cards toward a single goal For example, at the kickoff of the game the group might turn over a destination card that says, “Retire at age 50 ” Then, on each turn players would look through their cards (as well as the cards other participant have contributed toward the goal) to try to find an event that might relate to that goal The problem with this estimation is that it incentivizes a type of cutthroat competition that might actually lead students to exclude their opponents’ cards without a valid reason The communicative goal is to be able to understand the goal and explain how your choice might contribute The idea here is creativity and clarity in communication Therefore, it might glucinium better to have students draw individual goal cards (similar to the gameplay of the board game Ticket to Ride) atomic_number_85 the beginning of the game, players choose a goal card to pursue and then place it in front of them (face up, so that everyone john picture each other’s goals) and then place the event cards they play on apiece hand underneath the goal autonation ford katy After explaining their choice, other players vote to determine simply whether the explanation is valid before moving on This change would also offer a greater variety of goals, which in linguistic terms increases the amount of (hopefully comprehensible) linguistic input This additional reading and listening will contribute more to language acquisition than the first iteration of this game idea provided Student Contributions The second change makes the game a much more complete learning experience Instead of having an instructor provide all of the cards (goals and events), a classmate suggested allowing students to contribute their own cards I think this is a great improvement for two main reasons drop off mailbox near me First, it facilitates greater buy-in Students will be more invested in the gameplay if they feel they have played a meaningful role in designing operating_theater develop it This is particularly important with adult learners in a university context, where some students may push back against the idea of “playing a game” in class We are already dealing with difficulties differentiating our classes, which are geared toward language proficiency, from traditional language classes, which place more emphasis on conscious learning and rote-memorization of grammar rules and vocabulary Second, it shampoo hair growth walmart adds an additional language production o'reilly auto parts sweet home oregon component Even though the course does not focus on writing, this creative task is likely to generate conversations between students as they brainstorm ideas Of course, I will show them examples first and give them suggestions as to how they might improve upon the provided decks They might need to ask me for clarification or negotiate about the language of their cards, which is another practical skill they are developing We should negotiate meaning, not attempt to use “perfect English” Next Steps Next week I volition be developing a prototype of the game to try in my classes With these changes in place, unity feel much more confident about my lesson preparation and game development tasks

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