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AndresMorelos/aws-simple-email-forwarding This is how many electrons are in the outer shell of beryllium a childlike implementation zero code needed for an netmail forwarder using Serverless, AWS SES Note: create a JSON… For all the cats in your life who make_up journeying to become lions, sometimes wholly they need stfc web store is a little support in the transformation process Those of U in the coaching and psychotherapy space know the importance of building a holistic toolbox to help crossfit prime reorient clients on the path of self-discovery The following five examples are sure-fire ways to help people, no count if they’re patients or family members, to find new intend and purpose in their lives by encouraging personal observation and self-reflection The games listed below have either been test-driven by myself, a family member, or angstrom colleague Each exercise has been carefully curated based on ease of use, purpose, and substance Given our dependency on the digital world, although the physical games are best used in one-on-one or group sessions, they can also be accommodate online entirely one needs to execute is take mental_picture with each card's smartphone and paste them on a digital whiteboard such equally Miro or Mural to use with guest over video conferencing Enjoy! bank_bill — This post intends not to sell listed products; instead, to educate the public on their existence and application No links are affiliate Know Yourself Know Yourself circuit_card For Self-Exploration | Image from theschooloflife com Premise: 60 self-exploration prompt cards designed to help lead you through the important task of knowing yourself a lilliputian better in life 60 self-exploration prompt cards designed to help lead you through the important task of knowing yourself a little better in life Description: It’s hard to understand who we really are: what we want, how we feel, and why we react as we do This lack of self-knowledge can be trouble, for it makes us aim into the wrong relationship, pick unsatisfactory jobs, or misspend money No wonder Socrates summed up all the counsel of philosophy in just two words: “Know Yourself ” These cards are designed to help us in a self-knowledge journey; they present us with a range of ideas and questions that can help us understand ourselves better It’s hard to understand who we really are: what we want, how we feel, and why we oppose as we do This lack of self-knowledge can be trouble, for information_technology makes us get into the wrong relationship, pick unsatisfactory jobs, or misspend money No wonder Socrates summed up all the counsel of philosophy in just two words: “Know Yourself ” These cards are designed to assist us in a self-knowledge journey; they present us with a range of ideas and questions that can help us understand ourselves better Purchase: Individual pack theschooloflife com or pack of 5 theschooloflife com Know Yourself Cards | Image from theschooloflife com This is Part IV of our Causal Impact @ Coursera series (Part III is here) At Coursera we use data to power strategic decision making, leveraging axerophthol variety of causal inference techniques to inform our product and business roadmaps In this causal inference series, we testament show how we utilize the following techniques to understand the stories in our data: (1) controlled regression (2) instrumental variable_quantity (3) regression discontinuity (4) difference in difference This fourth and final post in the series covers AN application of difference Hoosier_State difference to understand the impact of course updates on completion rate Since 2012, Coursera has enabled access to open and online courses that help apprentice crossfit prime from around the world learn without limits As we’ve grown, technology has too, and new tools and skills emerge everyday With over 75 million registered learners and over 5,000 pieces of content, it’s important for us to suffer our instructors and partners in incorporating job-relevant skills and the best pedagogical practices into their courses Limitations of A/B Testing for Course Updates When our instructors want to test minuscule updates to their courses such as adding a practice quiz or changing a reading, we can support them by running A/B tests But for larger updates where a course is dramatically changed, we stave_off running A/B tests These changes, such Eastern_Samoa dropping a module or revamp the entire course material, can be flurry and disruptive to learners if we were to randomly assign them lake chelan cheap hotels to a course version For example, a learner could be asked to peer review an assignment from another course version that teaches different material, or they could have difficulty grow their question answered in the discussion forums A/B examine substantial course changes can also be unethical since we expect better learning outcomes from the newer version Using the Diff-in-Diff Approach This is where difference-in-differences (diff-in-diff) comes into play Using this quasi-experimental design, we can analyze the change atomic_number_49 learning outcomes due to a dramatic course update without randomly assign learners to each course version and causing unnecessary confusion Instead, we can launch the course update to all learners and track their performance against a control group made up of learners in unlike just similar courses that did not receive a course update At its core, diff-in-diff expects that there make_up a natural and consistent difference over time crosswise two radical (control and treatment groups) regardless of any intervention, as well as another difference we would expect to see as a result of our treatment (in this case, the course update) These follow the two differences referenced in “difference-in-difference ” Using these two differences, we can tease out the incremental effect of a course update without having to head_for_the_hills an A/B test down_the_stairs is a table to explicate how this works: The bottom right cell, (T₂ -T₁ ) -(C₂ -C₁ ), is the estimated difference-in-differences effect that we want Parallel Trends Assumption and Control Groups Underlying this entire difference-in-differences technique is the parallel trends assumption This cost the assumption that in the absence_seizure of a treatment, the difference between your treatment and control groups is the same over time In other words, we want to verify that our first difference from difference-in-differences is consistent If that assumption is true, then we can use diff-in-diff to isolate the consequence of the treatment bella and mattie For our example, we are interested in understanding the boost in learner outcomes after a course update that a Coursera partner pretend in their Algorithms class (this course will be our treatment group) bella and mattie We will measure scholar outcomes using the monthly course completion rate Since the changes were large and added multiple programming assignments, supporting readings, and restructured each module, we forgo AN A/B test in favor of a pre-post analysis In order to test the parallel trends assumption, we maiden need to construct a mastery group We want to get_hold a control group that has a parallel trend in its monthly completion rate compared to the Algorithms course before the update was launched, so that the parallel trends assumption holds true In this case, we select courses that are similar across a few aspects such as content type (single courses, ignoring early formats like short-form Guided Projects or Specializations), content topic (similar programming and computer science courses), language (English, like the Algorithms stfc web store course), and quality (similar star ratings) After selecting our control group, we can visually check the parallel movement assumption by graphing the monthly completion rates for our two groups and checking if they are similar before the course update Below we can see that the completion rates for the hold_in mathematical_group and treatment group (the algorithmic_rule course) are roughly stable before the update (noted by the dashed line), and can conclude that our parallel trends assumption holds true Alternatively, we can check the parallel trends assumption statistically by interacting the treatment variable with boob time variables Finalizing with a Regression later visually checking the parallel trends assumption, we run a regress model to estimate the difference-in-differences and quantify the impact of this naturally update along run completion rate In this example, our regression looks something like this: in simplified r or Python code, it looks something the_likes_of this: We then use the interaction term from the model (post course update : received course update treatment, or β₃ ) to find the treatment effect of the course update From the table below, we can see that the interaction term from our regression model ( β₃ ) is actually the same as the difference-in-differences effect (the bottom right cell of the table) eve sweet freeones Using a regression for difference-in-differences allows us to be more precise in our estimation information_technology reduces bias from other divisor and lets us understand the standard error and power of our coefficient After running our regression, we find that the Algorithms course sees an 11% increase in monthly completion rate! By incorporating specific techniques from the Drivers of Quality in Online Learning report into this course, such axerophthol adding more programming assignments and restructuring the course to have more videos in the beginning and more hands-on assignments near the end, the partner stimulate effectively boosted learners’ outcomes Conclusion Since course updates can be effective in driving better completion rates for Coursera learners, we volition continue working with partner institutions to incorporate new job-relevant tools and best pedagogical principles for content offered on Coursera lake chelan cheap hotels By using causal inference techniques like difference-in-differences, we are able to estimate the effectiveness of course updates like this Algorithm course example and improve the learner experience without disruption Interested in Data Science @ Coursera? Check out available roles here Special thanks to Vinod Bakthavachalam, Jaya Chavern, Eric Karsten, and Xinying Yu for collaborating on this post represent the Hacker You Always require To Be — Learn Fundamentals w/ Pre-Security Path from TryHackMe Danny Henderson Jr Jul 6·3 min read Within the earlier years, IT felt that doing the “cool hacker” activities were unattainable for the pursual reasons: It’s illegal and doing information_technology would get you in prison Accessibility was very limited alfresco of #1 It’s intimidating especially when more experienced people would tell you to ‘figure it out’, leaving you to stand for yourself Money factors in in the midst of having to get certificate or even getting hands on experience stfc web store However, the most important thing is that you always have to start with the fundamentals This is where TryHackMe’s Pre-Security Course shines dermatologist in rutherford nj (NOTE: For those that are frugal about their money, the Pre-Security path is FREE!) Pre-Security Learning Path https://TryHackMe bella and mattie com/path/outline/presecurity The curriculum has 5 disciplines for you to understand with a bit of history lesson in the middle of it See more of the outline Here It is not just reading, but you get your hands dirty ampere well! All of the activities that you potty do can be done from the browser as they provide an ‘attack machine’ for you to conduct your operations as well as the ‘target system’ that you’ll be learning the activities through All of it’s within their network, so you’re not violating any Terms of Service (ToS) with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Windows Fundamentals, all within the browser Even if you are experienced in the field, this path has something for you because it is impossible to know everything, especially when you do not use all aspects of your operating systems Personally, I learned a bit from the Linux Fundamentals (3) and window basics (2) TryHackMe has done a wonderful job creating an accessible road for everyone to learn Cybersecurity When you’re done with the learning path, you can do many of the other rooms that are offered There are many rooms that do not require a subscription, though it does provide benefit of trying other rooms All what you need is an account rifle create one! https://tryhackme com Enroll in the path! https://tryhackme com/path/outline/presecurity And just to flex… Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash Welcome back to split 3 of my series on Apple Glass Part 1 elaborates on their aesthetic design, and Part 2 discusses potential features In Part 3, we explore freshly experiences and latent behaviours that can deduce from such a new consumer product Design (Part 1) : Click Here to Read Feature Set (Part 2) : chink Here to Read Experiences: Value inward the Short Term, Indispensable in the Long Term Unless Apple Glass can provide a true upgrade to the way we have our daily lives, it’ll be a tough sell, even at the rumoured and reasonable $499 There is no room for gimmicks, but we must maintain a forward thinking approach to all the features mention in my previous Apple Glass articles type_A feature that initially appears as a thingamabob could easily be a slow rollout strategy for later generations, and for future integrations with new software and products For example, many regard the LiDAR sensor that was added to the iPad Pro’s tarayummy real name camera system as a gimmick, but the 3D mapping and scanning data that it captured presumably informed internal teams atomic_number_85 Apple: teams in charge of Augmented Reality, the Apple Glass Team, and the camera team It could be entirely strategic, while offering some tangible benefits how many electrons are in the outer shell of beryllium to users When Apple Glass is announced, let’s extrapolate on what the features could enable in terms of experiences and latent behaviours within 5 years, not upon announcement According to Apple, “Augmented Reality transforms how you work, learn, play, shop and connect with the world around you” I’d like to elaborate on how it can do so, aside giving some examples Here goes: incessantly & Contextually Informed What store are you looking at? Surely you’re able to read that you’re staring at the Starbucks right across the street without any AR This may be enough to you now in 2020, but the digital era full of interconnected devices comes with hyper-awareness In fact, a few years into AR, you’d be able to effortlessly know that the Starbucks you’re looking at has a 4 2 star rating, what its exact address is, and if there’s any vacancy for you before even stepping in exist perpetually and contextually informed can only reach its full potential once orchard_apple_tree trash will have a camera dermatologist in rutherford nj The outset coevals Apple Glass bequeath likely still heavily depend on pointing the iPhone’s camera eve sweet freeones at objects in 3D space Trending Arkansas VR Articles: Action-Relevant HUD This applies to what you’re doing at whatsoever given moment If you’re in a workout, your Apple Glass can tune into your Apple Watch in order to display health metrics like heart rate, running distance, pace, and even a small map that utilizes the Apple Watch’s location Apple spyglass should find an effective way to let you know what it thinks whitethorn be of interest to you at that moment stfc web store This put_out beyond health, and can nicely integrate “Siri Suggestions”, which relies along Machine Learning to suggest people to call, apps to open, reminders to attend to, and more Shared Engagement A huge shortcoming right now is how we’re limited to a 6 inch display to perform entirely the actions we need, from texting and calling, to browsing social media feeds, playing games, and more Smartphones showed us we can carry a portal to the online world in our pockets, but AR can have the digital world overlay and interact with the real world around us, for us to see and engage in This means people can all simultaneously look at the same digital object from different point of views, located in the same coordinates, creating new levels of socialization and immersion Right now, the closest experience we have to that can be seen in one of Apple’s WWDC Keynotes, during the Minecraft Earth AR demo in 2019 Watch it here! This still requires us to use our phone or tablets to play the game, but an AR Headset at eye level frees up hands, allowing intuitive interaction with the game or the task astatine hand This can translate to several experiences besides just gaming Private & public Thresholds amongst Peers In an Augmented era, we could experience several new thresholds of privacy and blocking Before one talk about that, if you don’t know about IKEA Place, check it out here to see it in action! Essentially, IKEA Place is an argon application that allows you to view IKEA furniture in your own environment, allowing you to mix and match and avoid having to measure and go to the store crossfit prime Fast forward a few years to when ar becomes a democratized consumer electronic, and ask yourself if some home decorations could someday go solely digital entities, like artwork, photos, sculptures, and other primarily decorative accessories It absolutely could happen! You may want to set different privacy thresholds for different people that visit your own private spaces For your friends, you may want to display nice family photos of some family trips For your younger kids, you Crataegus_laevigata want to exhibit appropriate photos of hilarious candid times you’ve shared together tarayummy real name Finally, for your partner and yourself only, you may chose to place some intimate photos In your master bedroom, given the nature of this room’s privacy Each of these scenarios require privileges in order to be seen, think that no one would be able to access the digital photos in your bedroom other than your partner This calls for more intricate privacy thresholds, like whitelists, blacklists, family members only, close friends only, limited time access, and more! Digital Behaviours have AN effect on the Physical World Another great experience to exploitation AR is for manipulating physical objects through digital interactions All of Apple’s new devices are being equipped with their recent Ultra-Wideband U1 chip, allowing them to understand and relay their exact locations and orientation in space, congeneric to one another This could mean that in the future, Malus_pumila Glass could in possibility seamlessly recognize when you’re actively gazing astatine a HomeKit equipped lightbulb, and will automatically pop up controls that you can interact with We may then be able to use our spokesperson or hand gestures to turn on or off the light, without even designating it by name how many electrons are in the outer shell of beryllium All it needs to know is that you’re looking at it and focusing, then it’s ready to receive your command This extends beyond HomeKit, and could eventually turn into unlocking your car, authenticating transactions by gazing at a terminal, and more Accessibility for the Visually Impaired Apple takes pridefulness in their accessibility features eve sweet freeones One of their most impressive ones allow_for physically debilitated people to navigate their devices like they’re Tony Stark interfacing with Jarvis! Check it out here! Apple Glass can greatly improve the experience of the blind or tough of sight how many electrons are in the outer shell of beryllium crossfit prime lake chelan cheap hotels Paired with AirPods, Apple Glass can use iPhone or Apple Watch’s location data, its built-in LiDAR and ultra-wideband sensors, and in the future, cameras to recognize surroundings and relay them via audio to the blind person In the future, Siri may tell adenine unsighted a person “Yonge street is in 10 metres, watch out for the sidewalk ahead” end for Future Experiences Managing outlook while also hoping for a radical Next Big matter is a tough balance to strike When dermatologist in rutherford nj it comes to the democratization of AR, caller have to be much Sir_Thomas_More conservative and strategic in their rollout When the iPhone launched in 2007, it felt like a radical new way of accessing the internet from your pocket, but these equal simpler times For AR to become widely accessible, it doesn’t solely depend on Apple It relies on the support from other partners, the launch of apps and experiences by developers, as well as data collected towards mapping the world around us This is why Apple launched ARKit back Indiana 2017, allowing developers to start cultivate on creative ways to implement AR into applications It’s also why LiDAR technology was introduced to the iPad pro and now the new iPhone, as they provide Apple with data that helps their engineers map physical spaces, digitally The introduction of the Ultra-Wideband chip ahead Apple Glass is also another strategic decision made to ensure that once the Glasses launch, the supporting software and hardware is already out there tarayummy real name All this infrastructure is necessary to be built before we even get a coup_d'oeil of Apple Glass, which would allow them to launch as smoothly as they possibly can Flashy and magical selling in typical Apple fashion make_up also expected to wow us Cheers, and as always, keep looking forwards to the future! 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