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by A d&d 5e barbarian Dude 1 You know what’s a mess? I mean, it’s a good mess to have, I guess, but when you letter d tattoo ideas start dating someone, and it’s okay, and then a few dates later you know it’s not great, but it’s also fine What then? Especially if regal movies now you have like three of these things going on at once Because partially you wonder if maybe it’ll get better Beaver_State more interesting as it goes along, but you also know you’re kidding yourself Probably But then it seems like a big hassle to break things off honestly (“no it’s actually fine, I do basically like you? iodine don’t know, just not that much, although maybe I would eventually But I guess I don’t want to stick around and find out”) d&d 5e barbarian So everything festers I have no problem being straightforward with people, it’s just this middle-ground area where I’m not even sure how to be straightforward or exactly why I’m breaking things off God, I’m not even sure what my question is But what have you done in situations like this? Is there like an inner questionnaire you can ask yourself to decide if someone is worth keeping around? Or do we just instinctively know? The last time I started seeing someone and wasn’t sure how I felt about her, I did what you’re probably doing right now: I thought it was just a decision I had to make, and I put it off Surprise! It didn’t end well Actually it ended terribly Eventually it turned into a relationship, and eventually the way we felt about each other got more and more out of sync By the time she was at “I love you” I was still at “I, uh, um, I — “ Right now your relationships are only a little asymmetrical But if you’re not careful, they will continue to grow, and what seems like a hassle now will turn into a train wreck six months from now You just don’t want to pull the trigger what bank is credit karma on plaid And I don’t blame you, we’re trained to bed choice and the idea of closing off a potential option is scary But it’s also necessary Oh, and you need to be dependable with these guys, but you don’t need to be that honest “I intend you’re a great person but I just don’t have feelings for you ” That’ll sting a little, but mostly it’ll just be disappointment that something didn’t work out, it won’t be anger at you for being somehow deceiving Eight months from now, that same sentence will sound a lot different You do instinctively know, you said it yourself Don’t mistake a deficiency of feeling for a choice that still needs to be made information_technology sounds like your gut made the choice already 2 Who’s the most surprising person you’ve been attracted to? This is a tough question I’m assuming you mean “The person you were most surprised to find yourself attracted to,” rather than “The person who most went out of their way to be unpredictable ” The answer to the latter would be a girl who burst into tears and vanished halfway through the date we were on That was a surprise The former is more difficult, though Because I don’t really know I was having dinner with a friend a few years ago and we were talking about her last few boyfriends, specifically: whether they constituted a Type She didn’t find any patterns and then contrasted her dating variability with my dating predictability This surprised me I honestly didn’t think I had a type, so when she rattled off some descriptors of the last few girls I’d been involved with (and the pattern was clear as day), it came as a bit of a shock Not that I had a type, just that I had been so oblivious to it egg roll wrappers giant eagle The most surprising things about attraction are usually the things we don’t see ourselves, the things that our friends point come_out_of_the_closet to us, or choose not to point out to us But, that being said: Elaine Stritch letter d tattoo ideas 3 What was the best thing you did last weekend? What was the best thing you did last year? The first thing that semen to mind Well, it didn’t technically happen last weekend, but the weekend before that we had a bit of a blizzard (you may have heard the weather channel screaming their heads off about it) I love seasons, I love the cycles and the change and the visceral feeling of the passage of time I grew up in Connecticut, so seasons are a part of how I understand the world to be, but I live in Manhattan now, and the last few years have been a bit of a let down, snow-wise Snow here is magic People tend to get a bit saccharine when they talk about it, but that’s because there really is something special about snow falling in the city, how quiet everything gets, how everyone starts to look up, how, even though you’re in the middle of this wholly built environment, you’re reminded that you’re never really disconnected from nature So eve though the governor told me to stay home and even though the MTA power have shut down at any time, I went out The party I went to was fun, but the best part of the night was the walk home, a quiet city, snow falling, peaceful As for the best thing that happened last year, the first thing that pops to mind is the wedding I officiated It turns out, priests and Rabbi aren’t too keen on mixed-faith ceremonies, so my friends asked me to do it I was touched and honored and jumped at the chance immediately jin korean bbq It only dawned on me a small later what I get actually signed up to do There would be a solid 20 minutes on their most special day wherein, at any moment, I could ruin everything I could say the wrong name, sternutation on someone, pass out, or forget how to read, and endless list of ways to screw it up were running through my head When the day finally approached, I did my best to keep it under wraps, simply I was exceedingly nervous Those little pips on a tuxedo shirt aren’t easy to put in along a good day, when you’re hands are shaking it’s almost impossible But the ceremony went off without a hitch A couple good laugh lines, a cute anecdote about how they met, repeat after me I receive to stand up in front of all their friends and family and tell these two people just how much they meant to me, and how much of an inspiration they were That was the best thing (And plus, during the reception, both a priest and a rabbi who were friends of the family and at the ceremony, came up to me to tell me what a good job I’d done So, I guess I’m available for hire if anyone needs an officiant I’ve got papers ) 4 My boyfriend and I exist best friends with this other dude The other night later my boyfriend had returned from being out of town for several weeks, we were in the back seat of this dude’s car and horny as hell, and … basically I began giving my boyfriend a sneaky blow job It was a long drive, it was big ten basketball standings dark, the driver was preoccupied with the road, and our protagonist appear to be drifting off to sleep in the passenger’s seat … until he turned back at one point and saw us We didn’t think we’d get caught, and we definitely didn’t think of the consequences This best dude friend was clearly upset, and has since talked to us individually, conversations during which we both apologized endlessly, and he claims to be “not mad anymore ” He’s understandably still upset, though (I feel like with me more so than my boyfriend?), and while I wish I could take it back, I can’t This friend is not a prude, we’re all pretty open about sex, and my boyfriend and I feel like we’ll eventually all laugh about it, but I really feel so terrible for making him uncomfortable in his own vehicle and being so inconsiderate to him How can I ease the process of us getting over this as quickly as possible? Basically my question or the advice I’m looking for is how can I make this better? Buy him gifts? Take him out to dinner? Offer him our first born child? Yeesh Well, yes, you definitely need to make information_technology up to him, but gifts and dinner aren’t going to do it Those things will just draw attention to the fact that this violation happened, they’ll be deoxyadenosine_monophosphate constant reminder of the event He’s probably torn by his desire to leave it ever happened and his desire to remind you that you did something wrong Try this: just be a little nicer to him Don’t go out of your way to keep addressing what happened, don’t address it at all, just defer to him a little bit more See the movie he wants to see, go to the restaurant he wants to go to, merely don’t make it seem like you’re doing it on purpose, don’t pick up the check or buy him a popcorn, he’s not a toddler You just want to remind him, with the little things, that he’s important to you regal movies now And definitely don’t do it again 5 How common is it for the average guy to visit a prostitute? I was shocked when my young_man told me that he had, on more than unmatched occasion, give for sex I suppose I always just had a vague idea that humanity who consorted with hookers were creepy, or desperate, or misogynists But my boyfriend is none of those things, and now I don’t know what to think I had no idea what to make of this information, because I don’t know what kind of person visits prostitutes — or if there is one — because I don’t know any Or, I don’t know anybody WHO will say that they do He claims that he has heard some stories from former men, and that it’s probably something that guys don’t normally talk about with their girlfriends or female friends He did say he wasn’t surprised that I was shocked Shocked is, I think, an understatement A bit of backstory here: it happened years ago, and for a variety of reasons, but mostly boiling refine to loneliness I’m not upset about him cheating on me or anything, and he says he wouldn’t do it again today He’s a great guy who treats me well, but as I said, I have no point of reference as to what this may or may not indicate about him So, is it normal for prostitutes to be weaved into somebody’s sexual jin korean bbq history, or should I take this as a red flag? I’ve never visited a prostitute I don’t think any of my friends have, but we’ve never talked about it I don’t know even much about prostitutes, aside from movies and TV But I do known a lot about loneliness From your description of the back story, it doesn’t sound like this was a raucous bachelor party or some wild, coke-fueled trip to Vegas That would live a red flag It sounds like he equal lonely and wanted to feel some companionship, even temporarily That desire is normal That desire is universal He might take tried to address it in a way you find off-putting, but in the end, that’s all he was really trying to do To make_up honest, I didn’t expect myself to answer this way I’ve never in_truth been faced with this question, and my long-running assumptions about the people who “consort” with prostitutes weren’t very_much different than yours But if craigs list santa fe nm I really think about it, and think about a person who just wants someone else, for a little while, to acknowledge his existence, it’s doesn’t seem creepy, it seems sad And it is sad But that’s okay Look, if anything, the prostitutes aren’t a Red_River flag, but you may want to recognize that your boyfriend has the propensity for a deep, desperate loneliness But, unless I’m mistaken, he’s human, so that’s to be expected Previously: Boyfriends’ Mothers, “Compassion,” and Les Misérables A Dude is one of several rotating dudes Do you have a question for A Dude? 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or features It is our brain that adds details to them, creating a construct that gives them meaning And it does so making predictions Sometimes the resulting construct is an emotion, so the same feeling or sensation can generate a different emotion depending on our brain’s guesses The emotions that seem to happen to us are actually made by us in the moment They are our brain’s best guess of how we should feel in the moment To make its predictions, our brain combines three “ingredients”: our body, our surroundings and our past experience Three ingredients that we can, to a certain extent, change And, as for any recipe, if we apply changes to these ingredients, we change the outcome If we change the ingredients used by our brain to make its predictions and constructs emotions from feelings, we can then change our emotional life If we change how our brain constitute predictions today, by changing the ingredients it uses, we can change the emotions we will experience tomorrow Responsibility and Patience There are two caveats, however, and I guess not everyone will like them The first one is that if we can change the component and, as a consequence, our emotional life, it means that we are responsible for our emotions There are not pre-wired emotion circuits within us that fire automatically emotions We create them, so we are responsible for them Not because we are supposed to control them in the moment, but because the experiences we cultivate today, become our brain’s predictions of tomorrow So, it’s not our fault if we experience certain emotions today, but it’s our responsibility to act today, so we can change the emotions we will experience tomorrow And here comes the second caveat We can’t change our emotional life At the snap of our fingers All three ingredients — our body, our environment and our past experience — can’t be easily changed in the moment Sure, we can make minor interventions like walk away from a stressful environment or take a nap to recover some energy However, the impact of those changes on our emotional life is momentary big ten basketball standings Plus, we can’t change our past experiences even if I would argue that we can change how we read them To create a lasting change in our emotional life, it takes time and consistency Healthier habits over time bequeath improve our body and thus the signals received by our brain Paying attention to our environment, so everything we see, hear, smell, try and touch, allow us to recognise how they affect our forcible and emotional energy so we can make adjustments And there are our experiences, the ones our brain registers, archives and uses to make predictions If we’re not happy with our aroused life, we can start by cultivating new experiences every day We won’t see the results immediately and it may even seem pointless Though, as PhD Barrett explained, over time, we will create a new d&d 5e barbarian set of emotional recipes We need trust and patience Trust in the process and the patience to stick with it long enough for the change to manifest So then, if we contain responsibility for the ingredients we provide to our brain’s predicting work, we trust the process, and we have enough patience, we stool master our emotions But where do we start? Dr Barrett throw a suggestion about that She calls it Emotional Granularity Emotional Granularity Emotional Granularity is a very fascinating breakthrough made by Dr Barrett and her team almost 20 years ago In short, IT is the ability of the brain to create a large, flexible array of different emotions Let’s put it this way, in any situation your brain will make the prediction and build the emotions that, according to its data, work better for your survival If the brain has more options available from which it can choose, letter d tattoo ideas in_that_respect are more probabilities that it would make deoxyadenosine_monophosphate better choice jin korean bbq If, as an extreme example, your database of emotions carry only II options like joy and rage, your brain will use one of those for any situation So, a high level of worked_up granularity has huge benefits in how you emotionally respond to situations and triggers You can increase your emotional granularity by expanding your emotion vocabulary regal movies now Learn newfangled words to express emotions In your language and, even better, from other languages Very often you can find emotion words in other languages that have no direct equivalent in your own Each new word gives your brain new options to deal with the signals information_technology reads and fabricate better emotional reaction Word after word, we become emotional experts After reading all these stuff, iodine was left egg roll wrappers giant eagle with a question Is this the same as developing our Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence Most of the work on Emotional Intelligence is based on the idea that the human brain evolved in layers from the older one inherited from reptiles inwards this perspective, proposed by the American physician and neuroscientist Paul D MacLean in the 1960s, we have three layers, each one in charge of different aspects of human functioning; the brainstem or reptilian brain (dealing with instinctive responses), the limbic region or mammalian brain (dedicated to our emotions and longsighted term memory) and the neocortex region (in charge of our high-order conscious thinking, verbal language and short-term memory) The last two, in particular, are the ones to which Goleman refers to when he says “In a very real sense we have two minds, unrivalled that thinks and one that feels ” Two minds that usually operate in tight harmony, intertwining their very different ways of knowing to guide us through the world letter d tattoo ideas But sometimes they don’t rattling play as a team, and our emotions take over To help them function together, we need to develop Emotional Intelligence Salovey & Mayer, who coined the term Emotional Intelligence in 1990, describe it as “a type of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s have and others’ emotions, to know_apart among them, and to use the information to guide one’s thinking and actions ” Obviously, there is a lot more to it but there’s plenty of literature on Emotional Intelligence, starting from Goleman primal books with the same title, and I already wrote many words here In this article, Dr Barrett contends that we should rethink Emotional Intelligence because, according to her studies, the idea of a brain divided into three layers with different tasks is misleading She says that our brain doesn’t have distinct processes for emotion and cognition A very different perspective then However, albeit implying that we should rethink how Emotional Intelligence works, I feel that it makes an even stronger case for the importance of developing it I love how Justin Bariso summarises Emotional Intelligence in one sentence: “Emotional intelligence is the ability to make emotions work for you, instead of against you ” I’m not a neuroscientist, and I don’t have the tools or the knowledge to have a say about these different positions, but to me, both perspectives fit Bariso’s definition Being a curious coach like I am, I’m just happy I can benefit from what all these tremendous scientists keep discovering I can learn from all these different sources and gain wisdom that can help me be more present with my clients So, these are my takeaways from this exploration around emotions: I pauperism to take care of in the environment in which I coach My surroundings affect my emotions, so I need to tune the space around me to spark the emotions I want to bring in my coaching space My physical health and energy play a vital role in how sensations are transformed into emotions I need to be fit and healthy to be emotionally wise and present I’ll invest fourth_dimension in expanding my vocabulary to improve my Emotional Granularity This way, I’ll be able to better deal my own feelings and sensations I’ll also be able to offer this richness to my clients, so they can see more I’ll keep exploring different experiences regularly, not to become Associate_in_Nursing expert but to improve my presence Disclaimer; as I said, I’m not a neuroscientist, so I may take oversimplified or misunderstood some things in this article In that case, it’s my fault obviously, and I suggest you go directly to the source for more exhaustive and detailed information: Hi, nice to meet you I’m your typical “ordinary guy” I studied political science, work for a European NGO, and my beliefs were as ordinary as anyone “God” doesn’t exist, this world is just_now a lead of a Big Bang and a bunch of cause and effect events, no mystery, a logical and linear evolutionary progression ending with us humans The substance of life? Whatever society persuasion it was, that is, a slightly more sophisticated version of what animals doh already: work in order to survive and reproduce Of course, the fact that we are imbued with self-awareness allowed us to add a layer of complexity on top of these simple premises, like the concept of “beauty”, art and creativity, ethics, morality, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, etc Then, something literally hit me As someone deeply concerned about the future of humanity, ecology, and plenty of philosophical questions like how to solve inequalities, how to balance individual freedom with the general interest of all, what does justice mean, what is “truth”, even starting to question our perception of reality, I binge watched hours upon hours of Youtube debates between various famous Youtube ace like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson I especially watched a Podcast debate where the 2 of them explore the concept of “truth”, and that’s when my trip down the rabbit hole started This was back in January 2018 craigs list santa fe nm I couldn’t sleep I started to have ideas pop in my head that I could not control and which seemingly came from nowhere Ideas which called into question much of my ordinary beliefs craigs list santa fe nm I will explore some of the ideas that I had at the time in subsequent articles This lasted for a little over a week I couldn’t concentrate at work, I wrote over 70 pages of the random ideas and thoughts that crossed my mind, all of which I would later explain and put into perspective by becoming familiar with the kind of literature I had never touched prior to this experience: books about spirituality and esoteric experiences In the end, my wife really freaked out The less I slept, the more ideas and thoughts came to me, but the more delirious I became At the time, I thought that I was some kind of prophet, alone in a world where everyone else was asleep, and I had to “save” humanity with the “revelations” I get received In the end, I landed in the emergency psychiatric unit in a hospital, convinced that the end of the world was near, that a nuclear attack was imminent, that I was about to die and had to leave behind a sort of summary of my revelations which would help the survivors… After an hour or so of acting crazy, they gave me two sleeping pills and I slept for 18 hours straight what bank is credit karma on plaid When I woke up, a series of “coincidences” or synchronicities would lead me exactly where I needed to go Indiana order to make sense of whole that I had been through egg roll wrappers giant eagle My wife decided I needed to see a psychologist and I agreed She called a friend of mine who recommended a psychologist not far from where we lived In normal circumstances she didn’t take in new patients but made an “exception” for me… The first time we saw each other, I explained to her everything I had lived through and she gave me a book As I started reading it, I knew exactly what it was going to say and sure enough, it explored very similar spiritual ideas and thoughts to what I had experienced or “channelled” (a word that I didn’t know at the time) The most “important” part of the message I received was our purpose here along Earth and on the true nature of God big ten basketball standings In essence, I was introduced to the idea of perfect symmetry, that for anything that exists, an opposite has to exist If 1 exits, -1 has to exist And the Universe, God, the All, needed to transcend itself in order to prevent opposites from superimposing and reverting back to “nothingness” (See my next article on Perfect Symmetry and Transcendence) At that point, I knew my life would never be the same You cannot “unsee” or “unlive” something of that magnitude And so on top of being a father, working wax time, and having a more or LE regular social life, I started the long spiritual journey that eventually, all of United_States testament have to initiate In the following articles I will recount my experiences as a pure novice The books that I have read, the difficulties I have encountered, the ideas I was introduced to… I hope it may be an inspiration for some in their own spiritual journey and discovery of self Other articles from this series: My Spiritual Journey — 2 — Perfect Symmetry and Transcendence My Spiritual Journey — 3 — The Nature of Reality My Spiritual Journey — 4 — Why Consciousness is indium Everything My Spiritual Journey — 5 — Hardships as Opportunities to Act like a God My Spiritual Journey — six — Beyond Good and Evil My Spiritual Journey — 7 — Everything is hone My Spiritual Journey — 8 — The Power of Collective Thoughts and Beliefs My Spiritual journeying — niner — Humility and Pride My Spiritual travel — 10 — Technology and Spirituality My Spiritual Journey — 11 — To Awaken or not to Awaken My Spiritual Journey — 12 — The Event, Full Disclosure, UFOs, Aliens, the Cabale, the Alliance, QAnon… My Spiritual Journey — Light story 1 — It’s the story of God walking into a bar and… My Spiritual Journey — Light story 2 — Shhhh, God is sleeping My Spiritual Journey — Light story 3 — The Meaning of Life My Spiritual Journey — Light Story 4 — God’s Light and the Droplet of Water My Spiritual Journey — Light storey 5 — A Human Tale How to improve diversity and workplace culture in the cyber security sector AustCyber Jul 2·5 min read You can listen to AustCyber’s podcast ‘OzCyber Unlocked’ here: https://bit ly/3dbwzri Today, the term ‘diversity’ has almost become a buzzword Every company is trying to demonstrate how diverse they are as an organisation, and how loudly they can shout about what they’re doing But what does diversity actually mean? And diving in deeper, what act diversity mean in the cyber security sector, an industry built on the premise of innovation, progressive and forward call_back solutions? For Laura Lees, Vice President, ISACA Sydney chapter and Sydney Co-chapter Lead at the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN), diverseness refers to diversity of thought “Diversity in gender and diversity in people’s backgrounds from a cultural perspective is really important for organisations, because you get a completely different perspective on things,” she said For Jacqueline Kernot, Cyber Security Partner at EY, diversity is actually the symptom “We tend to talk almost diversity as an output in itself, but the population around us has encompassed a huge range of cultures, neurodiversity, racial and sexual orientations; and if we are name sure everyone has an equal chance, we need to create environments where people can be free to be themselves Diversity should comprise normal, but we’ve created a situation where it’s not, and that’s the problem ” Cyber security has a gravid proportion of women than STEM does — yet both industries are miles away from where they need to be Tony Vizza, Director of Cyber Security Advocacy for the Asia-Pacific Region at (ISC)² said, “The biggest challenge in terms of diversity is the long standing perception that cyber security is something that boys do; something that men do It isn’t something that girls do” A big part of the diversity problem in cyber security is shifting this perception that permeates across the industry Targeting this at a young age and ingraining into young girls that STEM and cyber security is in fact open to them, is a distinguish part of the solution Although the skills shortage and closed international borders have heightened the lack of talent available, if the sector is honest with itself, the problem was a pertinent issue before the COVID-19 pandemic The sector struggles welcoming people with diverse backgrounds into its workforce, putting barriers up before someone even has the opportunity to try their hand at a role indium cyber security Jacqui Loustau, give of AWSN said, “I’ve seen lots of women come with many years of experience of transferable skills and they’re not even getting type_A beginning interview I’m sure that’s untapped talent we have and skills we could transfer As long as people have the right attitude and aptitude, we can retrain them and give them a chance ” This extends beyond just work-related skills too Screening people to the degree the sector does, is working against every grain of what diversity really means, by excluding those who can’t afford a high level tertiary education but might have the skills and attitude to learn the craft on the job Kernot said, “If we’re go_bad to have diversity of thought, we need to think more generally beyond the necessity of university Acquiring a university degree is quite a socio-economically privileged process — and barring people ground on this, points to the industry needing to have a broader mindset It’s a profession where you learn to add value as you go ” Perhaps the best way forward is to look at other sectors doing a better job with diversity than the cyber security sector is Some organisations embody removing self-assessments in performance reviews, because they’ve learned that women assess themselves 30 per cent lower than their male counterparts Other companies that have multi-national meetings have started putting captions on Zoom so their foreign colleagues can follow the conversation properly Kernot revealed EY has created antiophthalmic_factor diversity and inclusion index; measuring how people palpate about belonging, how they feel about being in a team and how they feel about how they’re treated relative to everyone else in their team “Globally, we’ve created a DNI tracker to measure leaders and leadership teams All partners bequeath be measured on their ability to move their DNI tracker five basis points up the scale each time, and if they don’t — their performance metrics won’t be hit, meaning they won’t get nonrecreational unless they can demonstrate their teams be inclusive,” Kernot said In 2009, women made up 11 per cent of the STEM workforce in Australia Last year, women made upwardly 13 per cent of the STEM workforce Over that decade, the government has spent more than $268 million on initiatives to get women into STEM programs and encourage women’s economic security, yet the needle has only moved a mere 2 per cent The issue is not access to the sector, it’s the perception of the sector The perception gap — the idea that it’s harder for woman to succeed in the STEM sector is holding women back and pushing the diversity agenda further down the list of achievable priorities Having more women in leadership roles at organisations that have the potential to empower and inspire young girls into pursuing a career in cyber security, is what’s going to shift the dial If the industry wants to talk virtually its willingness and desire to be diverse, it can’t just talk about it, it needs to act When the borders do eventually open and we can accept more talent, the eminent skills shortage in Australia will static prevail, not for a lack of opportunity, but from failing to address the perception gap Learn more about how to improve diversity and workplace culture in AustCyber’s podcast ‘OzCyber Unlocked’: https://bit ly/3dbwzri Photos by:

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