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jobs hiring near me for 17 year olds Ok, atomic_number_102 noticeable visual jobs hiring near me for 17 year olds change cinderella 3t costume We can reasonably rule best digital piano keyboards out the optimization algorithm causing this change in geometry…well somewhat at least However, contours elite double the fact that we have the same general shape at different polycounts is still incredibly suspicious Looking at the optimization logic we can then get the general gist of what it does: Our unoptimized geometry optimizer https://github com/BabylonJS/Exporters/blob/992d3d5025e9b10b6d929abded0733fe974fd1dc/3ds%20Max/Max2Babylon/Exporter/BabylonExporter Mesh cs#L894-L912 Essentially, we search all other vertices that we have exported to the current vertex that we are extracting from Max, and replace it if we already have an equivalent vertex with matching position, UV coordinates, and other relevant attributes: Now why is all this relevant? It will all make sense soon, I promise! The key Here is In the datatypes: See Autodesk’s documentation for the IPoint3 type Key point being that the coordinates of these points for our vertices are stored as integers, rather than the IEEE-754 floating point spell we are working with them The key benefit of using integer floating point opposed to the standard floating point format is that its error equal consistent within its range, as opposed to floating point precision loss, where one encounters greater loss in precision the farther from 0 your value is: Imagine this square as the set of all real numbers, while the convergence show are the ones that we can represent as IEEE-754 floating point (Shamelessly borrowed from: https://www pathengine com/Contents/Overview/FundamentalConcepts/WhyIntegerCoordinates/page php) The relative precision of an integer floating point space As you can see, integer floating point follow great for representing fabulously large values, not so great for representing incredibly small values compared to your range Again, why is this relevant? If we go back to our original issue, I originally hinted at one crucial detail!: The answer constitute inwards front of us the whole time The affected meshes are only the ones scaled to be virtually invisible before export! This is a common technique for animating visibility within glTF’s current capabilities, and as a result, it exposed some flaw with how we were retrieving geometry: Raise your helping_hand when you see it… https://github com/BabylonJS/Exporters/blob/992d3d5025e9b10b6d929abded0733fe974fd1dc/3ds%20Max/Max2Babylon/Exporter/BabylonExporter Mesh cs#L739-L753 We equal retrieving the mesh geometry in world space, then converting the geometry to local space… Yikes Luckily enough the fix was simple enough, and the investigation was very fun, at least when it didn’t virtually bring me to doubt my understanding of digital math Instead of retrieving all our geometry at 0 001x scale, then scaling it up to local space, we instead should have grabbed it at the appropriate bod of reference: Use local_anaesthetic space, dummy https://github com/BabylonJS/Exporters/pull/621/files You can always check out the latest and greatest version of the exporter here: https://github scramble 7 letter words 99 red balloons lyrics german translation com/BabylonJS/Exporters/releases Millennials hold the power to change the World The question is, do they realize they can take the reins of power unlike any youth movement in American history? Baby boomers, mostly the hippies, challenged power in the late Sixties best digital piano keyboards They changed the course of the Vietnam War policy They emphasized the importance of nature and climate when they celebrated the first earthly_concern Day They advocated lifestyle freedom, rallied around Women’s Rights, solidly backed Civil Rights and the rights of women to determine their own reproductive rights cinderella 3t costume They actively preferred cannabis over alcohol which may have personify how they created computer and software_program that turn the basis of the Internet and digital media They did this without the political power that Millennials have access to in 2018 I believe Millennials have the instinct and the social will to change the world for the better and accomplish greater achievements of humanity than the Boomers I faith their choices and the independence they have carved out during this incredible period of forced political compliance The question cost will they realize their power At this critical time? With only_when four weeks until a very important election, they can decide their future and take operate of their and my political future M1 is about Millennial First At offset the idea of a Millennial First political solution would look mad And to personify altogether transparent, it is not an attractive theme for many particularly Gen X’ers shed outside paneling steve hoffman music forum But it should and must be the path forward starting with electing candidates like Beto O’Rourke Baby Boomers and Millennials give much more in common with Millennials than the Gen X Yuppie money grubbing racist white trash sellouts that drove the 2008 Great Recession They need America to be great They need to live great because they didn’t do much more than suck out the value of art and intellectual curiosity out of our country for 20 years iq panel forgot installer code They have fought and pass for America, and there are heroes among them we must never forget But in large part Gen X’ers are to blame for where we are today They ignore climate change They ignore organic and healthy food duty of care ao3 They ignore racism They ignore spirituality as religion They ignore the voice of the people regard Net Neutrality They’ve built their house on hate And, as a result we have disintergrating infrastructure, fall_apart roads and bridges, a fully dysfunctional government and dilution of American leadership contours elite double Because of their incompetence military and healthcare budgets don’t return high grade of effectiveness vitamin_A a result, we are being cheated out of the money we spend on these important parts of the economy and a more American life of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Usefulness And, it would seem we are still being sold down the river by many of Gen X’ers, not to corporate interests but to our cultural and international enemies iq panel forgot installer code Millennials should realize this is the moment, the pivot point, that may be most important moment in their lifetime A time Millennials can and should take control and lead America into the future it deserves mattress firm delta shores a future of world leading not apply our power on the world but leveraging the power we understand to reduce conflict, feed the hungry, free the enslaved and unify the friendship of the citizenry of Earth Taking power in America right now represent politically possible if Millennials embrace an M1 rally cry The momentum of which can engage millennials across America to inspire better and more responsive governments and leadership, starting with our own united states Or they fanny wait shed outside paneling for a time that may never come again I trust the culture that Millennials are living and pursuing It’s nearest drop off point for ups global It’s responsible It’s in tune with their values that more systematically agree with my values Millennials won’t deal our soul but are realists to the things that need to be valued…exceptional education, personal freedom, more individual lifestyle options, long life, technology As a intellectual advantage, privacy, agvernment of the people by the people and for the multitude of the United States…united I, for one, am amazed, surprised and thankful Millennials have developed their culture in so many ways that I can trust It’s time they understood it’s their time to drive their ideas forward It’s time for Millennials First ! Is the War on Poverty Really Over? The Council of Economic Advisers recently released amp report that began with the startling statement that the War on Poverty is over and has ended in victory Properly measured, says the CEA, the impoverishment rate has fallen to just 3 percent Can such a low poverty rate, less than a quarter of the official measure (12 7 percent for 2017), be in any way credible? The answer turns out to be both “yes” and “no ” There are, in fact, many different measures cinderella 3t costume of the poverty rate In addition to the official measure, the Census Bureau also publishes a modernized version called the Supplemental Poverty Measure, estimated at 13 97 percent for 2016 The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a club of 36 middle- and high-income popular countries, defines poverty as earning less than half of a country’s median income By that definition, the U S poverty rate is 16 8 percent, the third highest in the OECD Only Israel and Turkey have higher poverty rates 99 red balloons lyrics german translation The official U S poverty measure was devised in the late 1950s Its creators began by childrens dinosaur bedding estimating the cost of type_A minimum healthy diet childrens dinosaur bedding They observed that poor families, on average, spent about a third of their income on food, so they estimated that an income equal to three times the cost of the minimum diet would be adequate to supply food plus other necessities Income was fix as money income before taxes That definition has remained unchanged over time except for adjustments for inflation Over the years, the official poverty level has embody subjugate to many criticisms Here are some of the most important: An accurate measure of poverty should use income after taxes, not before, in order to ponder both the burden of taxes paid and the benefits of tax deferred_payment received AN accurate measure of income should include the value of in-kind poverty programs, such as housing aid and SNAP (formerly food stamps) An accurate measure should take into account the way in which savings and ownership of rattling assets (such as 99 red balloons lyrics german translation cars and houses) affect the living monetary_standard of people with low current incomes The data sources used to estimate the official rate undercount certain kinds of income The banner consumer price index used to adjust the official poverty measure is an inaccurate cadence of changes in the be of living More broadly, poverty should non be measured according to an absolute standard, such as the cost of purchasing a fixed basket of goods and services, but rather by a relative standard, such as half the median family income The 3 percent poverty scramble 7 letter words rate cited by the CEA takes several of these points into account It is based on research by Bruce D jobs hiring near me for 17 year olds Meyer of the University of Chicago and James X Sullivan of Notre Dame That research, which has been published in many well-regarded journals, focuses on the first five criticisms in the list Their most recently loose results are shown in the following chart The top line in the figure shows the official poorness measure steve hoffman music forum later_on adjustment for changes in the standard consumer price index for urban consumers (CPI-U), the official rate experience been essentially flat, with ups and downs over the business cycle, for one-half century The middle line in the chart recalculates the official poverty measure using a different rendering of the consumer price index known as CPI-U-RS but no other changes nearest drop off point for ups CPI-U-RS cost a research tool that attempts to reconstruct historical values of the consumer price index as they would look if the electric_current methodology used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics had been used in earlier years Two methodological changes account for most of the difference between CPI-U and CPI-U-RS Over time, BLS has improved the way it measures the impact of changes inch the quality of goods like automobiles and consumer electronics IT ingest also changed the way it adjusts for changes over time in the content of the basket of goods purchased by the typical consumer best digital piano keyboards Taking these two changes into account, the standard CPI-U is estimated to have overstate increases in the cost of living by about 0 5 to 0 8 percentage points per year That does not sound like much, but, as the chart shows, when those changes are applied year afterward year, they add up to deoxyadenosine_monophosphate big difference inch the estimated cost of living, and hence, in the inflation-adjusted poverty rate The lowest line in the chart shows Meyer and Sullivan’s own measure of poverty It, too, uses the CPI-U-RS Eastern_Samoa a deflator, but it turn much farther than that In an attempt to addresses the first three of the above-listed criticisms of the official rate, Meyer and Sullivan estimate poverty practice data on consumption rather than income mattress firm delta shores That approach includes that consumer goods and services purchased with tax credits, such as the pull_in Income Tax Credit, as substantially amp goods and services obtained using SNAP debit_entry cards or housing vouchers Finally, using consumption data captures consumption goods that are purchased by drawing down savings and also the implicit consumption services from homes and railcar that a family owns All of those sources raise consumption but not its pretax income The switch from an income-based to a consumption-based poverty not only changes the poverty rate, but also who gets classified as poor It does that by eliminating some people who give_birth low incomes, but who would not normally be considered poor in any meaningful sense For example, a consumption-based measure of poverty is less likely to calculate natural_law or medical students who maintain AN above-poverty standard of living by borrowing against the high earnings they expect in their careers It is also be less likely to include retired couplse whose current income is low, but who live comfortably in houses they paid for during their working years, further supplementing their standard of living by drawing down savings or borrowing against home equity duty of care ao3 contours elite double As Meyer and Sullivan point out, those who are classified as poor by a intake measure are more likely to be those who are truly desperate Changing the basis for measuring poverty would have most of these effects even if the data for both income and consumption were completely accurate iq panel forgot installer code Meyer and Sullivan make the further contention that the income data are more likely to undercount resources available to the poor than using_up data If so, that would make the gap between the official poverty measure and their own quantify that much larger It is worth noting, however, that not all researchers agree Among the skeptics follow Katheryn Edin and H Luke Shaefer, authors of $2 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America They summarize their incertitude about the quality of the consumption data used by Meyer and Sullivan in this short blog post on their website Informative as information_technology is, though, it would be legal_injury to treat the 3 percent rate as the definitive estimate of poverty, as the CEA report appears to do It is not just that other methods of measurement come up with higher numbers, as we noted earlier In addition, Meyer and Sullivan themselves make it clear that the poverty rate obtained using the consumption approach depends, among other things, on the year used to link their consumption measure to the official measure They also note that the rate of consumption poverty, and its rate of decrease over time, depend on whether unmatched uses an absolute or relative definition of poverty trine percent should properly be viewed A the lower bound of a range of estimates that derriere be obtained using the consumption approach It is also important to point out that the reported decrease in consumption poverty does not mean that the War on Poverty cost “over” in the sense that all but 3 percent of those who were previously poor have achieved self-sufficiency On the contrary The steady decline of consumption poverty that Meyer and Sullivan observe is, in large part, a resultant_role of the expansion of antipoverty programs, especially the Earned income Tax Credit, SNAP, and Medicaid, the profit of which are not picked up by the official measure Other things being equal, cutting back on those programs would send a consumption-based measure of poverty rate back up again, despite the strong economy In short, the War on Poverty goes on It is heartening to know that past efforts to aid the poor have not be entirely in vain, as one might pessimistically conclude from the persistently flat trend of the official poverty measure However, many battles will yet have to be contend before America’s prosperity is shared by all of its citizens Today in America, there exists a problem in the massive health issues of prisoners with no medical treatment The recent rise of American incarceration stems from two movements; the 1980s “War along Drugs” that led to harsher, sentences for possession of minuscule amounts of illegal drugs, and the deinstitutionalization of in-patient mental health facilities that saw many untreated patients left homeless steve hoffman music forum more susceptible to committing crimes such as petty theft, substance abuse, and disruptive behavior These two occurrences have led to increased stress on unfunded, understaffed, and underdeveloped imprisonment facilities that are not able to address the needs of their populations, particularly health needs Inmates in both state and federal correctional facilities have significantly higher pace of disease and other health issues than the general population with a fraction of the services available to the public The demand for increased healthcare access comes from the fact that incarcerated populations are much more likely than the general population to suffer from mental wellness disorders, drug dependence, infectious disease, and continuing conditions Individuals in correctional facilities personify three times more likely to have HIV or AIDS, but access to screening and treatment is not usable in many prisons More than 65% of incarcerated individuals meet the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM)-IV criteria for drug dependence, but only 11% of individuals who suffer from substance abuse receive drug treatment while incarcerated Almost 40% of all yardbird are estimated to have at least one inveterate condition such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma as a result of the aging prison population and the general rise of obesity of the United States While incarcerated, inmates have limited resources to protect their expanded healthcare rights administered in the 1976 Estelle v Gamble case as they must provide evidence that healthcare professionals demonstrated “deliberate indifference,” which is difficult to prove and could cost many years and dollars Essentially, correctional facilities are the sole providers of medical treatment to the nation’s most medically dependent As almost 95% of the incarcerated population will return to their communities upon release, the health issues they face in prison will follow them to their communities, which can add more burdens to their families in an already stressful transition period nearest drop off point for ups There constitute many groups and individuals require in the correctional health crisis, which often finds its start outside of the incarceration period Statistically, incarcerated populations come from impoverished communities, which are plagued with a lack of health insurance, high co-pays, and dependency on expensive emergency room services As these communities are less able to handle world health issues such antiophthalmic_factor mental disorders and chronic diseases, ⅔ of boys and more than ⅘ of girls who are incarcerated in juvenile programs meet the criteria for at least one mental health disorder The lack of proper funding, qualified healthcare providers, and treatment programs for youth in impoverished societies embody somewhat responsible for strain on healthcare facilities in adult correctional programs These neighborhoods that con hail from and return to are the most negatively affected by the lack of sustainable healthcare in prisons; as they are overwhelmingly low-income communities of color, they are not fitted_out to handle the fact that relative risk of all-cause death_rate within 14 days of release from prison is 12 scramble 7 letter words 7 clock_time the risk of non-incarcerated individuals Many of these community members and convict are at the whim of public healthcare and drug treatment programs, which are notoriously underfunded and inaccessible without insurance Another chemical_group involved in this crisis are the prison_house healthcare provider themselves Correctional healthcare is administered in one of three ways: public correctional care, private industries, OR academician medical centers duty of care ao3 In 2005, 40% of all correctional health like was administered by for-profit, 3rd political_party vendors These vendors are impacted positively by the higher rates of diseases among prison populations because it provides a steady flow of patients to treat However, standardized performance requirements and financial penalties for substandard care are not monitored by national accreditation organizations such as the National charge on Correctional Health Care, leaving the nation’s sickest people in the care of unregulated health care contractors While privatized health care providers have limited decision-making powers due to county and federal prison budgets, they are direct responsible for the lack of proper care while inmates are in custody and the lasting effects once they are released There have been many efforts to improve inpatient health and healthcare availability within the correctional system type_A CDC survey found that 30 of the 45 states that responded to the survey used telemedicine services, which allows doctors and patients in prison to colligate without in-person meetings, aids in mental healthcare accessibility, and the management of continuing illnesses Many correctional facilities cost now focusing on genial health and screening inmates upon admission; some states such arsenic Illinois are creating treatment centers that exclusively cater to mentally ill inmates One viable answer to improving inmates’ health conditions is by offering better dietary options as a cost-effective way to combat chronic diseases In 2018, a correctional institution in Baltimore found that by swop out the calorie and carb-dense menu with fresher and more nutritious content, they have seen a decrease in their medical expenses and an overall improvement in the morale of the inmates, WHO have new knowledge about nutrition they can bring home to their families upon release Another potential approach is to protect people’s insurance coverage when they are moved into a correctional facility The current recommended protocol is to suspend an individual’s Medicaid enrollment upon incarceration, but many states terminate it altogether without any effort to re-enroll inmates upon their release To counter this phenomenon, state Medicaid programs need to collaborate with correctional organizations to update systems so that inmates are re-enrolled upon outlet and covered when they reenter their communities 簡單線性迴歸 只有1個解釋變數,利用數學一次方程式表示,如下所示 y = a +bx 繪製f(x)=2x-12的圖形 import matplotlib pyplot as plt x = [x for x in range(0,11)] y = [(2*y-12) for y in x ] plt plot(x,y) plt xticks(x) #標記每個單一x數字 plt axis([0,10,-20,15]) #標記刻度範圍 plt grid() plt show() #加格線 繪製的一元一次線性圖形中最重要的組成為斜率跟截距 斜率(Slope):斜率的特色為不論從直線哪2個點算出來的斜率皆相同 截距(Intercept):可分為x截距和y截距。直線與x軸相交點的x座標為x截距;與y軸相交點的y 座標為y截距。 在y = ax + b中,y截距為b,斜率為a。 在機器學習中,假設使用f(x) = ax + b為線性迴歸分析函數,適度的調整a和b的值,然後找出與數據點最近的直線。 迴歸分析就是找出 a和b,給資料後,利用最小平方法,使用最小誤差的觀念尋找最佳函數。 假設給定一組氣溫(x)和飲料銷量(y)資料 建立簡單線性回歸的預測模型,提供氣溫則能預測出銷量,如下所示: import numpy as np import pandas as pd from sklearn linear_model import LinearRegression import matplotlib pyplot as plt #先建立兩者的Numpy陣列 temperatures = np array([22,26,23,28,27,32,30,29,27,25]) volumes = np array([15,35,21,62,48,101,86,89,60,45]) #接著建立X解釋變數的DataFrame物件 #y反應變數是DataFrame物件target的volumes欄位 #利用兩者來訓練預測模型 X= pd childrens dinosaur bedding DataFrame(temperatures,columns=[‘Temperature’]) y= pd DataFrame(volumes,columns=[“Volumes”]) lm = LinearRegression() #fit()函數訓練模型 lm fit(X,y) #利用coef_找出迴歸係數,intercept找出截距 print(“迴歸係數:”,lm coef_) → 迴歸係數: [[9 13074205]] print(“截距:”,lm intercept_) →截距: [-189 41696113] #代表函數為:f(x)=9 13x-189 42 #預測25,30度銷量 new_temperatures = pd DataFrame(np array([25,30])) #使用predict()函數預測銷量 predicted_volumes = lm predict(new_temperatures) print(“25度預測銷量:%d 30度預測銷量:%d” %(predicted_volumes[0],predicted_volumes[1])) →25度預測銷量:38 30度預測銷量:84 plt mattress firm delta shores scatter(temperatures,volumes) #繪出訓練數據 regression_volumes = jobs hiring near me for 17 year olds lm predict(X) plt plot(temperatures,regression_volumes,color = “yellow”) #繪出迴歸直線 plt plot(new_temperatures,predicted_volumes, color = “black”, marker=”o”,markersize=8) #繪出預測的兩個點 plt grid() plt best digital piano keyboards shed outside paneling contours elite double show()

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