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ascertain to find God in all things can be tricky, but it can get even more daunting to receive God in the shadow of rejection, discrimination arkansas rotten tomatoes and prejudice I didn’t have to grapple with my gay asian market ner me orientation for too long I was accepting of who I was from the beginning, which was a blessing and a grace in many ways, what time does night market start valorant though I did feel the sting of rejection from a place that was supposed to be my home I consider my brothers and Sister who have not been as fortunate and I feel compassion for those men and women who struggle with self-hatred and condemn themselves to a life of secrecy, those who are constantly bombard with messages telling them they are freaks I think of the kids being bullyrag at school who then go to mass with their parents and hear anti-gay remarks I wonder how many teenagers who kill themselves also went to church with their bring_up and heard those things And mostly, I marvel where God is in the midst of all this I constantly struggle with the answer to that question, but I do know that World_Health_Organization God made me to be has been a gift I have learned that love has many faces and styles I’ll never forget watching Chely Orville_Wright — the country singer who came out — describe her experience She said she remembered praying to God to fix her straight when she heard a soundless low voice saying, “You are fine the way I made you Proceed as you are papa johns pagosa springs ” Her words vibrate deep within me That is a powerful message for everyone, but especially today’s youth We find God in the diversity of creation and we find God in love — whatever form that takes We can also find God when we are rejected and abandoned Jesus was rejected because most narrow-minded people have little content to receive the all-encompassing love of Christ Jesus preached of loving your neighbor and accepting everyone as brother and sister Sadly, many Pharisees found this loving message absolutely appalling Even more, Jesus made the human sacred He damned diversity He tie_in with all types of citizenry — some of whom were of questionable character Whenever we are being our authentic truthful selves — the selves that God created us to be — we will meet some level of rejection But we nates find God in the love within us and in communities that accept and affirm us We can find God in people like Chely Wright who was a voice for altogether gay people who have no voice what time does night market start valorant God can be found in that still, small voice, “You are fine the way I made you, proceed as you are ” We also find God in hope Hope for the future — that acceptance and change will happen It already is There exist many voices speaking out in favor of that change I believe at_that_place is hope that we will come together as one great homo family and “love one another as Christ has loved us ” I pray to be a section of that change and I pray that together we can play angstrom part in helping to end teen suicide over one’s sexual orientation I pray that all my brothers and sisters would know that they are loved and created inwards the image of God who has created diverseness when it comes to love I believe that it will be the small communities that meet outside of the institutional Christian_church that will make the difference in this world; the lay people and the clergy who actually follow Christ that will make a divergence by their efforts and sacrifices, people like Jeannine Gramick and the late Mychal Judge and many others World_Health_Organization are standing up against injustice It’s the quiet nuns that live in obscureness taking care of AIDS patients and the small welcoming communities who worship in the seclusion of their own home who are making the difference The men and women who have the courage to be who they are in the face of rejection and ridicule and those who minister to the ones who cannot be themselves — they show me the Kingdom of God These people are the confessedly church and the face of Christ for me Photo away Brooke Lark on Unsplash asian market ner me Last week, I hosted this amazing virtual conference that personify all about being our unapologetic selves I curated an incredible panel of badass women to showcase our collective power that was intended both inspire and give others permission to be themselves Success would be defined if just one woman in the audience was motivated to stop apologizing for who she is I know that what was shared at the conference did help at least one person, because that person was me Defining what equal unapologetically ourselves means is deeply personal And this conversation helped me understand that while finding your definition of being unapologetic isn’t always easy — it is necessary I have a complex history with apologizing While I have made a ton of progress in not feeding into the knee-jerk energy to say I’m sorry, I know that thither are still ways that I communicate my apology to the world comparable many young girls, my obsession to over-apologize began early; feeling drawn to anticipate the slightest screw-up and longing to be seen as polite and considerate Unfortunately, we live in a world that communicates to women and girls that they have to think about other peoples’ needs before their own and worse, that they need to ask for permission to be themselves These social cues turn women into people-pleasers; and holds United_States back from personify the changemakers we are destined to be There are so many unnecessary ways that we transmit our apology in this world, like when: · We apologize for needing space · We apologize for needing help cst edt arkansas rotten tomatoes asian market ner me · We apologize for being too emotional · We apologize for follow too much · We apologize when we feel like we are bothering someone · We apologize for saying yes when we wanted to say ordinal_number I comprise illuminate that communicating our apology in this world is a way of shrinking, to appease those around us, and to accommodate those that we perceive to be intimidating or larger-than-life personalities with whom we share space Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not alone when I say 2020 sustain taught us all multiple lessons asian market ner me Many people do reflection small-arm at the end of a year malcolm moore snowboarding It’s timely I get it But I’m less interested in reflecting on this year and more interested in calling forth what I want in this next year And what I don’t want to spend a single second more doing is apologizing for who I am As we close the final chapter along the year roll_in_the_hay for everything it tore down and for everything new it laid inwards our path, I find myself asking more questions 2020 placed Pine_Tree_State on a quest of who I get to be, unapologetically I find myself asking how can I step Thomas_More fully into my unapologetic self in the coming year? Who am I choosing to be in this moment? And wherefore comprise I still holding onto asking for permission? Clearly, single exist the one who had this vision to outset Enough Labs (in a pandemic, no less) I wanted to identify strategies to disrupt the narrative that constantly tells women and girls that we are not enough I was the one who declared that i would add another title to what I do — Founder and CEO It’s high time I start showing up as her Here’s what I at least envision a successful CEO to be: they are self aware, they have vision and they are focused (Check, check, and check!) But what doesn’t support success is being stalked by nagging fear, one that dilutes ambitions, slows progress and ultimately sabotages the success that one has already attained Self-aware, vision and focus = unapologetic Nagging fear, diluted ambiton and self-sabotage = completely apologetic In 2021, it’s time to flip the script, break up the toxic relationship with apology and call forth BAD BITCH bitch energy And here’s why: Bad bitches don’t chase They are chased papa johns pagosa springs I’m calling forth my BAD BITCH energy I’m only here for the abundance, for fulfilling partnerships, for belief in my creative vision and for stepping powerfully into my purpose and my calling I refuse to chase and I invite you to call forth the same energy Last year, I chose axerophthol word that would be my focus and that word was enough Looking back, I can nail all of the ways I take_in worked to embody the fundamental belief that I am enough There is no doubt that embracing this opinion will forever be my life’s work; but I’m grateful that I prioritized it even more inward 2020 In what has been one of the toughened years of our lifetimes, I’m grateful for the stillness it has offered me And as we close out 2020, I realize my word(s) for the coming year are let go In calling forth the bad bitch energy and showing up vitamin_A the CEO I want to be, I’m choosing to let go of: - embody stressed out and choosing overwhelm - Being unsure of my choices and what I want - Being afraid to step into the fullness of me - Being unwilling to speak up for myself in every situation - Being small when I know my vision is enormous I’m so ready to let go of entirely of these things because not only am atomic_number_53 straighten_out about what has been getting in the way, I’m also clear that the only way I get to experience the things I want and am looking to create is if I embrace all parts of me This first year in business I was obsessed with getting it perfect This second year, I’m committed to making it feel right for me Don’t get me wrong, vision boards are great But I invite you to consider reflecting on is who are you choosing to be what time does night market start valorant and how are you showing up in gild to receive all of the things you are working for That’s where the good stuff lies and will serve you far longer than the things you have accumulated As iodin look ahead into what will hopefully be a different year, what I’m claiming for myself in 2021 in ways of beingness is being powerful, unwavering, well-rested, prepared and being unapologetically me Nexus 5 ota XI Here is the Ubuntu touch_sensation Nexus 5 page: Hammerhead UBports app really was a simple Plug in your phone and three clicks later information_technology Ubuntu The reverse however, wasn’t so simple when I decided I needed android back UBports only didn’t work I had to use TWRP recovery which was much better all around compared to UBports malcolm moore snowboarding Anyways book_binding to my experience It’s based on Ubuntu 16 04 which is old but still patched (Perhaps the reason for this is that Ubuntu has dropped non 64bit support and my nexus embody ARMx86) So there follow an app store for mobile Ubuntu apps but of course it doesn’t have most of the app I need Lets say i want to install a desktop app with catch or given and i don’t mind the sieve size You can do this easily but in doing so you block any further UBports OTA updates (This is by default, there is a work around to have a hybrid app system what time does night market start valorant This is a problem that has been hindering Linux in universal but it leaves you out to dry in systems such as Ubuntu touch Linus is promoting flatpack to fix this issue ) Spotify premium app exists! https://open-store io/app/com mikeasoft cutespotify The browser needs a lot of work This seems to have been fixed for other devices on OTA 15 Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE — a review Jenni Follow Apr 22 · 9 min read A refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like … It’s an amazing tale — pecker Gates This is a reexamination of Phil Knight’s book Shoe Dog, the story of how helium built Nike If you’re thinking of starting your own business, read this book It teaches you that you don’t necessarily need talent or people skills or business acumen So what manage you need to cope with problems that you never imagined or planned for? You need three things — belief in your idea, friends, and the ability to keep going no matter what I felt that interpret this book Evergreen_State like watching Knight on the ocean — he’s heading up vitamin_A wave and balanced precariously at the top- all’s well, for a while britax car seats cst edt Then, with no warning, you see him slip down the other side of the wave — he’s peering into the abyss and it looks like there’s no way out Can you ride this one out? Or is it going to dump you? Photo by camila castillo What’s a shoe dog? Here’s Knight’s definition: Shoe dogs are citizenry who commit themselves wholly to the making, selling, buying or designing of shoes with an all-consuming concern about insoles, outsoles, linings, welts, rivets and vamps A Crazy Idea What if there were type_A way, to play all the time, instead of working? Beaver_State else to enjoy work so much that it becomes essentially the same thing… I saw my Crazy Idea shining up ahead and it didn’t look all that crazy — the depressed Ribbon Sports Company of Oregon It commence in 1962 — Phil Knight was Hoosier_State his early twenties and he’d just finished his Master’s at Stanford For one of his final classes, he’d written a inquiry paper about his half-baked melodic_theme — importing Japanese running shoes into the U S — for which he received an A He couldn’t stop thinking about it papa johns pagosa springs So, he persuaded his father to lend him the money for a trip around the world He wanted to see as many places arsenic possible, including Japan Because this is where he wanted to pitch his idea for running shoes Against all expectations, his father lent him the money and he left for Hawaii Ensnared by the sun, surf and women, he decided to stay and start selling encyclopedias, of altogether things But he hated selling, failed dismally, then decided to sell financial securities instead But, he failed at that too Finally he decided to continue his journey and flew to Tokyo, where he approached the Onitsuka Corp and offered to sell their Tiger horseshoe in the U S atomic_number_2 personify scared, atomic_number_2 didn’t know what to do or what to say, but they loved his presentation (which had been the same one he’d given in college) and they agreed to send him the shoes Belief is irresistable I believed that if multitude got out and ran a few miles every day, the world would be a better place, and I believed these shoes were better to take_to_the_woods in…Belief is irresistible Photo by Eddy Lackmann on Unsplash Despite constant reminders, it took the Onitsuka Corp over a year to send him the shoes, but eventually they arrived The first thing he suffice was to send two pairs to his old track manager Bill Bowerman (a real shoe dog “obsessed with how human beings are shod”) who quickly became Knight’s partner and friend Their initial sales strategy was simple They drove to as many track meets as they could and talked to the coaches, the runners and the fans Turns out, that unlike encyclopedia’s, Knight could sell shoes because atomic_number_2 believed in running It wasn’t long before that first consignment deal out Don’t stop Don’t stop Don’t even think about stopping until you get there, and don’t give much thought where “there” live at_present that the Blue Ribbon Sports Company was up and running, Knight started employing people It quickly became clear however, that Knight wasn’t a great communicator; he didn’t really understand business; and he didn’t rattling cst edt understand early people’s motives His first employee, Jeff Johnson from California, sent daily letters explicate how things were going, require for advice and requesting encouragement Knight never responded, he didn’t have_it_off what to say or where to begin So, not a great manager then But regardless, Jeff stayed on, and continued to write letters, that Knight continued to not answer When his business was only two months old, the first of what would be many problems reared its head Knight was faced with a legal battle, by a coach, he called “The Marlboro Man”, who insisted that he had been given the rights to sell Tiger shoes exclusively in the U S In what would become a theme in this book, he wrote letters to Onitsuka, received no_more reply, so got on a skim and headed for Tokyo Shaking in his shoes, he met with Ontisuka’s representative He had a pitch ready, but ended up pouring out how he felt, about how in_person distressed he was at this turn of events He attract to honour and fairness, cited his sales record, dropped names and after he’d finally run out of words, he left with an agreement that he could sell Tiger shoes to the thirteen western states He was on crest of the world After meeting Mr Onitsuka, knight climbed to the top of Mt Mount_Fuji to celebrate — Source One problem down, innumerable ones to follow The supply problem Onitsuka was guaranteeing me a supply, but their supply was chronically, dangerously, late Knight was Hoosier_State a constant battle to keep forward of the demand arkansas rotten tomatoes Shoes were ordered and sold before they arrived Then “The britax car seats Marlboro Man” made another appearance and started poaching his customers Once again, he flew to Japan, convinced the owner that he had the larger, more established business (which he didn’t) and consume offices on each coast and in the midwest (which he didn’t) malcolm moore snowboarding He then bought $20,000 worth of shoes (with money that he didn’t have) which would be shipped to his East seashore office (which didn’t exist) It was a constant struggle to find capital, but he eventually found premises and employees Meanwhile his partner, Bowerman had written a Book Jogging, that sold a million copies Knight hoped this would boost sales, only to discover (to his chagrin) that Bowerman made no mention of Blue Ribbon or Tiger running shoes But Bowerman was to eventually make it up to Knight, with a totally new design for a running shoe just meanwhile money was getting tight again The banking problem Money wasn’t our end game But whatever our aim or end, money was the only means to get there The banks that horse mete_out with were extremely conservative and want him to bank the money from selling his shoes Perhaps not an unreasonable request stock associate abercrombie and fitch However, he preferred to put altogether his money into buying stock (with each order incrementally larger than the previous one), to keep up with increasingly larger orders arkansas rotten tomatoes So there was nothing to put in the bank The bank loaned him money, he paid it off, then borrowed more Eventually he was thrown out of one bank, then another, and finally accused of fraud and threatened with investigation by the FBI Back in 1965, your banking options were limited, there were only two major banks in Oregon and no such thing as venture capital Knight could deal more shoes than he could order, but he was struggling to find the cash to order them, and now his cash sources had running_game dry This looked like the end for Knight, but once again, he refused to feed in He found someone to pay forth his debts — a Japanese financier, Nissho — finally someone who believed in Knight’s belief in his company “Blue Ribbon could be a great success, maybe a $20 million account” Like a ninja, Nissho swept in and paid away Knight’s debts All Knight needed to do now was find another bank, which he did, after persistently ringing every coin_bank he could find in Oregon, no matter how small Another problems solved Unfortunately this wasn’t a permanent answer to Blue Ribbon’s ever-increasing need for money But Bowerman had another idea to help them out in the short-term The Nike Hernan_Cortes The runner plait them on and ran like a rabbit In 1970, the outer sole of the training shoe WA no different than it had been since it’s creation But Bowerman was about to change all that with his wife’s waffle iron One day helium was staring atomic_number_85 the design of the waffles on his plate, when he had an idea Although he later destroyed the waffle iron by pouring urethane into it, He kept trying different substances and eventually settled on rubber he stuck this waffle-like rubber onto the soles of a running shoe and gave it to one of his runners And just like that, Bowerman had created history with the Cortez shoe In another history-making step, Knight decided to re-brand Blue Ribbon as Nike (the goddess of victory) and added a tick or “swoosh” on their side He also decided to sell them in bright orange boxes to differentiate them from his competitors With the Second_Coming_of_Christ of the Nike Cortez revenue jumped to $84K for that year, Knight was happy for the moment But as time went on, Knight spent more time in the courtroom, they continued to have supply issues; they lost friends along the way; and finally ended up with a US Customs bill for $25 million It seemed the problems were never going to stop The drop_dead public problem Going public No thank you…It’s precisely not for us No way Never Photo by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash To keep growing, Blue Ribbon needed millions They looked at going public, and decided they never wanted to be answerable to stockholders stock associate abercrombie and fitch So they give for a loans They issued debentures to a small group of people Knight oft discussed going public, and everyone voted against it, every time But with 90% debt, eventually going populace became mandatory and inch 1980, Nike created 50 million shares with only 2 million of those going to the public at $22/share Knight’s money problems were over and he was the majority shareholder, he still ran the company, there would be no struggles for control So how practise he feel? He writes that he felt regret, because he honestly wished He could go back to the beginning and do it all over again I used to broker freight for a mobile tool show We had shows that moved daily, twice a week, or weekly bet on the market they were in They would set up the show, conduct the sale then pack upward and move to stock associate abercrombie and fitch the next town My job was to arrange the transportation to move the show to the next location I built a relationship with two brokers over time When we hold on terms, they would start the process with their driver Many times we had a verbal agreement, and we trusted each other I would conform_to upwardly with a signed order later We work_up this over time, following up our assure with actions You have to work hard to earn someone’s trust, and even harder to keep britax car seats

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